Just 21 days after the CQ WW SSB Contest 2015 we have received 8197 logs (including some paper logs still to be processed).  That is the third highest total for the SSB contest.  More logs are still welcome.

There were 4,849,751 total QSOs in the logs received.  Steve N8BJQ determined the following QSO totals by band:

Band QSOs Reported
10m  1,320,090
15m  1,376,705
20m  1,126,462
40m  631,052
75m  307,273
160m  78,393

It looks like 10 meters provided another year of excitement.  Not a great weekend for the low bands.

Will be interesting to see what kind of conditions we get for CQ WW CW in 2 weeks.  Hope to see you there!