The final score shown in the Log Checking Reports (LCR) does not always match the score you see in the on-line scores database. We are now aware of this issue and will address it soon.  The scores in the on-line database at are correct. 

This was caused by the LCR reports being rerun at a different time (date) as compared to what was supposed to be the final run of scores, NIL, Bad calls, etc. run.  The two are “out of sync.”  We have a backup of the original (correct) file and will attempt to put things right soon. We are considering sending out all 2017 SSB LCR report again, but this time with correct information. 

Some of the entries in the LCR reports show

********** Stations Receiving Not In Log From [your call sign] ********** 

are in error.   This can happen when both stations log the other as a DUPE on the same band.   Again, the scoring is correct, but the text description in the LCR (for only those specific cases) is wrong.

All stations which were reclassified to Administrative Check Log are showing up as Check Logs in the scores database.  This is incorrect and we are working to correct it.  It is a table setup issue.  Administrative Check Logs are not disqualifications.

Our sincere apologies for the errors/issues.

73, John, K1AR