The final rules for the 2016 CQ WW DX Contest SSB/CW are now available.  The only changes were due to CQ magazine’s change in policy regarding paper certificates.

View this file to see all changes.  cqww_rules_2016_changes

The translation of the CQ WW rules into 15 languages has been completed.  Thanks to the following contesters for their help with the translations:

German DK9VZ
Spanish EA4KD
French F6BEE
Russian VE3IAE
Japanese JK3GAD
Arabic KF5EYY
Chinese BD4WM
Portuguese PY2WS
Italian IK2QEI
Bulgarian LZ2CJ
Romanian YO3JR
Slovenian S50A
Polish SP5UAF
Turkish TA5FA
Greek SV1DPI