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C4WSA HP ALLGreat Contest. Many thanks to 5B4ES (my old high school for hosting me)
C4ZSO HP 20M20 Mtr cndx not so good here with lots of fadeouts early evening band closure was a disappointment. Still a load of fun with some nice dx and many old friends contacted
C6AUMSO LP 15MBig fun, even with local power outages and operator caused logging mishaps
CE3/M0BLF/7SO LP 15MA low-power (40W), battery-only operation from a campsite. Even given that, it was a lot harder than I expected this far south. I was really aware that I was a long way from most centers of population
CN2AAMSHTNX to Eugene OH5DA for technical support
CN2RSO HP 40MGood conditions
CO6CACSO LP 80MThank you for contact, I hope to copy you in other contest, 73'DX Carlos
CO8ZZSA LP ALLMy first CW Single Operator effort in long time. My primary goal was the 3 millions points and I did it despite my poor RX conditions... in the middle of the town!!!... hope to do it better next year! Thanks everyone!!!
CR2XSO HP ALLA great 10 days in exceptionally good weather at San Miguel Island. Finally after almost 57 years of contesting and a few months before my 75th birthday I managed to exceed 6k QSO goal in CQWW CW. Even though the QSO count was achieved at cost of multipliers. I missed the 2nd radio but it would not have helped a lot since I am no good in SO2R. I hardly ever will break this score at least not from Europe. A big thanks goes to my XYL Kirsi who helped me in putting up two Beverages and sloping dipoles for 160 and 80 meters and succeeded in keeping me awake for 46 hours during the contest. I consider having been beaten by OH0X and CR6K (OH6KZP and CT1ILT) only by 5 % as another achievement. I wish those young men can keep up their level for the next 40 years. Many thanks for all the QSOs and excuses for the clumsy operating during the last hours.
CR3LMMReclassification due to possible problems with transmitter lockout
CR5USO LP ALLFirst licensed: 09 January 2014
CT1AGFSO LP 20Mjust 4 contacts
CT7AIXSO LP 10MRIG Icom IC-718 ANT Dipole PWR 70W
DC9ZPSO HP ALLNice contest, TNX and see u next year. Vy 73 de Manfred, DC9ZP
DF3IRSO LP ALLIt's quite hard with a single wire antenna and 100 watts, but it is always very fun. Elecraft K3, 100 wtts., OCF-Dipole at 10 mtrs, UCX-Log
DF4PDSA HP ALLOn Staurday I lost the Antennacoupler so had no 15m. Next year
DF4ZLSO LP ALLRIG K3, 3 ele Beam, Dipole
DF5BMSO LP ALLDear friends of "CW", till next year for another CQWW ! 73 DF5BM
DF5RFSO QRP ALLUsing KX3/K2 as always 5 Watts plus Tribander/Dipole, no time to setup extra antennas and not so time for operating, either. Anyway, good fun except for 10m I must have missed the good part of it. 73!
DF5SFSO QRP ALLhorizontal endfed antenna for 10-20-40 / 2x6m vertical dipole for 10-40m
DF5WWSO QRP 15M5 Watt transmitter and only a simple wire doublet
DF7ZSSA LP ALLOnly simple single element wires!
DG7EESO LP ALLnice partizipation,
DH5MMSO QRP ALLno attention to QRP stations, that costs time
DH5YMSA QRP ALLOnly some time Sunday evening but the heavy storm stopped me
DJ2IASO HP ALLmany time only 100Watts, fb condx
DJ3GESO QRP 40MQRP 5 Watt from FT817 via tuner Z11 to off-center-fed dipole FD3 21m long - 8m high
DJ3XASO LP ALLKX3, 10 Watt, Dipol
DJ5ANSA HP ALLSo mni nice stations, Saturday night low bands with low noise level, tnx for K7 and 8Q7 on 160. Only 10m was very bad lucky with 3B9 and SU90IARU and small opening to zone 17. Worked the nice amount of 149 zones and 494 countries but unfortunately no zone 1 "Rich KL7RA we will not forget you"
DJ5UZSO LP ALLHear you again next year
DJ6OISA LP ALLWas QRV a few hours and worked some nice DX 73 de Thomas
DJ6RNSA LP ALLjust S&P style for a few hours with dipole and vertical in att FUN !
DJ6TKSO LP 10MPoor Condx on 10m, Band closed at 1600 UTC, 73, Wilf - dj6tk -
DJ6UPSO LP ALLFT1000MP 3 el.Beam Dipol 100W
DJ7HHSO LP 10MComputer crashed Sunday evening Hi
DJ9CNSO LP ALLcondx good
DK0TUChecklogGreat fun!
DK1LRSSO HP ALLTS480hx and 12mtr. Vertikal Wire
DK2ATSA HP ALLYaesu FT-1000MP, PA 400 Watt FD4- Dipole, FB-DX-506 (5 El.)
DK2BJSA LP ALLWorked with less than 100 watts on all allowed bands with a vertical antenna R7000 from 40m up to 10 m. On 80m and 160m as usual with my big homebuild magnetic loop (have a look at QRZ(.)com/ DK2BJ). Condx were unstable on the higher bands and on sunday also on 40m. 73 Uli
DK3ASA LP ALLParticipating is everything
DK3YDSO LP ALLAs always great fun for me as a CW enthusiast 73 Hans
DK5DSA LP ALLRan the contest with the Hexbeam down at 7ft . Strong wind 70mph gusts :-)
DK5ZXSO LP ALLA fine contest again! Thanks for all the ufb QSOs! Hpe cuagn sn! Vy 73 es gl! de Dieter ("Ter") / DK5ZX
DK8NTSA LP ALLAfter almost a year with nearly no QSOs I didn't try to beat my 2013 dream results, and set my goal quite low. Nevertheless, the good condx, in particular on 15 and 10, helped a lot to exceed the 1000-QSOs limit, so I'm quite content. Thanks for the contest and the countless stations!
DL0GEOSO LP 20MWhat a pity. Only a little bit of time for the contest
DL0TYMSLAnt 3 el-beam and dipole 40/48
DL1AM2shorter openings on the high bands made our score suffer compared to last year. Activity however was great as usual
DL1AQU/PSO QRP ALLAgronaut2_QRP_5Watt_Ant_Dipol160-80DeltaLoop40m_3El Yagi 10m Portabel QTH:Ostseebad Boltenhagen

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