As part of the certificate making process, Barry W5GN creates a list of all of the new records that were set so he can include that information on the certificate. As part of that work, he created a file for each mode that lists all of the new record holders at the zone, country, call area, or continent levels.

For CQ WW SSB 2014 there were 468 new records set.  You can see the list here: SSB2014.468.NEWRECORDS

For CQ WW CW 2014 there were 684 new records. View the list: CW2014.684.NEWRECORDS

The file lists the entry callsign, the record, and an indication of the country+category.

As always, thanks to Barry for his work to print all certificates, place into the envelopes, and deliver to WWROF for mailing. This process takes many hours of his time and personal resources.