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May 16

It was previously announced by CQ that all results for the 2017 CQ World Wide DX Contest would be re-scored based on the return to the usual and accepted methodology for handling duplicate QSOs.

I’m pleased to report that the scores have now been updated and posted on-line on the CQ World Wide DX Contest Web site < http://www.cqww.com/scorescw.htm?yr=2017&mode=CW>.

The good news is that there was minimal impact to the final scores with no significant changes to the final standings and only 40% of the total pool of logs affected at all.

Why the change? Common convention is that duplicate QSOs are never penalized but simply ignored in the course of checking a log. For the CW contest, this policy was changed to where duplicates not appearing in the other log were treated as Not-In-Log (NIL) and received the 3x QSO points penalty, creating an erroneously high error rate for many stations. Scores were subsequently “made right” by re-scoring them via normal best practices, thus the re-posting of final results and new LCR reports. It was and is the right thing to do.

Hope this helps. There is no cause for any concern. The historical method has been put back in place for the CQWW contest and is what nearly every other contest also implements for their checking processes.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through this issue.

73, John, K1AR

May 5

List of entries disqualified from the 2017 CQ WW DX Contest CW.

entry category violation operators
4L5P 80M Low Unassisted Self-spotting
BH4IGO 80M High Assisted Self-spotting
DF8XC All High Unassisted Unclaimed Assistance
DK8ZB All Low Assisted Self-spotting
DL9GFB 80M High Unassisted Self-spotting
DM5BB 80M Low Unassisted Unclaimed Assistance
IQ3RK Multi-One Low Removal of log entries to avoid band change violations I3MU I3VUK I3VWK IK3CHK IK3VUU IZ3BUQ IZ3EAW IZ3ETC IZ3KSO IZ3KIF IZ3SQW
K2SSS 15M High Unassisted Out of band QSOs
K4OWR All High Assisted Out of band QSOs
MM3AWD All QRP Assisted Log padding
R0CAF All Low Unassisted Unclaimed Assistance
RA3NC All High Unassisted Unclaimed Assistance
RA6C All Low Unassisted Unclaimed Assistance
RM5O 160M Low Unassisted Unclaimed Assistance
WA4MSU All High Assisted Out of band QSOs
YT1X 80M High Assisted Self-spotting
May 20
Callsign reason operator
5Z4/DJ6TF self-spotting DJ6TF
5Z4/DL2RMC self-spotting DL2RMC
9M2R self-spotting 9M2ROL, 9M2ODX, 9M2OOO, 9M2KEV, 9W2FOR
BA3MM self-spotting BA3MM
BG3IAY self-spotting BG3IAY
CO8ZZ self-spotting
CR5K self-spotting CT1DRB, CT1BWW
DR5E self-spotting
EE8A self-spotting
EU8R unclaimed assistance EU8R
I1EIS unclaimed assistance
KP4BD self-spotting WP3A
OU2W self-spotting OZ1ETA
R5WW self-spotting & unclaimed assistance
RA3UAG unclaimed assistance RA3UAG
RA9Y self-spotting RA9Y, RW9OW, RO9O, RZ9YI, UA9OC
RO2E self-spotting R3EA, RK3ER, UA3EDP, RU3EG, UI3A, RW3XW, RW3XA, R3XX, R2EC
S57M unclaimed assistance S57M
SN8C self-spotting SP8HZZ
SP1MGM self-spotting SP1MGM
SP7JLH unclaimed assistance SP7JLH
TC3A self-spotting LZ1BP, LZ1CNN, LZ1NK, LZ1YQ, LZ2YO, LZ3BB, LZ3ND, LZ4AE, TA2TX, TA3D
TM1A self-spotting F4GLQ, F5NGA, F5NQL, F5NTZ, F5PBM, F5RAB, F6DVH, F6DZS
UR7EW unclaimed assistance UR7EW
UT1AA self-spotting UT1AA
UY5AR unclaimed assistance UY5AR
XX9TXN self-spotting VR2XAN, IV3SKB, IK2JUB, IK2PFL
YB8UTI self-spotting YB8UTI
YT1T self-spotting YT1T
YT2NOD self-spotting YT2NOD
YT3X self-spotting
Jan 14

Shown below are the tables and graphics for Single Op, All Band, Low power, CW

This is the final post in a set of four for tracking the trend in assisted entrants.

Please note Y axis scale, above.  Also note that CW logs are still coming in.  This is a snapshot from Dec 24, 2016.

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