The official results for the CQ WW DX Contest 2012 have appeared in CQ Magazine. Several questions were received regarding disciplinary actions taken by the CQ WW Contest Committee. After thorough discussion within the Committee the following changes were adopted:


The entry for II9P (ops I4AVG, I4VEQ, IT9AUG, IT9CHU, IT9CJC, IT9EQO, IT9GSF, IT9PKO, IV3YYK, ON4LG, S52RU) is changed from Red Card to Yellow Card.

CQWW CW 2012

The entry for LX7I (ops LX2A, DF3VM, DK6WL, DL1QQ, DL5SE, HB9CVQ, PA4N) is changed from Checklog to Yellow Card. The Red Card for DL1QQ is rescinded.

The entry for II2E (ops I2VXJ, IK2EGL, IK2JUB, IK4VET) is changed from Red Card to Yellow Card.

The entry for OL3Z (ops OK1FCJ, OK1FPS, OK1HMP, LZ1RGM) is changed from Red Card to Yellow Card.

The rules for warnings and disqualifications are being updated for 2013. The 2013 rules will implement a new approach to the actions of the CQ WW Contest Committee for warnings, disqualifications, and appeals.

Corrections will appear in the errata of the results and in the online score database.


Randy Thompson, K5ZD
Director – CQ WW DX Contest