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C6AQQChecklogMany errors in log and reduced run rates--keyboard often frozen from RF. Otherwise, had much fun from beautiful / scenic Nassau Bahamas
C6ARWSA LP ALLMy first time being on the DX side of a CW contest!
CA2AGHSA LP 10M3-Dec-15
CE3OPSA LP ALLUn gran concurso con linda propagacion en 40 metros para mi dipolo! Gracias a todos por la paciencia, CONTEST muy agradable. 73 ES DX Julio @CE3OP
CO8ZZSO LP 40MI completed my goal (to win my own record) despite loud QRM (30dbs over S9) from a local source I dont identified so far, in fact, I started 4 hours later and finished 1 hour before for that reason (QRM). However, enjoyed the contest as always, hope to get into top ten WW. Best regards and see you all next year!!
CQ7RSO LP 80M4 hrs before the end the wind (up to 100km/h) broke the ant in half
CR5KMSLLot of fun to be part on CQ WW CW 2018
CR5NSO QRP ALLVery fun to do the contest without internet
CT7ACGSO LP ALLHad a fairly busy weekend scheduled buat managed to jumps in for a few hours just to test out a few new antennas more han anything. The one that impressed me the most was my top band inverted L which proved very good in the early hours of Saturday morning! My Fan dipole did not work so well on 80 and 40m but did okay for 100w with some nice surprises. Not a serious entry but I had fun just the same. 73
CT7AIXSO LP 15MRIG Icom IC-7300 ANT Dipole PWR 100W
CX7RTSO QRP 15MOperating /QRP/P from GF25id (Piri��polis, Uruguay), with the KX3 @ 5W of output into a PAR EndFedZ dipole 15M monobander in an inverted "V" configuration spanning a 3rd. floor balcony. Not a single EU, several NA (including VE5MX in SK!), one KH6 and one JH. Quite surprising given current conditions. My thanks to all the power stations that struggled with my meek signal and nevertheless persevered to complete the QSO. 73 de Jose CX7RT/VA3PCJ
DD0VSSA QRP ALLNice condx on 40m on Sunday evening. VK on 40m in QRP is seldom for me TNX for all listener on my QRP sig. My best result ever in terms of QSO and points
DD5XXSO LP 40M23.02.2016
DD5ZZSA HP ALLOnly part time as usual.. Condx were "superb" compared to the CQWW SSB.. See you next year!
DF1OESA LP 40MHad just one hour of time and tried some QSOs with my new TS-890 from home, ant was a fullsize 40M Dipole under the roof in 5th floor hight pwr was 40 W !! so im vy glad to have this qsos in log... vy 73s roland, DF1OE
DF2LHSA HP ALLReached all 40 Zones :-) Lot of fun!
DF3OLSO LP 80MSingle band 80m first time. rig: Elecraft K3 & 30m wire-antenna up 5m. My best contact with JA3YBK, I am very happy
DF5BMSO LP ALLGood Contest under this conditions ! I had fun and hope cuagn next year ! 73, Uwe, DF5BM
DF7XRSO QRP ALLThank you for contest I had much fun
DF8JKSO LP ALLSunSDR2 & PA with multiband dipole
DG2FDDSO QRP 40MWhy are so many of you calling with 30wpm+?
DG8KADSO HP ALLI not so good in CW, sorry for the errors
DH1AHLSO LP ALLFirst time in the WWDX contest. Only some hours of TX. Nice full bands and First time i
DH3IKOSO QRP 40MFirst licensed 13th June 2016
DH4NWGSO LP ALLI enjoyed the QSOs on 160m...I did a lot of new DXCC there - only with a 7m high vertical with tuner - nice QSO on other bands over the daytime. Worked with an old TS 140s
DJ1AASA HP ALLTRX ICOM IC-7800, ACOM 2000A, Antennas Optibeam OB17-4 and 80m + 160m Dipols inv V Controller microham KEYER 2R+ and Win-Test software V4.28 Please check out my page on qrz.com https://www.qrz.com/db/DJ1AA 73 Mirko
DJ2IASO HP ALLICOM 100W ... 400W Dipole, Vertical, 2-ele-Quad
DJ2QVSO HP ALLpart time entry from my little pistol station at home
DJ3GESO LP 15MTS130v + TL120 (90 Watt) to AT130 to MFB23 (11m high)
DJ3HWSA LP 40MUnfortunatly too less time. condx quite good and had a lot of fun
DJ3XASA LP ALLKX3 + KXPA, 100 Watt, Dipol
DJ4KWSO LP ALLSurprising how many DX stations copied weak signal from my stealth-antenna
DJ5ANSA HP ALLBecause family obligations only limited time available so all S&P Nice to see on 40m USA stations up to 7110 with excellent signals
DJ6OISA LP ALLJust for Fun
DJ6TKSO LP ALLGood Test again with my Wire Antenne for the low Bands and my 3 el Yagi
DJ6UPSO LP ALLFTdx 3000 3..el,Bean Dipol 100W
DJ6XBSO LP 20MSorry for not being able to spend more time for this contest!
DJ7IKSA LP ALLOnly for Logchecking
DJ7PRMSA QRP ALLQRP was fun again. Hope my CW was good enough
DK0AESA HP ALLTRX ICOM IC-7800, ACOM 2000A, Antennas Optibeam OB17-4 and 80m + 160m Dipols inv V Controller microham KEYER 2R+ and Win-Test software V4.28 Please check out my page on qrz.com www.qrz.com/db/DJ1AA 73 Mirko
DK0IUSO LP ALLRemote control of DJ4KW's station over unreliable DSL line Beam without rotor-control and 10 m GP
DK2AMSSO LP ALLFT950 100w and 2x32m wire
DK3SJSA LP ALLHad some hours - it was a pleasure. Condx only medium. vy 73 Juergen
DK3YDSO LP ALLTnx to all stns for the QSOs 73, Hans, Munich
DK4LXSO LP ALLpoor conds in central DL but fun anyway
DK5WNSA LP 160MWonderful Contest

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