The final rules for the 2015 CQ WW DX Contest SSB/CW are now available. A link to the file that shows all changes is provided below.

Summary of changes:

  • QSO Alerting Assistance has been renamed to QSO Finding Assistance.  It was felt this is a more descriptive name and is easier for non-English speakers to understand.
  • Minor edits to the definition of the Overlay Category. Clarification that Assisted entries are not eligible for the Classic Overlay category.
  • Extended the club circle from 175 miles to 250 miles for USA clubs, and from 275 km to 400 km for DX clubs. The goal is to enable more club participation.
  • Changed the definition of QSO Finding Assistance. Now if the technology only provides callsign or multiplier information it is considered assistance. Added rule to specify that use of a CW decoder places an entrant in the Assisted category.
  • Remote stations must use a call sign permitted by the authorities at the station location.
  • Top scorers are required to submit logs with actual frequencies.
  • A new rule requires single operator entrants competing at the World, Continent or USA levels to record the contest as heard by the operator. The Committee may request the audio recordings of an operation to help adjudicate the log.

Click here to download the rules with changes marked in Adobe pdf format: cqww_rules_2015_final-edits (180 Kb)

Clean copy of final rules: cqww_rules_2015_final (178 Kb)

Please send any questions Please send any comments or questions at:  We look forward to seeing everyone in the 2015 CQ WW DX Contest!