We are sorry to report that a significant scoring error was found in the results of the CLASSIC Overlay category for the 2015 CQ WW Contests.  This error affected all three modes; RTTY, SSB and CW.

The scoring error occurred only for those entries that operated beyond the 24 hour limit of the Classic overlay.  The rules permit entrants to keep enjoying the contest, but the Overlay score will only count the first 24 hours of operation. The QSOs and points were correctly counted, but the country and zone multipliers did not stop at the 24 hour limit.  As a result, stations that operated beyond 24 hours received a much higher score than they should have.

The scores for all three modes have been updated in the online database.  More information for each mode is available at:

RTTY – http://www.cqwwrtty.com/results_2015rtty_errata.htm

SSB – http://www.cqww.com/results_2015ssb_errata.htm

CW – http://www.cqww.com/results_2015cw_errata.htm

The biggest changes were in the CW results.  P40W took the Low Power and World High honors.  N2IC/5 was the winner for High Power.

We are very disappointed that a scoring error of this magnitude was not detected before the results were finalized. The log checking software has been updated and we will spend more time on results checking next year.

Thanks to Marko, N5ZO, for spotting the error and bringing it to our attention.