The CQ WW DX Contest rules have evolved over the years to respond to technology and other changes in contesting. The wording was not always consistent and this would lead to misunderstandings about the rules. We knew it was time to do something when the volunteers that were translating the rules into other languages could not find the right words!

The CQ WW DX Contest Committee has conducted a complete review of the rules. The goals of the project were to make the rules easier to read, easier to understand, to remove less popular items, and to add some new opportunities for competition.

The Committee is making a draft of the 2013 rules available for public preview. We ask all contesters to read the new rules and let us know if you have questions or comments. We will use this feedback to improve the words or to add to the frequently asked questions on the web site.

Click here to download the draft rules in Adobe pdf format: cqww_rules_2013_public_draft_31May2013 (130Kb)

The review period closes on June 25, 2013. Please send any comments to The official rules for CQ WW DX Contest 2013 will be announced by July 2, 2013.

Highlights of the changes are listed below:


  • Improved organization of rules puts all necessary scoring and category information near the top where it is easier to find
  • New “Classic” overlay category for single operator, one radio, no QSO alerting assistance, 24 hours of operation
  • New “Rookie” overlay category for amateurs licensed less than 3 years
  • Certificates offered for each Russia call area
  • Club competition rules simplified, minimum of 4 logs required
  • Call sign must indicate DXCC country of operation
  • Wide signals are now considered unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Log checking penalties are defined (NIL and busted call penalty reduced)


  • Team contesting
  • Xtreme category
  • Red and Yellow cards

No changes to

  • Scoring
  • Single Operator and Single Operator Assisted categories


Click here to download the draft rules in Adobe pdf format: cqww_rules_2013_public_draft_31May2013 (130Kb)

Please send any feedback to before June 25, 2013.  Thanks to everyone for their participation and support of the CQ WW DX Contest!


Randy Thompson, K5ZD

Director – CQ WW DX Contest