One of the goals for many top level operations in the CQ WW DX Contest is to win a plaque. It could be for the World, or their continent, or country. This is something that shows real achievement and success in the contest. It also looks great on the wall of the shack to help explain contesting to family and friends.

The CQ WW is very fortunate to have individuals and clubs that are willing to sponsor these plaques. You can see the complete list of available plaques at It is an impressive list and we are very appreciative of their support!

The CQ WW plaque program is administered by John, K1AR. He collects the money, helps select the award winners when we do the results, and he manages the detailed job of getting all the plaques mailed and shipped. Plaques in the US are mailed direct. Plaques outside the US go via a freight forwarder arranged through CQ Magazine.

If you are ever fortunate enough to win a CQ WW plaque, please take a moment to send a thank you note to the sponsor. It lets them know you appreciate their support. This encourages them to continue their support for the next year.

If you have any questions about the shipping status of a plaques, please contact John, K1AR, at If you win, send John a thank you note too.