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UX7QDSO LP 20MRIG(s): 100W; ANTENNA(s): a sloper
UY2UQSO LP ALLTnx for nice contest. Good luck!
UZ1RMSA QRP 80MSDR1000 home made 5w InV antenna
V73NSSO LP ALLActivated on 80m, first time since 2008. First time I had entire weeekend off in years too
VA3QVSO QRP ALLFlex 1500 Elecraft T1 Tuner Working the world with 5w and a wire
VC1ESA LP ALLSpecial Event for the 98th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. Info at QRZ.Com under call VE1ZA. QSL Info at EQSL (AG) under VC1E
VE2FUSA HP 80MSince every pool hardware are off... I run 80M SOSB before Christmas lights switches on !
VE2GHISO LP ALLI just came from an airplane trip. No time to sleep... So i was so tired i could not keep the beat. Propagation seem good the station work ok. Some qso make me real happy.... Alaska, Algeria .... I think i break the barrier of 200 countries. I will check that in my LOTW files. See you on next contest 73 de Jean (VE2GHI)
VE3DXKSO LP ALLLicenced since Aug-2014
VE3KISO QRP ALLThere seem to be a lot of people who are ashamed of their call signs and don't want to let anyone else know who they are
VE3KQNSO QRP ALLThis contest is generally brutal for QRP but this year, for me, was exceptionally tough. I was using an indoor magnetic loop antenna, 28 inches in diameter beside me on a camera tripod. Thanks to all who pulled my meager signal out of the noise. Pet peeve: the operators who don't wait for my exchange to be sent... did you receive my info? Did I get logged by you?
VE3OMSO LP ALLGreat contest - as usual!
VE3PNSO HP 40MTried another band,Two dipoles E/W & N/S installed Thursday
VE3THXSA LP 15MCanadian callsign of W2IRT, operating on vacation
VE3VEESA HP 20MRotator failed few hours into the contest so I had to stop :-(
VE3VNSO QRP ALLWell, that was an interesting weekend of QRP torture. Many things went well and many things went badly. Significant score reduction from 2014 due to very little Europe on 10, and a shorter and narrower opening that way on 15. The best improvement was due to slightly better antennas on 40 and 80. It's only a few db but with QRP every decibel is worth gold. Perhaps my biggest mistake was on 10 meters which I ignored too often because it couldn't deliver the Q's. I missed many mults on that band. I'm very unstructured in my approach to single-op contesting, keeping only a few notes on broad strategy in mind. I just tend to go with what works in the moment. For example, since there were north Europe and Russian stations coming through over the pole during their night I made a note to check 20 at intervals during the night. I scored a few nice mults that way. I still missed a couple that were S9 but could not hear me. I made a special effort to bulk up on Q's this outing rather than go too crazy chasing mults, with their pile-ups that I can rarely bust. Throughout the day I unavoidably had to take many short breaks, even during hot band conditions. But I should be back to 100% within a couple of weeks. I went very casual in SS Phone last weekend when I was in still in poor shape. Biggest panic was connecting the new WinKeyer to the KX3 a few hours before the contest. I had made a mental note to buy or build a keying cable for it, but forgot since it's not the rig I normally use. Fighting the Canadian "faux" version of Black Friday in late afternoon wasn't fun. Shack - KX3 (5 watts), N1MM+, WinKeyer 160 (see 80, but with high and uncorrected SWR) 80 - tower vertical with short radials 40 - inverted vees @14m E-W and N-S 20, 15, 10 - Explorer 14 @15m, and the inverted vees Thank you to the many operators who often went to unreasonable effort to dig me out of the noise to put me in their logs
VE3XDSA LP ALL25 watts into attic dipoles for 40, 20 and 15m
VE5SDHSO LP ALLLICENSE DATE JULY 2 2013 i'm a blind Ham and haven't got a logging program so hope this is ok i'm not sure what my claimed score is, if i manage to earn an award or certificate that'd be neat and surprising
VE6WQSA HP 40MOperating from VE6JY
VE7BGPSO LP ALLI had a lot of fun operating in this contest with my newer FT-897D & venerable old IC-751A. As usual I had limited time for this contest. It was a cold weekend I had to keep the woodstove stoked up with wood. 73 Gerry
VE7BQOSO QRP ALLI enjoyed the contest very much
VE7VRSO HP ALLOperated from Parksville, BC on the beach. The SteppIR BigIR vertical worked amazingly well over salt water...and the view was also awesome. :)
VE9CBSO HP ALLMy biggest thrill was being called by JR1IJV on 80m. Conditions were great on all bands except 10m
VK2BJSO HP ALLGreat condx on 80 overnight Saturday and good on 10 on Sunday. Really enjoyed the contest
VK2BPLSO LP 40MActual TX Power: 100W
VK2IASO HP 15MFirst contest from new country QTH - FD style
VK3FMSO LP ALLAnother fine contest, although 100 watts into a Hustler 6-BTV can be tough going from VK3. Heard lots - worked a few!
VK3MEGSA LP ALLLots learnt from this one ready for next year. thx for great contest
VK3MISO LP 80MOnly had time for a few hours in the contest. Used a Flex-3000 with a vertical antenna for 80M and dipoles on the higher bands
VK4EJSO LP ALLGreat conditions, with plenty of activity, electrical storms made it even more exciting
VK4TTSO LP ALLG'day to other ops.
VK5LJSO LP ALLActual TX Power 100W
VK6HGSO LP ALLWill sleep well after a 3am start
VK6SMKSA HP 20MGreat conditions on my vertical. Thank you for another great contest guys. 73
VK7BOSO HP ALLGreat contest, 10m open for long periods, 80m thru to 10m worked
VO1BQSO HP ALLGreat Condx...lots of fun. 73 Joe
VU2CVSSO HP 10MI used Kenwood TS-480HX, 200W, with G5RV and Moxon(10M). Conditions are not good, especially on the Higher Bands. C U AGN. 73!
VU2LBWChecklogI planned to do a SOSB 80M High. But, due to a long power cut, i lost a lot of time. Wound up making a few qso's on different bands in the time available. Will be better prepared next year!
VU2PAISO HP ALLMurphuy called again in the form of visitors during the contest and the added frustration of not being able to tune the 160 meter antenna.but still a lot of fun and really enjoyed the contest. see you all in the contests ahead! 73 de pai,vu2pai
VU2PTTSO HP 40MTS-590SG + 400 Watts from AL-80B to 2-el Phased Vertical Array Had a blast doing a single band after a long time. Spent some time building this antenna and it worked! Thanks to all for the great QSOs - we await CQWW each year for the big year end radio party! Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty 7 852 2277 33 109 Total 852 2277 33 109 73 de Prasad VU2PTT
VU3KPLSO LP ALLThanks to all who made this contest a great joy!
VY2LISO LP ALLSmall BIC time = small score. 73,Bill
W0EBSO LP ALLLots of fun keeping rig from faulting all my antennas were ice covered due to a big South Central Kansas ice storm that started Thursday and has continued through the entire weekend. Fortunately the antennas stayed up but was unable to use 80 or 160 meters at all. The K3 heard well even with the ice but the loading coil/trap on the DX -LB dipole was shorted by the ice. Fortunately the A3S tribander was a little more forgiving and it loaded but I did have to keep retuning more than normal
W0JMSA LP ALLLimited time for contest but was able to operate in Park Rapids remotely. Band condx were not as favorable as last year
W0RAASA LP ALLGreat band conditions. Only in for a little under 6 hours and S&P only. Worked a couple DX stations via LP which was kind of surprising. Saw a few VK & ZL stations spotted, but didn't have a lot of success hearing them. As usual it was a fun contest
W0VBSA HP ALLHi All, I only had a little over three hours to try out this unusual implementation. I made a few hours of contacts on 160 thru 10 meters at the start of the contest. This station was set-up to run as SO4R with WriteLog..... I have never even run a SO2R, this was an exciting endeavor. The set-up: - FlexRadio 6700 - four (4) panadapters with one slice on each panadapter - SDRBridge to control the receivers and CW Skimmers - four (4) CW Skimmers feeding the BandMaps for each of the four bands - one (1) THP 1.5K amp - N4PY Pegasus Control program to automatically switch the the following equipment (as determined by which "Slice had the XMIT flag set on")*** connect the correct coax cable to the amp put the THP 1.5K amp on the correct band select the SteppIR Vertical for 80 and 40 meters and tune it to the correct frequency - Antennas 160 meter inverted V 80 & 40 SteppIR Vertical 20, 15, & 10 Triband beam *** N4PY, and I, believe this is "The First Time" that legacy software applications could follow the slice selected in SmartSDR .... many legacy applications only log, or use, the slice A information for frequency, mode, etc regardless of where the XMIT indicator is set note - the model 6700 can have 8 panadapters (each with a slice receiver) active at one time. SO8R anyone? Observations 1. I had all the CW Skimmers running simultaneously - feeding four respective band maps - band maps showed "Only the stations being heard by me", no VE7CC cluster data was fed into the band maps... meaning you could work every one of the stations spotted because your station actually heard them . I thought this would be a big plus, realized soon into the contest that when I clicked on rare calls... many times that station had already moved on (they were in S&P mode) 2. by looking at each of the skimmer displays I discovered that I could set them to show "CQ W0AIH" in the vertical list and realized it identified the stations that would be there when I clicked on them, and it... did every time. 3. seeing four (4) skimmers (four bands) picking out the CQs was very enjoyable and productive 4. while four bands were actively sorting through the CW signals, the operator (me) is only hearing one receiver... the receiver selected as "active" 5. it felt like one radio running but four active skimmers collecting ALL the active spots, not very stressful at all. 6. It took me about two weeks to get this station operational..... including the changes made by N4PY to his Pegasus Plus application... but I'm excited to examine what did work, and what future "tweaks" will do to improve even more of the capability..... go MWA! Terry, W0vb
W1ENDSO LP 10MRig was FTdx5000 (100w) and Butternut HF6V all-band vertical. Ten meters is a great band
W1ES/4SA LP 10MCasual 10m only effort this year

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