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CQ WW 2013 Operating Stats

Mark ZL3AB posted the following to the cq-contest mailing list. I was wondering what the average operating time in the CQ WW 2013 CW and SSB contests were for single operators. But although the operating hours were listed in the results database you could not sort on it. Therefore I dropped the Single 2013 Operator …

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Editorial on Cheating

A recent thread on CQ-Contest email reflector asked why keep the 1500W power limit if it is not being obeyed.  Below is my personal opinion, but I feel all CQWW participants should be thinking about this topic so I will share it here.   Contesting is a game.  Games have rules. The rules create barriers …

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Thank the Plaque Sponsors

One of the goals for many top level operations in the CQ WW DX Contest is to win a plaque. It could be for the World, or their continent, or country. This is something that shows real achievement and success in the contest. It also looks great on the wall of the shack to help explain contesting …

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