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W1HISMSHOne antenna for all bands wire, 9 m (30 ft) high and 21 m (70 ft) long
W1WEFSO HP ALLHad a ball!
W2EGSO LP 40MTough contest fm USA with a dipole and 100 W, Just squeezed out 200K points, though I'm sure that will get reduced when error checked. I did some running, but best rate I could sustain for an hour was a mere 49/ hr. Those difficult paths to far east Asia especially tough! Frustrating to copy them okay, but be unable to work them, especially with the pile-ups. Conditions on 40 seemed mediocre, at best. Finally got a bit quieter on Sunday morning (UTC), but got noisier as the day went on. Aside from the noise, propagation was not great, especially over the pole. I had a really hard time copying JAs with the echoing distortion, though many were certainly loud enough. I heard a number of sections I could not work: either couldn't get them to copy me or could not fight through the pile ups. Far too many DX stations fail to identify for EXTENDED periods. Guess they do not run short of callers using spotting. Makes it hard for us ops who like to use no assistance. Still had fun. Thanks to all for the Qs! 73, -Rich, W2EG
W2NTNMSLFirst CW contest for W2NTN and W2ROO operating together. Many thanks to everyone who made this a fun event!
W3CF/4SA HP ALLLost amp an hour into test. HYPOWER Antenna 6-80 wire @ 40'. 15m V at 28'
W3CL/4SA LP ALLLost many multipliers without a usable 80m ant
W4/DL9FBFSO QRP ALLparticipate only parttime in QRP with 2x7 meter vertical dipole Hard work "against" all these big guns Thanks to all stations who gave me a report
W5RSTSO QRP 15MRig was homebrew XCVR running 1 Watt into a dipole
W6/DG1CMZSA HP ALLOperated from W6BB shack at University of California, Berkeley. R7000 multiband vertical + Flex6500. About 200-400W from a Yaesu FL2100
W6JTISO QRP ALLA few ops seem to feel that "TU" takes too long, and they end every QSO by simply sending their call. How am I to know if he confirms, or if he just gave up copying me? Those of you who do this, PLEASE send the "TU". You'll get fewer "QSL?"s
W6NF/0SA LP ALLMy newly erected 135-foot long-wire worked very well. With the feed end at 25-feet and the far end (temporarily) at 10 feet, it is not high enough to be effective on 160/80 and displayed fair performance on 40. On 20/15/10, though, it was surprising. A total of 78 DXCC entities were worked. Overall I am very pleased at this result
W6NSSA HP ALLRig: K3 KPA500 ACOM1000 Antennas: C3E; 40m Dipole; 80m/160m Vertical. First real effort at CQWW CW, last year was a check log and the previous effort was about 100 Qs from 6Y in 1002 or 2003, can't remember that long ago. WJ9B and the guidance of the CWA program has gotten me to this level in less than a year. Hope I did not mess up those of you that are at my azimuth of 330 to 30 degrees, that was difficult with the flutter and 80/160m is a lot like 6m had to do much listening (no receive antennas here just the xmt vertical). Had a good time look forward to the next CW or RTTY test, will still do phone but not much (just not much fun). 73
W6QUSO QRP ALLI could only operate Sunday because of Thanksgiving. But I wouldn't miss it for the world!
W6YASO HP 15MConditions on 15m were much better than expected, given current flux and K values! All during both afternoons northern Europe (even RL9X zone 17) were coming through. No doubt there will be many high 15m scores this year. Missed only zones 21, 22, 34 this year
W7DO/4SA HP ALLPoorer Ten Meter Conditions offset by great 80 Meter conditions
W7RHSA LP 160MSome highlight activity but in general way down from last year. Geomagnetic activity and solar wind were buggers
W8WASO HP 15MGreat contest as usual... fantastic world wide participation!!!
W8ZF/4SA HP 40MThrew up wire 40M GP day of the contest. Cheap thrills!
W9KHHSO LP 15M95 watts, piece of wire, Vibroplex, made contacts. What more can one ask or need? Thanks to all. Hope to be around next year.
W9RESO HP ALLEven food poisoning couldn't keep me from operating the best contest of the year
W9RNK/8SO LP ALLLow signals and high noise, but I still broke my personal best!
W9VWMSHThis was the first multi-single trial for W9VW contest and DX remotely operated station. K9SG was in Arizona, K9XV was in Florida, and K9LZJ was 15 miles from the station operating in his Indiana home. We are using Remoterigs, K3s, and an SPE 2kFA amplifier which worked very well.
W9YKSA HP ALLIt's always fun to make some dots and dashes with friends around the world!
WA0QVC/7SA LP ALLHad limited time to contest due to family obligations. Thanks to all who heard me and gave me a contact
WA1FCN/4SA LP 40MLast year I tried for simple USA record SB 40 Lowpower Assisted. I lost use of my 2 el 40 mtr beam 2 hours into contest. No record. So this year I was back for it again. I had no problem and all seemed fine. 73 Bob
WA2ALYSO LP ALLRegret I was hospitalized on 12/3/2015 before I could send the log in. I am now 'out' Enjoyed the contest I did work HAWAII on 160 meters regards Larry
WA2JQZSO QRP ALLIntroduced my 11 year old niece to ham radio with this contest. We looked up locations of our contacts on maps and a globe. We had fun. My niece is interested to get a ham license. Operated QRP portable from Long Island
WA2VQV/3SO LP ALLabysmal prop
WA6KHKSA HP ALLI might have cracked a million points if I didn't over sleep the second night and if I didn't have to repeat my call so many times....maybe next year
WA6URYSO HP ALLOperated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA7NBSA HP ALLFun with good conditions
WA8AXFSO QRP ALLThanks to all the great operators out there that make this a fun event
WA8REISO QRP 20M5 watts to a Mosley PRO 67B yagi. Excellent condx for qrp. Tnx all for a fun event. Classic op. No computer assistance or rig to computer connection.
WA8YSA HP ALLI left a lot of QSOs unworked. A lot of fun especially the last couple hours.
WB0RUR/5SO LP 15MFun, but not enough time
WB2PEFSO QRP 40Monly had a few minutes to operate. fun just the same!
WB4OMMSA LP 160MFirst CW entry and 160M log. Not able to work much, but had fun.
WB8AKWSO LP ALLBand conditions were great!
WB9QAF/0SA QRP ALLRan QRP with KX3 and 560' loop antenna erected with assistance of a drone and wife at an average of 30' above the ground with 4 to 1 balun and short coax run. Entered as assisted although I did not use any spotting assistance whatsoever, just used the CW reader built into KX3. I really don't see how that is any different than using a computer for logging or an electronic keyer for sending. They save time and effort through modern technology but don't involve any help from other people. I don't think the vast majority of operators would consider a CW reader as "assistance" as it is commonly thought of. Just my two cents
WD4EXISO LP ALLThis was my first CQ WW DX contest. Thanks to all who made it fun
WE9VMSHWe had a great time. It's been 15 years since the only other multi-op I've hosted for this one. Nothing expensive broke, we had a good time, and we topped that 15 year old score by 700k, with 250 less QSOs but with 63 more countries and 16 more zones (despite 730 less QSOs and 69 less mults on 10M alone!). Sure do miss 10M already. Only worked one JA on 10M, JA3YBK. Big thanks to Paul and Mikey for coming out to play. Thanks to all the people that get on around the world that make it so fun! Congrats to fellow Wisconsites at AA9A for whoppin' our butts! Chad WE9V www.we9v.com 2x Elecraft K3 2x Ameriton AL-1500 Tribanders (2x KT-34XA, Moslty TA-34) Cushcraft XM-240 converted to W6NL Moxon this year 80M dipole 160M Shunt-Fed tower
WF0TSA QRP 20MDipole + 5watts = 2000 lbs of fun!
WK9USA HP ALLApril 5, 2013 licence grant
WN4AFPSO LP 40MBusy family weekend...Just did S&P. Thanks for the Qs. 73s Dave WN4AFP
WO7TSA HP ALLAn S&P weekend with improved N1MM learning for me
WO9SSO QRP 40MNew pacemaker so played it safe vis-a-vis RF in the shack seeing how well QRP could do on 40. Best DX was ZD8W

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