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DJ0DXSO LP ALLNot really participating but looking for new DXCC/WAZ/WAS slots. Had lot of fun!
DJ1AASA HP ALLShort time activation about 12 hours in summary with a couple of breaks. I had fun with high power, but a lot of S&P calls direction east I heard with 5/9, but no chance to reach. The question is, do they have all a lot of QRM, or do they work with 10KW or more. I talk about that I am a high power station with 3 ele Yagi on 40m, but have to give my call so often that I got the QRP feeling. OK, sometimes I got the information that I have a really strong signal, all OK but sometimes this strange bad QSOs. I worked with ICOM IC7800, ACOM2000A, 17 ele Optibeam OB17-4 and monoband dipols for 80m and 160m. (6ele on 10m, 4ele 15m, 4ele 20m and 3 ele 40m). I think with real low power or QRP you can not have fun during this contest
DJ2QVSA HP ALL2h operating time only
DJ3GESO LP ALLTS130v + TL120 + AT130 + antennas FD3 (80, 40m) and MFB23 (20, 15, 10m
DJ3HWSA LP ALLLot of fun, nice opening on 10m on Sunday. First night quite worse
DJ4MXSA LP ALL 5/13/2017
DJ5CTSO HP ALLRookie: 21.03.2018
DJ6DOSO LP ALLGreat fub and quite good conditions
DJ6TKSO LP ALLSorry, no more time
DJ7YPSA HP ALLonly dipol 2x27mtr qth jo64tm
DK3HVSA HP ALLDK3HV Operator Hanno YAESU FTdx101 Optibeam 9 El 5 Band
DK4BYSO HP ALLMy first WW-DX-Contest. Had not too much time but a lot of fun - 73
DK4MDASA LP ALLI had just some minutes to join the party - so many thanks for any contact
DK6XZSO HP ALLClassic in 24-hour-format ist fun. I was operating the QRA DJ0AH at 850 asl, with a short 3-bander-yagi and low dipoles + Titanex vertical. Thanks to my host and all of you for the fun. It was nice to be on the air and meet the old friends after longer time. 73 Suad DK6XZ/E77XZ
DK9BMSA HP ALLNice Contest
DL/PA3DATSA LP ALLWorked as DL/PA3DAT from Germany and as LX/PA3DAT from Luxembourg. Enjoyed!
DL0HHMSH200 Watt Output with G5RV
DL1DMSLMissing operator added as discussed with John, K1AR. No late log
DL1EJMSO LP 20MMassive QRM from local and DX
DL1MHJSA LP ALLA lot of fun with open bands and such a lot of stations beeing QRV. Mni tnx for nice QSOs. Vy 73 Torsten, DL1MHJ
DL1RNNSA LP ALLFirst time in SSB. Some good contacts but CW is more fun
DL1SBFSO LP 15MSome QSOs only
DL3DWSA HP ALLCondxns were better then expected! Hopefully they are the same in nearly 4 week for cq ww cw!
DL3PWRSA HP ALLThis is my 1st contest ever
DL3SKFSA HP ALLHardware1: FT1000MP MARKV, B26-PA RF2K+, Spiderbeam on 15m Tower, 2x20,42m Doublet Dipol 10m high, Tuner Palstar BT1500A. Hardware2: FT920, B26-PA RF2K+, Vertical Doublet 2x7,5m on 18m Tower, 2x39m Doublet Dipol 10m high, Tuner 2x MFJ968. During the 48h the Hardware was shared with DL1CG and DL4SKF. A complete QSO-Audio recording was done. Thanks to all participants and DL6SEV for his great support. CU on WPX 2020 Vy 73 de Tina, DL3SKF
DL4JLMSA HP ALLno good cond excpt one opening on 10m to South America. Anyway was fun
DL4LAMSA HP ALLtnx to DL6LSM for hopitality - 15 m was better than exoected and 10 m was open to western Europe
DL4SKFSA HP ALLDuring the 48h the Hardware was shared with DL1CG and DL3SKF. SOAPBOX: A complete QSO-Audio recording was done. SOAPBOX: Thanks to all participants and DL6SEV for his great support. CU on WPX 2020 SOAPBOX: Vy 73 de Rolf, DL4SKF
DL4VDASA LP ALL 4/19/2018
DL4ZASO HP ALLYaesu FTdx 3000 - Icom IC2KL - Loop 40 80 160 - SteppIR
DL5KUDSO LP 15M80 Watts, Dipole up 5 meters
DL5ZBSA HP ALLTRX ICOM 756proIII, ANT: TA53M, Sym Dipole 2x26m
DL6DCXSA LP 20MAnt: 1 ele Quad
DL6DJSO HP ALLCU in the Contest
DL6ZMSO LP ALL73 from Lake Constance, Germany
DL7FUASO LP ALLKenwood TS-50 Multi Dipol W-8010
DL7UGNSA LP ALLAntennas: 62m Longwire (160....20 m) Vertical (15/10m) Rig: TS-570
DL8AAESA HP ALLThis year my original goal was the work 100 stations on each band. While running the contest I had to change that, on 10m the conditions were not good enough. Furthermore I came into the 'contest mode' and chased countries and zones and almost forgot to continue on 160m. Close to the end of the contest there were simply not enough new stations available... But ending up with 1000+ contacts instead of 600 I feel good, and I know the new beam is doing very fine
DL8RDLSA HP ALLGreat Contest, conditions surprisingly good!
DM5CQSO LP ALLgreat to be a part of the CQWW community - 73s!
DN3CQChecklogDN3CQ is a training station, my son Tobias did all contacts alone, he's 11
DN5HRSA HP ALLFrederiks first CQWW...he is 8 and likes contesting and DXing. Educational Call sign, supervised by DM9EE (Dad)
DO1EPSO LP ALLRookie 2017
DO1HFSSO LP 15MLic: 26.06.2018
DO4FBSA LP ALL23.04.2018

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