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G3PHOSA HP 40MGood conditions on Saturday but well down on Sunday during last 12 hours of the contest. Antennas here - 40m dipole @ 30ft, + inverted V + wire quarter wave groundplane with two elevated radials, base at 7 feet. Equipment FTDX5000MP + Acom 1010 amp At least two stations were signing /QRP. I did not log the /QRP suffix as it is not legal. I hope you count Z60WW in Kosovo
G3RLESO LP ALLDipoles at 13m for 7/14/21/28, 50m Inv L 13m high for 80/160m. 100watts
G3RTUSA LP ALLAntenna's still not fixed from 2014. Sadly noise level slightly higher from 2014 and still suffering, Broadband?
G3VMMGreat contest. Thoroughly enjoyed by all of us
G3VPWSA HP 15MDecided to go for a daytime op this year, 15m Single Op Assisted. Mostly S & P using local Skimmer, no internet connection. Very pleased with 600+ QSOs and 112 countries and 32 Zones (hope they all turn out valid. The only got-away was OA85O for Zone 10 and Peru right as the band was closing. Thoroughly enjoyed again, can't believe I've been doing this for more than 40 years each November and still having fun. Rig here was an Elecraft line-up K3+KPA500 to a simple dipole at 30ft
G3VYISO HP 20MJust part time but many thanks for all the contacts and the rare ones! 73 mike G3V YI
G3WRRSO LP ALLOn and off appearence during the event while doing domestic stuff. Using a simple 15ft vertical at ground level was a bad move!
G3YJRSO LP 40MGiving some points away
G3ZGCSO HP 40MGreat fun. But I cant work the Far East! I can hear them but no QSOs!
G3ZNRSO QRP 20MI would be very grateful if you would please accept my paper log entry Single band 20 mtrs QRP Non assisted section. I do not have a computer logging system or the knowledge to operate it. Now in my 80s I take part in lots of contests hoping to keep the brain cells active.
G4AWWChecklogVE6JY made my day over 4000 miles about 3 Watts to a groundplane - first call
G4DBNSA LP ALLJust playing. Antennas wrecked by 70mph gusts
G4DDXSO LP ALLBand conditions seemed very good. I gave up at 12hrs before I realised it was 24hr for me. Most enjoyable.
G4EXDSA HP 80MSloping 1/4 wave antenna 400 Watts
G4FKASO HP 15MVery enjoyable two days with plenty to work
G4IUFSO HP ALLBetter condx on Sunday
G4RGKSO LP 15MRig = IC706, Antenna = Butternut HF6V-X
G5WM2A bad weekend, weather-wise, meant we had one damaged tower, a failed HF yagi and problems with the receive antennas. Conditions, particularly on LF were excellent,and even 10m offered some good opportunities. So this is more of a M 1.5 entry than M2!
G8DXSA HP ALLFun entry only
G8GHDSO LP ALLtried to correct call sign as running low power & gales this end but not always successful
GD6IASO HP ALLGreat contest as always! 73
GJ2ASO QRP ALLYou can be as prepared as ever for the contest but one thing you can't control is the weather. Consistent Force 8/9 winds battered the Channel Islands for the whole week-end. I lost the 40m dipole on the 2nd night and the main beam got stuck South on Saturday afternoon. This limited my ability to Run into EU and the US, but working African mults was no problem! I spent a lot more time doing S&P as a result -with a very low C3- and was getting frustrated as my score wasn't growing fast enough.. I love this game ! See you next year. Kenwood TS590S dialled down @ 5 watts - SW: Win-Test Optibeam OB 11-5 at 60ft - Stuck South - 10, 15, 20m Force 12 C3 at... 25ft (Back-up) Monoband Dipoles at 55ft - 40, 80, 160m
GJ3YHUSO QRP 15MAlways interesting seeing what can be worked with 5W to a wire dipole. Never did QSO with most of my neighbouring countries despite hearing a lot of them
GM0OBXSO QRP ALLnot enough time
GM0OQVSA HP ALLHad a great time
GM3WIJChecklogHF Band Conx reasonable 15M and 20M very good
GM3XSO HP 40MAverage Condx, but serious Rain/snow static, plus auroral condx
GM4ZUKSO HP ALLNot a serious entry - just operated around family commitments. No antenna for 7MHz
GW3KDBSO HP ALLFT1000mp Acom 1010 400 Watts Doublet at 50Ft. Inverted L
GW5RSA HP 40MConditions very rough from here
HA0GKChecklogHomemade TS9D Power:5W YP-3 3 element Yagi
HA2MNSO LP ALLIt was a fun to take part in the contest. The propagation was strange with many good openings and changing time by time. It was really not bad but not on the top this year. Many thanks for QSOs, see you next year. Rig TS-530SP 100W, ant 21 mtrs long wire, the same for all bands
HA3DXSA LP 40M40mts was a good choice this year. Best CW score I ever had
HA3FMRSA LP 40MTnx nice contest. I enjoyed it. RIG FT-847 (100W) ANT W3DZZ
HA3OUSA HP ALLRIG-Yaesu FT-2000 ANT-HF6V H/M copy of Butternut system, H/M 80/160m Diploe. AMP-AMERITRON AL-811, Power Out 450W
HA4FYSA QRP 40MMy home made monoband qrp rig just a toy, a sling shot among big guns, but the propagation helped me to hunt some new countries
HA5NBSA QRP 160MIC-756PROIII 5 W, inv. V
HA5UASO HP ALLI had a lot of powerline noise from NW direction.RIG:FT-950 FL-2100Z cca 400W 2el 3 band beam, delta loop on 40m,dipole on 80M
HA6NLSA LP ALLICOM756pro 100w 3 el yagi * 14-21-28 GP * 3,5-.7 Dipole 1,8
HA7ISA LP 40MFTDX3000, 1/4wl GP with 16x30m radials, INV-V, RX- K9AY, 2wl Beverage to East
HA8CQSA LP ALLRig: ICOM-746 and wire dipols
HB9ARFSO LP ALLElecraft K3 100 Watts Force 12 C-4s = 2 elements on 28/21/14 MHz and Dipole on 7 MHz Inverted L for 3.5 and 1.8 MHz
HB9AYZSO LP ALL25 Watt output Antenna 15 m wire with 1
HB9CAM2First time with full flexibility on antenna selection and no visit from Murphy propagation. vy 73, Stephan, HB9DDO
HB9CEYSO QRP 40MRIG: KX3 / Vertical antenna Nice openings into US, but very difficult to get through the EU-QRM to Asia with QRP and limited antenna. Had again fun to compete against the QRO. 73 and thanks!
HB9FRVSA LP ALLFirst license obtained in 2014
HB9IRFSO LP 40M40 m single band - Classic. 73 es tnx qso

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