The rules that will be used for CQ WW DX Contest 2014 have been released for publication. View the 2014 rules in English at

There are only a few changes in the rules for this year.  Highlights of the changes include:

  • Addition of a low power class for the MULTI-ONE category. This will make it easier for small DXpeditions to compete without the need to carry amplifiers.
  • Minor changes to the club competition rules to change “DXpeditions” to “expeditions”.  This allows a club member to travel to other stations in the same country to count for the club score. This formalizes a practice that has been allowed for multi-operator entries for some time.
  • Specifies Web upload as the preferred method to submit logs. The web upload method has proven to be extremely reliable and it allows errors to the flagged immediately instead of waiting for the robot email response.
  • Added ‘not identifying in a timely manner’ to the list of unsportsmanlike conduct. It is strongly recommended that stations identify at least once per minute.

The rule changes were in response to requests that had been made over the past year. There were many other requests or suggestions that were not approved by the CQWW Contest Committee.

Translation of the rules into other languages should be completed before the contest in October.

Any questions or feedback about the rules should be sent by email  at: