Raw Scores Enhanced Search

Raw scores are the score calculated for each entry before the log checking begins. Typically published 5-7 days after the contest, they are the first opportunity to see all of the scores and rankings.

Previously, the raw scores only allowed viewing by World or by Continent. The new enhancement adds the ability to also filter scores by Country or Call Area (USA, Japan, Russia). This will make it easier to see how you did in comparison to your closest competitors.

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DX entities submitting CQWW logs by year 1948-2020

The charts below show the number of DXCC entities that submitted logs for each year of the CQ WW DX Contest. The growth is evident as travel increased activity and electronic logs made it easier to submit.

The Covid-19 impact is clear in the steep drop of 50 entities from 2019 to 2020. It gives a good indication of just how many expeditions there are each year!

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Certificates and other changes

We have made some changes to the CQ WW Contest online score reporting to support requests we have received from participants.

Electronic certificates are now available back to 1976. The older certificates have the appropriate signatures for the contest director and CQ magazine editor.

The online score data originally was set to only show 100 scores per page. A new drop down has been added to allow selection of 100, 500, or 10,000 scores per page. We hope this will make it easier for those who want to review more scores just by scrolling down the page.

It is now possible to download the online scores in a tab delimited file. The export includes all information from the database. You can trigger the download through the link at the bottom of the page (“Export selected data as tab delimited file”). The file will contain all entries that meet the filter criteria set at the top of the page. Note, there is currently a limit of 50,000 records for this export. You will need to make multiple filters with separate downloads to overcome this limitation.