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Public Log Checking Reports

All logs submitted for the CQ WW Contest are checked using custom software. The software cross checks all QSOs from the available logs and adjusts the score accordingly. As part of this process, we create a log checking report for each entrant.

The log check report is a text file that contains all the information about how your log was scored and any errors that were found. Sections include:

To provide additional feedback on your operation, the report also includes information on how your exchange and call was received by others.

It can be shocking to see a log check report for the first time. Everyone makes errors. The best ops have spent years improving their skills and learning a vocabulary of callsigns. Study your errors and work to improve them in the next contest. We hope everyone uses this opportunity to look for ways to improve.

To provide a standard for comparison we are making public the Log Checking Reports of the World high scoring stations in various categories. These winning efforts demonstrate a high level of skill and accuracy in radiosport.

CQ WW SSB 2022

CQ WW CW 2022

CQ WW SSB 2021

CQ WW CW 2021

CQ WW SSB 2020

CQ WW CW 2020

CQ WW SSB 2019

CQ WW CW 2019

CQ WW SSB 2018

CQ WW CW 2018

CQ WW SSB 2017

CQ WW CW 2017

CQ WW SSB 2016

CQ WW CW 2016

CQ WW SSB 2015

CQ WW CW 2015

CQ WW SSB 2014

CQ WW CW 2014

CQ WW SSB 2013

CQ WW CW 2013

CQ WW SSB 2012

CQ WW CW 2012

An email with the link to your private log checking report is sent to the email account you used to submit the log. Using a valid email address to submit your log (or provide one in the log file) is very important. We use that address if we need to contact you about your entry.

If you did not receive an email and would like to see your report please contact the CQ WW Director through the Contact Form.


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