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W8KNOSO LP ALLAll Search & Pounce!
W8LRLSO HP 160MMy one eye and old hands are slow at logging - No CQs, just up/down band. Vy enjoyable
W8WASO HP 40MDisappointed with no JA.... great African openings
W8YVSO HP ALLLots of fun with decent conditions
W9GTSO HP ALLAmplifier and antenna problems, but still enjoyed the contest
W9IIXSA HP ALLgreat contest
W9JWCSA LP ALLLicense Date 2018-Sep-24
W9KHHSO LP 20MNot much time available. With 20 meter dipole up 10 feet made a few QSO's. Thanks to those that heard me. Hope to still be around next year
W9RESO HP ALLThe absolute pinnacle of contests. Participation high that keeps things going despite conditions sometimes trying. SOAPBOX: Thanks to all the people allover the world for traveling, log checking, etc. to keep this the top contest
W9WISO LP ALLMOBILE operation. Log created by hand, since my Windows computer with N1MM Logger is still in storage
W9YKSA HP ALLit's always good to work the world
WA0USASO HP 40MSurprised at propagation. Part time effort. 1 kw and 2 radial wire GP
WA2ALYSO LP ALLic 7000, ten tec 238c, inverted l, kt34
WA3FAESA LP 40Mgood conditions, amazing average speed of operators
WA3SXXSO LP ALLSeveral new countries, back yard wire antennas, much satisfaction
WA4JUKSA HP ALLFamily matters just 1 1/2 Hour available
WA5RRSO LP ALLVery quiet band condx this year. I had a new 20m half-square and a new 40m double bazooka that worked FB. CU next year!
WA6KHKSA HP 20MGood contest! Even saw Smokey Robinson Sat. in concert in Palm Springs!
WA6URYSA HP ALLOperated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA7CPASA HP ALLFun! Thank you!
WA8YSA HP ALLI could not operate as much as I wanted. Personal best in many ways
WB0RURSA LP ALLGreat contest - wish I had more time to operate!
WB7QMRSA LP 20MFlex6300, Outbacker, CW Skimmer
WB8AKWSA HP ALLBand conditions much better than expected. Lots of activity 160m to 15m
WB8SDASO LP ALLNew Personal Best, Already looking forward to the next contest
WB9DLCSA LP ALLGood test of my new HexBeam!!
WC5DSO LP ALLYou CAN work other continents with an indoor 40-10M Cobweb!
WD5BJTSO LP 160MNoise levels exceptionally low, so were signals.Thank you to the Europeans who pulled my weak signal out of their noise
WD6DXSO QRP 20MRig FT-817 QRP into a G5RVjr at 15 feet
WD6TEDSO LP ALLLicensed on 27 September 2018
WD8DSBSO LP 160M2nd night conditions on 160 meters were odd with rapid QSB
WE6ZSA HP ALLHad very little time but did work 40 countries :)
WF2BSA HP ALLThe contest would be easier if the maximum sending speed of the call was about 30 wpm
WG3JSO HP ALLas always a great contest
WG8YSA HP 40MHi all, Limited time to play in the test. Very sick wife. 73 from Mark WG8Y
WK2HSA LP ALLLow power to dipole
WO2XSA HP ALLNot a big CW guy. Good band conditions for most of contest. I exceeded my goal I had set for this year's contest
WO7TSA LP ALLNice to have this one fall on weekend before Thanksgiving
WO9SSO LP 160MOperating WO9J station (West Dundee, IL, EN52) remote from N9UC club station at University of Chicago. Heard Uruguay and Argentina for the first time on 160 RX conditions seemed excellent at this end. However, many Caribbean stations (HI3T, PJ2T, VP2MDM, to name a few) seemed to have trouble hearing, making multiple CQs in the face of many callers. Many thanks to Mike, WO9J, for the use of his station and for fixing a feedline mid-contest. About six hours of operation
WQ5OSA HP ALLGood propagation today on 20 meters. Enjoyed myself thoroughly. 73
WQ6XSA LP ALLThis is another WQ6X operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord. In between remotely joining the NX6T crew in Fallbrook, I found time to DX-hunt here from East Bay (EB) section. Using dual-QF1A Autek filters for both RX of the FT-1000mp really made the difference in conjunction with the Yaesu eDSP. Ten meters produced no opening however a handful of SA QSOs were made on 15 meters using the 10-Meter 3-el. Long John yagi thru the MFJ-949E tuner. Otherwise it was a CHA-250 Vertical and the WQ6X Lazy 8JK inverted Vee. As of late, signal levels here @W7AYT totally SUK. I worked nearly every station heard and was surprised by the number of JUICY Central/South American prefixes heard and worked. LooK for a more detailed writeup on this operation from WQ6X.Blogspot.com
WR3YSA HP ALLRotor stuck SW rough for EU!
WS4CSA LP ALLGreat fun! worked 95 countries with 100w garage-attic dipoles for 15&20 and a random-length longwire for the other bands. Fine propagation on Saturday!
WT8PSO LP ALLThanks for running this for the whole weekend
WU4GSO LP ALLAntenna breakdowns! Maybe next time
WW6DSA LP ALLPower on all bands less than 100W
XE1AYSO LP 15MUsing first time my new IC-7300, and working tunning 15 m with my 17 m hb
XE2BSA HP ALLA lot of joy due to a generous amount of multipliers (better than last year)
XV9XVSO LP ALLActivity limited to some hours only due to duties for professional reasons and in spite of QRN at S7 for led and other industrial lightening of the industrial facility 30 m from my antenna. I think I have not copied correctly a few call signs. Anyway a lot of fun hoping next time to operate while on holiday! Regards, XV9XV (same operator of I1GXV and W7GXV)
XZ2DSO HP 15MJust wanted to surprise everyone with rare XZ mult!

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