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AH2RMSHThe high bands condx was better than expected, however low bands condx was much worse than expected. Please rotate your beam to the western Pacific frequently
AI3ZSO LP ALLfirst test in years Wire OCF dipole
AI6INSO LP ALLAlways fun! Thank you!
AT5XSA HP 15MSpent some time checking out the activity, all S&P. Ant: 40m dipole
BG5TOXSO LP 80M10mtr high GP+LDG tuner. Exciting
BG9NJYSA LP 15M7/28/2015
BI4WOPSO LP 15MLicensed in April 2017
BW/JP3PZGSO HP 20MI enjoyed the contest
C44CSA HP ALLOnly did a few hours,enjoyed better than expected condx
CB3LRSO LP 10MFantastic propagation
CE5JZOSO HP 15Mdif?cil propagacion para Sud America,.- 73 y Dxs.-
CG1JSSO LP ALL100% S&P, but still good fun
CG6LBSA HP ALLNo bad considering the lack of sunspots
CG7CXZSA LP 20M1 hour at the end of the contest. Thanks for the contacts, and good luck!
CM8NMNSO LP 40MLIC: 43478 Feb/26/2015
CN2AAMSHToo many issues before and during the contest. Congrats to EF8R team with great result! Thanks for all who calling and spoting us. See you in the CW part
CN2RM2See 3830
CR5SSBMSLLot of FUN ! We'll be back next year
CR6TSO HP 15MBand was full, was dificult to keep frequency clear Gave up on looking for multipliers on 2nd VFO on the first day, almost made me lose frequency
CR7AMHSO LP ALL22.05.2015
CT5GOJSA LP 10MThe "Crash" of my AT-50 was amazing !
CT7AIXSO LP 10MRIG Icom IC-7300 ANT Dipole PWR 100W
DA0AASO HP ALLJust played around a little bit
DB1BWSO HP ALLLizenz seit 21.10.2015
DC9ZPSO HP ALLNice contest, TNX and see u next year. Vy 73 de Manfred, DC9ZP
DD6DRSO LP ALLRookie, first licensed April 2016
DF0SAXMSHThis was great fun for us! We even attracted some guys for contesting, so they joyned our operation and did some QSOs or were just listening. Unfortunetly they made some mistakes so we marked the QSOs with "X-QSO" - hopefully it works. Thanks for this nice contest!
DF1MBSO LP 40M2015
DF2GLSO LP ALLLicense since 2017/05/22
DF3OLChecklogrig: Eecraft K3 & vertical antenna
DF4JMSA LP 20M16.3.2016
DF5BMSO LP ALLConditions OK. Twentyfive hours fun. Till next year ! 73 DF5BM, Uwe
DF5RFSO LP ALLThis time I entered low power using K3+100W, 3ele Mini + dipole. I hoped to get more distant DX in the log than with QRP, but that was not the case really, although 10 and 15 were quite open
DF6QPSA HP ALLSind nicht alle Verbindungen, habe am Contest nicht aktiv teilgenommen
DG1VRSO LP ALLvery nice contakts
DG2BHBSA LP ALLThank you for the nice time on air. Good conditions. Nice contacts. Hope to meet you again next year
DG3FKSA LP ALLwkd only with low (8m high) inv v Multiband Dipol. PWR= 10W-50W. mni tnx all for your patience!
DG5MLASO LP ALLthis is the best contest of the world... tnx to all for calling me... vy 73 de Geri DG5MLA
DG5OBBSO LP ALLKenwood 570D, FB 53 Fritzel Beam for 10/15/20/40m, W3DZZ for 80m
DG7DBRSO LP ALLPC war defekt
DJ2QVSA HP ALLpart time entry, testing the remote station
DJ3GESO LP ALLTS130v + TL120 + AT130 MFB23 / FD3
DJ5ANSA HP ALLstrange priopagation, but lot of fun as always. Nice to meet the friends on the bands agn HPE CU NEXT YEAR IN WRTC
DJ6TKSO HP 15MIt is my best result on 15M
DJ7WGSO HP ALLOFFTIME: 2017-10-28 1000 2017-10-28 1445 OFFTIME: 2017-10-28 1800 2017-10-28 2100 OFFTIME: 2017-10-28 2200 2017-10-29 0820
DK0AESA HP 80MICOM IC-7800, ACOM 2000A, 80m Monoband Dipol Inv. V @18m

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