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DL2OESA HP 10MNice Condx on 10 meters....it was pure fun!
DL2TMSO QRP 15MElecraft K2, Antenna: Dipole
DL3SGSA HP ALLIt was great fun again, i'm happy to look forward for next year!
DL3UXSO LP ALLIt was a fine contest. Unfortunately I did not have the time to be active the complete distance. Maybe next time
DL4DXFSA HP ALLGood condx on 10m this year, but my ant only simple Dipol 5m up... hope next year same gd condx Angela
DL4EBASO LP ALLRX=IC7400, TX=IC7400, Antenne: 3 Element Beam von Fritzel und W3-2000, Leistung: 100 Watt
DL4HGSA HP ALLNice 10m condx !
DL4JLMSA HP ALLvery good conditions especially on 10m and 15m. That was fun!
DL4KUGSA LP 10Mfb conds on 10 m, wkg all with 100 W and monoband GP!
DL4LAMSA HP ALLtnx to DL6LSM for hospitality - good propagation - I enjoyed it !!!!
DL4NNSA LP 10MKenwood TS-480SAT, 3 Element SteppIR
DL4ZASO LP ALLYaesu FT-450 SteppIR 3El LOOP 163 Meter Umfang
DL5KUDSO LP 15M75 watts dipole up 10m - thanks for picking up 73 "Jo"
DL5ZBSO LP ALLTRX Icom 756 proIII ANT TA33M,FD4 and Inv"V"
DL7CXSA HP ALLexcellent condx on 10m, topband not vy busy
DL7LINSA HP ALLFirst million points contest. I like it
DL8RDLSA HP ALLMein Fazit: Gebts ma a gscheide Station dann geht a wos :-) Die Clubstation des OV Landshut U08 leistete hervorragende Performance!
DL9GTBSO LP ALLIC-7400 (100 Watts) Antenna: Fritzel GPA-30, Groundplane 40m
DL9HBSO LP ALLapprox. 80 Wts
DL9LFSO LP ALLFT1000MP Field Vertical GAP Titan DX
DL9OLISO LP ALLIC-9100 , 1/4 wave for 80m, GAP Titan vertical
DL9ZWGSO LP 20MLogged with SD by ED5DI it is a fun
DM3KXLSO HP ALL3rd try, now i'm hopeful. 73 de Reinhard - DM3KXL
DN3ALSO LP 15MSingle Op / All Band / Low Power (< 100 W)
DN5NDHMSH3 Kids-Operator with Training-Call DN5NDH Trainer is DK5NAD
DO2WHKSO LP 15MYaesu FT-950, Quarterwave vertical dipole
DO4TPSO LP 15Mthe Band is open > strong signals away mny qrm :-) vy 73 de thorsten
DR1DMSHQuite successful operation from the fine station of Robert, DL3KO. We beat the 1999 DL record for M/S by about 2M points, which we did not expect in the beginning. We have to see if that cushion is enough to stand the more delicate log checking process introduced this year (checking of correctly copied zones). Murphy stayed mostly away, except for some CAT issues on the run radio, which did not slow down us too much. Everything else held up very fine. The high bands were fun, although we felt 15m being more worth running, so that we have more QSOs on 15 than on 10, unlike most others. 20m is the new 40m: S9 QRM from wall to wall - very exhausting. Thanks to all stations calling us - we enjoyed it!
DS5FNESO LP 10MGood ^^
DU1VHYSO LP 15MTyphoon stymied plans for an MS participation of DZ3Z. But was able to visit and operate at DX1M. There will be other contests. 73
DU7HFSA LP 20Mmy third CQ-WW-SSB contest. Great and Fantastik, 73
E74KMSO LP ALLIC 706MK2, Vertical 20/10/15, InvV 80/40
E77MChecklogTS 530 S SLOOPER
EA1BPSO QRP ALLNEW EA RECORD IN QRP!!!! :))) So hard, but i did it!!
EA2DDESO LP ALLICOM 706 MKIIG dipolo DX-B Alpha Delta
EA2QUSO QRP ALLNever help - 68 years old
EA3KTSO LP 15MSpecial and short calls must more repeat and spell I enjoyed using SD programs
EA3TISO LP 10MGood propagation on 10m, 73 Ramon EA3TI
EA3WLSA HP 10MNice experience.More than 15 years without taking part in a contest.Enjoyed
EA6/AA5UKSA LP ALLHad a blast this year but my radio died 10 hours before the end of the contest
EA6/DK5IRSO LP ALLIcom IC-7000,+ AT-7000, Ant. Multiband GPA 6,35m long, 5m above the gr ound
EA6SXSO HP 15MI started fine with good numbers of QSO?s. Unfortunately winds of around 100km/h with the vibration, take out the screws of my antenna rotator and was turning free, making damage to the tower and doing a difficult QSO?s. I had to repaired frozen for 2 hours flighting with the wind in the tower. As usual enjoy although this. Thanks to everybody for calls. 73?s Mike EA6SX
EA7BHOSO HP 10MPut your comments here. Use multiple lines if needed
EA7FRXSO LP 10MMy Rig: TX/RX ICOM 728 ANTENNA DIPOLE ^ PWR 40 W. P.E.P. I think that the propagation was very good in this contest because I've listened many stations on 10 meters so that I've enyoided so much. See you in the next contest. 73 es GL
EA7VASO LP 15MVery Funny!!
EA8/DL3FCGSO LP 10MNice pile-up to the west coast. Unfortunately I had only the Saturday to share the zone 33 with you all. See you next year

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