The Raw Scores for the CQ WW DX Contest CW 2014 are now available at

The raw scores are for logs received as of 2100 UTC on December 7, 2014. We had 7,250 logs received at that time.  Additional updates will be made each week as more logs are received. Checklogs are not listed in the raw scores.

The raw scores are calculated by the CQWW log checking software before log checking with duplicate contacts removed. The score generated by your logging program and ours may have slight differences due to country files and some contacts not being accepted. If you see a large difference, please report this to

If you do not see your log in the raw scores, first confirm that the log has been received by visiting

Thanks to everyone who participated or submitted a log for the contest. We enjoyed some of the best conditions ever in the history of the CQWW CW Contest!