Several years ago, Valery R5GA created a web site where he displayed the highest 60-minute QSO rates found in the public logs for popular contests.  When he announced he was thinking of closing his site, we asked if he would share his code so we could use it for CQ WW logs.  I am very pleased to announce that he agreed to our request. The high QSO rates for CQ WW SSB/CW logs are now available at .

The QSO rates are calculated from the public logs (currently 2005-2015). We may include some earlier years as we get the logs out of the archive.  QSOs are counted before dupes and before log checking. We look for the highest QSO count within a 60 minute period in the log. While a log may have several high rate periods, only the highest one is shown in the results.

The QSO Rates page allows you to look at highest rates by category, by continent, and by country. A search function allows you to search for an operator or entry callsign and see the highest rates found for that call.

Please send any comments or questions at:

Thanks to Valery Petrov R5GA for making this concept and code available to the CQ WW Contest Committee.