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DK8DSChecklog2nd short participation in cq ww dx after 44 years. It was fun, but I need some further training before I can participate with a 'real' log
DK8ZZChecklogJust for fun
DL1AQUSO QRP ALLTRX Agronaout 2 , QRP 5 Watt, plus Sym.Tuner ANT Double Zepp 2x 27m, Verical for 40m/15m, 10m 3El. Yagi 10m are been not worked this year . QRA-QTH/p Loc JO53OX Ostseebad Boltenhagen
DL1EALSO QRP 40MTRX QCX single band transceiver by QRP Labs. ANT Random wire, 23m (75 ft) long, 22m (70 ft) above ground. MFJ-993BRT remote ATU. TNX all who responded to my weak signal. My first attempt in this contest in the QRP class. What an experience! Vy 73, DL1EAL
DL1RNNSA LP ALLIt was fun. Unfortunately only limited time for operating
DL1THBSO LP 20Mtnx fer nice contest - see you next year. 73 Harald
DL1VDLSA HP ALLDue to an unknown problem my IC-746PRO failed many times (no output)
DL2DWPSO QRP ALLTen-Tec Argonaut II, 5Watt, Kent-Single Paddle, Magnetic Loop indoor,
DL2PRSA QRP ALL5 wtts, wire in attick
DL2SAXSO HP 40M100% cqing, after the rate slowed down to less than 100qsos/hour I finished
DL2ZASO LP ALLTS 850 S - 2x 19,5m - Doppelzepp - Huehnerleitung
DL3AOSO HP ALLMy first participation in a CQWWDXC CW was in November 1949
DL3HQNSO QRP ALLTRX 5 W out car, battery powered ANT LW aprox. 20mtr, under the roof
DL3SYASO LP ALLTS-590SG(75Watt) to 'FD4 incl.2 elem'
DL4CFSA HP 80MI lost some QSO data due to a log crash on Sunday morning
DL4EPMSO QRP ALLQRP 5 watts,Dipole
DL4FDMSA HP ALLwww.highspeedtelegraphy.com Vy73 de DL4FDM / HB9CSA
DL4LAMSA HP ALLthanks to Hava, DO5HO, for support and Steve, DL6LSM, for hospitality - geat prop on 15 mtrs on Saturday, unfortunately on Sunday only 20 mtrs for DX
DL4TJSO LP 160MJust ready for this Contest was my rebuild Vertical in cage configuration. Actually with a resonance on 80m but extended with a High-Q coil made of 1/4-inch copper tube mount on a Plexiglas carrier as base loading coil. I was really satisfied and had lot of fun
DL4ZASO HP ALLYaesu FTdx3000 - SteppIR - Loops
DL5CLSO LP ALLTen Tec Omni VII, Vibroplex Original deluxe -Bug
DL5KUDSO LP 40MIC7400, 80Watts, Dipole at 6 (SIX) Meters,
DL5XLSA HP 40MAfter a weekend trip to London, I could only operate for about four hours at the end of the contest. My goal was to work DXCC on 40m within that time frame, and I eventually made it. Conditions were quite good, and the activity level was great! 73, Felix, DL5XL
DL5ZBSA HP 40MTRX Icom-7610, Ant: TA63M, Dipole 2x26m
DL5ZLSA HP 15M300w gp
DL6KWNSO LP 80MTRX: FT-950 Ant: L-antenna, about 30m up
DL6MHWSA HP ALLI am verry happy to contact K1AR and so many other famous friends
DL7NXSA LP 80MIC-7300 CG-3000 with about 10m wire
DL7RVSO LP ALLincredibly poor conditions
DL7UVOSO LP 160Mtnx to all
DL7VFMSO LP 40MThanks for your commitment and great orgasnization, 73
DL8BVSO LP 20Mnice contest,have fun,next year again
DL8DXWSO QRP ALLagn a hard job with 5W QRP + dipoles. 10m seems fully closed but what a surprise - the band opened 5min for the only but amazing QSO on this band Great thing for a QRPer...!
DL8KFOSO LP ALLGreat condx! Very much fun to work!
DL8TGSA QRP ALLGreat activity, good conds on lower bands, some openings on 10: it was fun to collect point by point with my qrp station and well done to pick me up from the Hams on other side. Thanks all, gl & 73 Klaus
DL9FBFSA LP ALLK3 100wtts, 3 Bander, 40m Rotary Dipole and LW for 80/160
DL9JONSA HP ALLTnx for all QSOs. Tnx to all operators and crews. Cu in the next contsts
DM4LSA HP ALLIt was fun using DM4L callsign for the first time
DM7CSA HP 160M160m setup was ready on time... nice condx on my favorite Topband - surprised about the good perfomance of the antenna (27m high wire gp with 4 elevated radials on a hill). 73 Olaf dl7cx/dm7c
DO1HFSSO LP 15MLic since 26.06.2018
DQ5MMSLRIG: Yaesu FT-DX 3000 (100W), LZA9-7 Yagi-Beam (40m rotary dipole incl. 20-10m @22m), Windom (80m @20m), weird crazy improvised 'L' something (160m @10m) First real 48h test of my friend's (DG8MG) new setup in between preparation works for the new shack. Impressive result for these conditions with a few improvements already in our heads. Many thanks for all the QSOs. Hope to catch you in the next one! 73 de Philipp, DK6SP
DV8/KH7EASO LP ALLVery good condx ! S9+20db noise on 40m from a lamp in the night
EA1AERSA QRP ALLFT817 and multiband dipoloe
EA2BDSO LP 80MIC-7300 90w + INV L
EA3BRLSO LP ALLLots of fun in the best contest despite poor propagation in upper bands
EA3FHPSO QRP ALLRepublic of Catalonia

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