The CQ WW Contest Committee is encouraging log submissions using the web upload page at

Over 3000 entries used this method to submit their log for the recent WW SSB contest.  The page provides immediate feedback on issues found in your log so you can correct them before you submit.

We have become aware that some people are going through the upload and check process, but are NOT taking the final step to enter their email address and submit the log to the robot.  I found about 40 of these today when I reviewed the missing log list and the server log.

We have two requests:

  1. If you submitted a log, please visit the logs received page to confirm we have received it.
  1. Please pass the word to other contesters to make sure they go through all of the steps of submitting the log. Every log submitted should receive a confirmation email from the robot and appear within 2 minutes on the logs received page.

We don’t want anyone to be surprised and disappointed when the final results are published and their callsign does not appear because we did not receive the log.

If you have not yet submitted your log, please do!  If you thought you had submitted and can’t find your log in the received page, please send an email Please send any comments or questions at:


Randy, K5ZD