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Best 60 Minute QSO Rates

Years 2004 - 2023

Note: Based on public logs. Counts are before log checking and may include duplicate or invalid QSOs. Single operator tables include both Single-op and Assisted entries. Click on the View log link to view the log segment for that hour.

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Single Operator

SSB High Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
4386Y1V   (LU9ESD)2023View log
4078P5A   (W2SC)2015 View log
4058P1A   (W2SC)2004 View log
3968P5A   (W2SC)2014 View log
395NP2X   (K9VV)2023View log
394RC0F   2011 View log
390*TO2A   (N6KT)2012 View log
3908P1A   (W2SC)2005 View log
3898P5A   (W2SC)2012 View log
3888P5A   (W2SC)2016 View log
386TI5W   (N3KS)2017 View log
382NP2X   (K9VV)2021 View log
3808P5A   (W2SC)2013 View log
380YN2AA   (N6GQ)2012 View log
3798P5A   (W2SC)2023View log
376CN2R   (W7EJ)2004 View log
375EF8U   (N6MJ)2016 View log
3758P5A   (W2SC)2007 View log
370P49Y   (AE6Y)2005 View log
368KP2M   (KT3Y)2023View log

CW High Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
450TI7W   (N6MJ)2021 View log
425ZF1A   (N6MJ)2023View log
409ZF1A   (N6MJ)2020 View log
408TI7W   (KL9A)2023View log
402TI7W   (KL9A)2019 View log
397TI7W   (KL9A)2020 View log
391ZF1A   (N6MJ)2019 View log
387ZF2MJ   (N6MJ)2016 View log
386CR6K   (CT1ILT)2021 View log
385ZF1A   (N6MJ)2018 View log
381TI7W   (KL9A)2017 View log
372TI7W   (KL9A)2018 View log
371ZF2MJ   (N6MJ)2015 View log
362TI5W   (KL9A)2016 View log
358ZF2MJ   (N6MJ)2017 View log
355HI3CC   (N4YDU)2019 View log
353V47T   (N2NT)2023View log
350CR6K   (CT1ILT)2020 View log
345CR6K   (CT1ILT)2023View log
345CR6K   (CT1ILT)2022 View log

SSB Low Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
390TO2A   (N6KT)2012 View log
365P40A   (KK9A)2005 View log
363FG/K9NW   2004 View log
353P40A   (KK9A)2009 View log
342PZ5CO   (RA3CO)2023View log
338PJ4J   (T93M)2004 View log
337HC2AO   2020 View log
327FG/K9NW   2005 View log
326P40A   (KK9A)2007 View log
325VP9I   (K1XM)2006 View log
317HI3TEJ   2011 View log
317VP9I   (K1XM)2005 View log
311P40W   (W2GD)2016 View log
311FS/AH8DX   2005 View log
307P40A   (KK9A)2006 View log
306P40W   (W2GD)2017 View log
303HI3T   2017 View log
303P40T   (W5AJ)2012 View log
301HI3TEJ   2010 View log
300P40W   (W2GD)2018 View log

CW Low Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
330V26K   (AA3B)2021 View log
327V26K   (AA3B)2023View log
327PZ5CO   (RA3CO @PZ5RA)2023View log
314V26K   (AA3B)2016 View log
310V26K   (AA3B)2017 View log
299V26K   (AA3B)2019 View log
296V26K   (AA3B)2022 View log
293V26K   (AA3B)2018 View log
283EA8RM   2021 View log
255**PZ5CO   (RA3CO)2022 View log
254VP9I   (N6GQ)2021 View log
253P40W   (W2GD)2018 View log
250HK1AR   (RA3CO)2007 View log
248P40W   (W2GD)2009 View log
247HC2AO   2022 View log
246C6ATA   (K2KW)2007 View log
240HC2AO   2021 View log
238P40W   (W2GD)2013 View log
237P40W   (W2GD)2017 View log
234VP2VVV   (K9VV)2015 View log


Rate Call (operators) Year Log
289P40A   (KK9A)2004 View log
242HR2DMR   2016 View log
218NP2Q   2010 View log
208VE2IDX   (VE3ZF)2018 View log
201WP4SD   2014 View log
200HZ1LG   2023View log
198YP8A   2020 View log
188HR2DX   2011 View log
187TI5N   (W8QZA)2006 View log
187UW6G   2006 View log
183HQ2W   2009 View log
1795B4ALX   2014 View log
178HA1CW   2004 View log
175NP2Q   2018 View log
174KP3LR   2017 View log
169PY3YD   2004 View log
168EA5HJV   2021 View log
168Z32ID   2016 View log
167HK0RMR   2018 View log
159C45T   (5B4MF)2012 View log


Rate Call (operators) Year Log
255PZ5CO   (RA3CO)2022 View log
190NP4Z   2017 View log
180PZ5CO   (RA3CO)2021 View log
174P40A   (KK9A)2005 View log
173P40A   (KK9A)2004 View log
172P40A   (KK9A)2009 View log
169KP4AA   2021 View log
168P40A   (KK9A)2006 View log
164OE4B   (OE4VIE)2015 View log
1636V7D   (K1XM)2007 View log
160C6A/ND3F   (ND3F)2021 View log
159PZ5AV   (K0AV)2014 View log
156TI5A   (K0AV)2011 View log
153FM5FJ   2020 View log
152TI5N   (N0KE)2008 View log
151ZF2AH   2006 View log
1505H3EE   2014 View log
1493V8SS   (KF5EYY)2021 View log
149HI3Y   2016 View log
146TI5N   (N0KE)2004 View log

Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter

SSB High Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
487CN2AA   (RA3CO RA9USU RL3FT RN2FA...)2016 View log
441V47T   (K1DG K1TO N2NT)2016 View log
429V47T   (K1DG N2NT KM3T)2015 View log
426EF8R   (EA8RM HA1AG YO3JR RA5A UA...)2017 View log
418CN2AA   (UA3ASZ RA3CO R3FA RX3APM...)2014 View log
416EF8R   (EA8KW EA8RM I4UFH KU1CW R...)2018 View log
409P33W   (UR5MID LZ2HM LZ3FN LY4AA...)2015 View log
396EW5A   (DJ1CW EU1A EU4CK EU6AF EU...)2022 View log
396EF8R   (EA8RM OH1RY OH2BYS R2AA R...)2016 View log
396KH7X   (KH6ND KH6SH KH7U N9RV)2012 View log
394CR3DX   (OM2KW OM3BH OM3RM OM8AW)2023View log
393P33W   (LZ2HM YO3JR R3DCX 5B4AIF...)2018 View log
392CN2AA   (R3DCX RA3ATX RA3CO RA9USU...)2017 View log
391P33W   (RA3AUU LZ2HM RW4WR UA4FER...)2023View log
390P33W   (LY4AA LZ3FN UU4JMG R5GA U...)2013 View log
389P33W   (5B4AIE LZ2HM R3DCX R4FO R...)2016 View log
389EF8R   (R2AA UA5C RA5A RT9T EA8RM...)2015 View log
385P33W   (5B4AIF LY4AA LZ3FN UA4FER...)2014 View log
385PJ4E   (K0RAY N0KE N0VD WA4PGM)2006 View log
384E7DX   (9A1TT E70R E70T E74A E76C...)2023View log

CW High Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
419P33W   (RA3AUU RW4WR LZ2HM LZ3SM...)2022 View log
416TK0C   (S53CC S53F S53MM S53RM S5...)2019 View log
402LZ5R   (LZ1NK LZ1YQ LZ1ZF LZ2BE L...)2022 View log
400P33W   (LY4AA RA2FA UA2FZ RV1AW U...)2014 View log
394P33W   (RA3AUU RW4WR UA4FER R4FO...)2021 View log
390ZF1A   (NN1C W9KKN N5KO N6MJ)2022 View log
390P33W   (UR5MID RA1AP LY4AA R4FO R...)2015 View log
389P33W   (4Z5LA LY4AA YO3JR R4FO UA...)2017 View log
382ED8X   (9A5K E77DX EA8DO EA8TL K1...)2017 View log
381P33W   (RA3AUU RW4WR LZ2HM HA1AG...)2023View log
380EF8R   (RA5A UA5C RW1A RD1A RN1AM...)2017 View log
375P33W   (HA1AG LY4AA YO3JR R4FO UA...)2016 View log
374P33W   (UA4FER RW4WR R4FO RA2FA L...)2019 View log
370TM6M   (F1AKK F4DRT F4DXW F8DBF F...)2022 View log
359CN2AA   (RA3CO RL3FT RX3APM UA3AB...)2017 View log
358CN2AA   (RW4PL RX4W UA4Z UA3ASZ RW...)2016 View log
358CN2AA   (RL3FT UA3ASZ RA3CO RA9USU...)2015 View log
356LZ5R   (LZ1NK LZ2HM LZ2PL LZ2XA L...)2021 View log
356LZ5R   (K1LZ K3JO LZ1INI LZ1JZ LZ...)2020 View log
348P33W   (5B8AD RA2FA RT9T UA4FER R...)2012 View log

SSB Low Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
363J68HZ   (J68HZ WA4PGM W0CN J69DS)2022 View log
332FY5KE   (FY5FY F1HAR F5HRY F5UII F...)2016 View log
305VP9I   (W6PH WA1Z)2015 View log
302VP5S   (K0MD K4IU W0BM AC0W)2016 View log
300D4C   (DF7ZS HB9DUR IZ4DPV SQ9CN...)2016 View log
298VP5DX   (N4KE NU4Y)2021 View log
278FY5KE   (FY5FY F1HAR F4CWN F5HRY F...)2022 View log
278FY5KE   (FY5FY F1HAR F5HRY F5UII F...)2015 View log
272VP5M   (K4QPL KU4V NR4O)2023View log
272VP5DX   (N4KE NN2T NU4Y)2022 View log
270ZW5B   (PY1NX PY2UD)2023View log
265ZF2B   (KL2A NN3W @ZF5T)2023View log
253PJ7PL   (N2HX K1DG)2019 View log
252V3A   (DK6SP V31MA)2021 View log
250VP9I   (N1SV W1ZZ)2018 View log
249FY5KE   (F1HAR F4CWN F5HRY FY5FY)2020 View log
246TC7G   (TA7AZC TA7H TA6AEK TA7WYZ...)2022 View log
242WP3C   (WP3A NP4R WP3C)2016 View log
2384U1A   (OE1ZZZ RL5D HB9RB)2018 View log
238PW1A   (PU1MKZ PY1GQ PY1NX PY1VOY)2014 View log

CW Low Power

Rate Call (operators) Year Log
282TM6M   (DL8LAS DL9EE F1AKK F4DXW...)2023View log
259VP9I   (W6PH WA1Z)2019 View log
255P40L   (W6LD WE9V N7MH W0YK)2023View log
248CR3X   (CT3HF R6KVA R7KW RW7K VE3...)2019 View log
247VP5M   (K4QPL W2LK K2SX AC0W)2019 View log
246CR3X   (CT3HF R7KW RM9I UB7K UZ5D...)2018 View log
231FY5KE   (F4CWN F5HRY FY5FY F6FVY)2022 View log
229VP5M   (K4QPL AA4NC)2016 View log
227TM6M   (F1AKK F8DBF)2020 View log
223SW9AA   (LZ3FN LZ4AW LZ5VK SV9DJO)2018 View log
218VP5M   (AA4NC K4QPL)2017 View log
214HI3A   (HI3A/AD4Z WP3A HI3AA HI3L...)2014 View log
213FY5KE   (F5HRY FY5FY F6FVY)2021 View log
211FY5KE   (F5HRY FY5FY F6FVY)2020 View log
207E7CW   (E75M E74O E77FA E73QI E74...)2021 View log
206HC2GRC   (HC2AO HC2AP HC2THN)2023View log
205CR3X   (R7KW RW7K YL3JM)2021 View log
2029H6WW   (YT4RA YT7AW)2022 View log
200UN4Q   (UA4Z UN2G UN5G UN7ZO)2021 View log
200VP9I   (N2BA W1NN)2018 View log

Multi-Operator Two-Transmitter


Rate Call (operators) Year Log
829VP2E   (KC5EA N5AU N5TJ K5MR K1DG...)2004 View log
684ZF1A   (W9KKN K7ZO NN1C K6JO JH1N...)2023View log
612KC1XX   (DL4NAC DL6KAC KC1XX KM3T...)2013 View log
600ZF1A   (W9KKN K7ZO NK7U K6JO JH1N...)2022 View log
593EA8RM   (EA2W EA5KA EA7X EA8KR EA8...)2022 View log
578PJ2T   (PJ2DX N4GG N4RV K2PLF K2S...)2004 View log
576PJ4K   (K1DG K1XX KM3T N3RD N6KT...)2023View log
575HC8N   (N5RZ K5KA W1NA K6AW N5KO)2007 View log
559PS2T   (PY2KC PY2NA PY2NDX PY2ZEA...)2011 View log
548ZF1A   (N6MJ N6WIN JH1NBN KK6NON...)2018 View log
547CN3A   (IK2QEI IK2SGC IK2LFF IZ2D...)2016 View log
546PJ2T   (K1EA W1MD K1QX K1XX W9JUV...)2007 View log
543TO4K   (G4XUM GM4AFF M5RIC N0VD)2015 View log
543PJ4X   (K1XX W1MD K2NG NA2AA KM3T...)2012 View log
537PJ4T   (N3BNA K2NG JH5GHM LU1FAM...)2011 View log
535KP2M   (N2TK K3CT)2012 View log
534P40L   (W6LD K9NW K9PG WE9V)2014 View log
534CR3A   (CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE C...)2010 View log
533PJ4X   (K1QX K2NG NA2AA PJ4LS W1M...)2016 View log
530CN3A   (IK2QEI IK2SGC IK2LFF I2WI...)2015 View log


Rate Call (operators) Year Log
592TK0C   (S53CC S53F S53MM S53RM S5...)2022 View log
574TK0C   (TK5EP S53CC S53F S53MM S5...)2018 View log
551EF8R   (EA8KW EA8RM RA5A RD1A RU3...)2018 View log
527TK0C   (S53BB S53CC S53F S53MM S5...)2017 View log
517CR3A   (HA3NU OM2VL OM3BH OM3GI O...)2023View log
493PJ4K   (K1XX K3CT N2NT N3RD W1MD...)2021 View log
488CR3DX   (HA3NU OM2VL OM3BH OM3GI O...)2022 View log
484P33W   (YO3JR LZ2HM 4Z5LA RT9T R4...)2018 View log
468PJ4K   (WA3LRO W4PA W1MD K5PI K3C...)2023View log
460TK0C   (S50P S53WW S53RM S53CC S5...)2016 View log
459HC8N   (N5KO K6AW HA1AG K1TO)2004 View log
453PJ4A   (K4BAI KU8E W1FJ K1XM)2012 View log
447K1LZ   (K1LZ K1VR AE2W K3JO LZ2HM...)2013 View log
446PJ4K   (WA3LRO N3RD GD4XUM K9RS W...)2019 View log
446D4C   (HB9CAT IK2NCJ LY2IJ OM3GI...)2015 View log
440P40L   (K6AW N7MH W6LD W0YK)2013 View log
436P40L   (N5KO N7MH W0YK W6LD)2017 View log
435CR3L   (DJ2YA DK7YY DL1CW DL5AXX...)2012 View log
433KC1XX   (K1CC K1QX K1TR KM3T KC1XX...)2021 View log
431CR3L   (DJ2YA DJ6QT DK7YY DL1CW D...)2010 View log

Multi-Operator Multi-Transmitter


Rate Call (operators) Year Log
1010CN2AA   (R3DCX RA3CO RC6U RK3AD R3...)2015 View log
955HK1NA   (AD4Z HJ1FAR HK1R HK1T HK1...)2014 View log
7986Y1V   (KY1V W4OI OH3RB)2007 View log
784K3LR   (K3LR N2NC N5UM KB8VAO W5O...)2012 View log
779KL7RA   (KL9A N6WIN WL7BDO AL2F KL...)2021 View log
778KH7X   (N6TJ KH6ND W6NV KH7U N6CW...)2004 View log
777CN3A   (IK2QEI OK1RI IK2SGC IZ1LB...)2022 View log
773PJ2T   (W0CG K6AM W9JUV K8LEE K9S...)2010 View log
771D4C   (I4UFH IZ4DPV IK1HJS IZ1LB...)2013 View log
764ES9C   (ES2RR ES7GM ES5TV ES2MC E...)2013 View log
763D4Z   (IK2NCJ G4CLA GD4XUM G4BVY...)2022 View log
758PJ2T   (G3NKC G4XUM K8LEE N0KE N0...)2013 View log
755KL7RA   (AB8XX AL2F AL7IF K5ZO KL2...)2014 View log
752HK1NA   (HK1R HK1T HK1W HK1X HK3CW...)2013 View log
751CN3A   (OK1RI OK1DO OK1GI OK1GK O...)2023View log
745C5A   (OK1DIX OK1DO OK1FFU OK1JK...)2012 View log
744DR1A   (DB6JG DF6JC DJ7EO DK5MX D...)2013 View log
735V26B   (N3OC KA2AEV W2SN WX0B WX3...)2005 View log
734C5A   (OK1DIX OK1DO OK1FFU OK1NY...)2011 View log
724KH7X   (KH6YY N6TJ KH6ND N6BV OH2...)2007 View log


Rate Call (operators) Year Log
915D4C   (D44FF E77DX HB9CAT IK2NCJ...)2023View log
869CN2AA   (R3FA R7LV RA3CO RD1A RL3F...)2014 View log
848D4C   (OM7JG YL3DW LY2IJ YL2KL I...)2013 View log
840HC8N   (N6AN K6AW N7BG K2UA N2MG...)2005 View log
797TK0C   (S53F S53MM S53BB S53CC S5...)2021 View log
793HC8N   (K6BL N5KO N0JK W6NL N6TR...)2006 View log
750C5A   (OK1DSZ OK1FFU OK1NY OK1RI...)2011 View log
741D4C   (IK2NCJ IT9BLB YL2KL YL3DW...)2012 View log
698EF8R   (EA2OT EA7RM EA8RM EW2A R3...)2019 View log
695HK1NA   (HK1R HK1T HK1X HK1MW OH0X...)2016 View log
659HC8GR   (HC8GR W2VJN W6NL N3RD W6R...)2009 View log
658K3LR   (K3LR K3UA G4TSH N2NC W2RQ...)2014 View log
656HC8N   (W2VJN W6NL N3RD N5RZ K6AW...)2008 View log
654CR3W   (DJ2YA DK7YY DL1CW DL2CC D...)2023View log
645CN3A   (OK1DO OK1FCJ OK1FFU OK1HG...)2023View log
638PJ2T   (W0CG VE3CX K5PI KY7M K9DR...)2022 View log
633PJ2T   (K8ND NA2U W0CG WI9WI M0OR...)2023View log
629Z38N   (Z32ID Z35T Z35Z Z36W Z39A...)2012 View log
625HK1NA   (HK1R HK1X HK1MW HK1N HK1T...)2012 View log
623C5A   (OK1DSZ OK1FFU OK1HGM OK1J...)2012 View log

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(*) Indicates low power entry in higher power category.

In 2021 the rate calculation was changed to no longer include duplicate QSOs.


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