In March 2013 the CQ WW Committee conducted a survey of CQ WW DX Contest participants. The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback about the contest and opinions of operators from around the world.

An invitation to take the survey was sent to 10,000 email addresses (highest scores from the 13,000 log submissions). The survey was also announced on the cq-contest reflector and was forwarded among contest operators and clubs.

At the close of the survey on March 29, 2013 there were 6402 responses with at least 1 question answered.  4801 were able to complete all of the questions.  Even though this was a non-scientific survey, we are comfortable that the high response rate provides a representative sample of the CQ WW participant population.

In addition to the statistics generated from the responses it was the additional comments that were most interesting. They provide a deeper understanding of how CQ WW participants see the rules, the state of the contest, and of each other. The result was 222 pages of complaints, comments, suggestions and other feedback. This input had a direct influence on the new rules that are currently under review.

As a service to the contest community we are pleased to share the results of the survey. You can download a file with the results and comments at the link below.

2013_CQWWDX_Contest_Survey_27Apr2013.pdf (2.45Mb)

Please direct any questions about the survey to

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey.