Tracking the assisted trend, part 2 (SSB Low Power)

Last week, we looked at SSB High Power, SOAB.  This time we do the same, but for SOAB Low Power.

The two tables below show all continental data for SOAB Low Power.

The graphic below shows only AS, EU, and NA because of the higher volume of entrants.

The trend is similar to what was found for High Power.

Next time, we’ll look at CW.

Please note the scale for the Y axis (above).


Tracking the assisted trend (SSB)

The CQWW Contest committee is busy working on the 2016 logs.

While that is going on, we thought it would be interesting to look at the trend in the single-op, all band, high power category.  Some tell us that this is where the “real” competition is.

This study is limited to Europe and North American, because those two continents represent the majority of entrants.  Please see the table below, which tracks the percent of entrants, by continent, who claimed Assisted.

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