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332 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1IW1FRUI2020SO LOW 40M321,5521,864279940.4 
2HI3THI2020SO LOW 40M (C)153,102905176219.3 
3IW2BZYI2020SO LOW 40M82,192850167224.1 
4E21YDPHS2020SO LOW 40M72,170456185226.5 
59W2JST9M22020SO LOW 40M65,580459194124.6 
6UA9SMUUA92020SO LOW 40M59,432329115733.8 
7HI8JSGHI2020SO LOW 40M52,038410144915.8 
8S53MRS52020SO LOW 40M47,500593156126.8 
9IV3UHLI2020SO LOW 40M42,476438166617.7 
10CO5LBCM2020SO LOW 40M41,392369173514.2 
11IU5ICRI2020SO LOW 40M40,541550125928.6 
12SP1HNSP2020SO LOW 40M37,496401176922.0 
13OA4DKNOA2020SO LOW 40M (C)35,802249183612.9 
14OD5YAOD2020SO LOW 40M (C)35,4042389446.5 
15YD2ELTYB2020SO LOW 40M33,596295215330.9 
16YD7ACDYB2020SO LOW 40M33,234285223619.0 
17OM7PYOM2020SO LOW 40M30,932345146220.4 
18DB5DYDL2020SO LOW 40M (C)27,96842695542.8 
19JS1OYNJA12020SO LOW 40M23,052195213025.1 
20CE5DSQCE2020SO LOW 40M (C)21,67719419349.5 
21DW7CAJDU2020SO LOW 40M (R)21,052349142412.4 
22LZ2PSLZ2020SO LOW 40M20,252264105119.0 
23YO8PSYO2020SO LOW 40M18,900243115229.2 
24DU1SHDU2020SO LOW 40M18,705285172621.3 
25YO5OHYYO2020SO LOW 40M (C)18,492211125510.0 
26YC2SCHYB2020SO LOW 40M17,490161203517.4 
27YG9WKBYB2020SO LOW 40M16,878134223617.4 
28CO6SRSCM2020SO LOW 40M16,502242122518.3 
29UN7LASUN2020SO LOW 40M16,172124104211.6 
30CM6RKCM2020SO LOW 40M15,732212142414.9 
31YD2DEWYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)15,675123183717.0 
32M0ACMG2020SO LOW 40M (C)15,400256104611.4 
33YU5TYT2020SO LOW 40M14,95222094712.9 
34UT8ASUR2020SO LOW 40M14,8682078519.6 
35UR5WHQUR2020SO LOW 40M13,76418595317.5 
364G1DIFDU2020SO LOW 40M (R)13,750278101519.1 
37UT3QDUR2020SO LOW 40M13,72517510515.7 
38SP5DRESP2020SO LOW 40M (C)13,67423184524.1 
39LU1VYLLU2020SO LOW 40M (R)12,711119213618.9 
40OZ2LCOZ2020SO LOW 40M (R)12,54623974422.6 
41YD0NHGYB2020SO LOW 40M12,495112153422.0 
42YD5LCZYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)12,236118163018.6 
43G1SSLG2020SO LOW 40M11,48031353617.8 
44M0YOLG2020SO LOW 40M11,21429463616.2 
45SQ8ALSP2020SO LOW 40M10,945188104521.3 
46F1IKAF2020SO LOW 40M10,73817495016.5 
47YY5AEPYV2020SO LOW 40M10,69292123211.7 
482E0VCCG2020SO LOW 40M10,60820994313.8 
49YO2MJZYO2020SO LOW 40M10,2241698409.5 
50EW1KVEU2020SO LOW 40M (C)9,64818484017.8 
51SP8IOVSP2020SO LOW 40M9,464181104610.0 
52ON5HZON2020SO LOW 40M9,0101599449.6 
53JA2PFOJA22020SO LOW 40M8,9108519267.7 
54SP9EMISP2020SO LOW 40M (C)8,55616983810.2 
55TI2VVVTI2020SO LOW 40M8,37017111199.8 
56YO8RFJYO2020SO LOW 40M8,2111278437.0 
57EW8RAUEU2020SO LOW 40M (C)7,91316963513.0 
58DK9NCXDL2020SO LOW 40M (C)7,7762414328.8 
59SP8ONBSP2020SO LOW 40M7,49714784111.8 
60YB0POGYB2020SO LOW 40M7,33969152610.4 
61OH3MMOH2020SO LOW 40M7,05016174035.8 
62SP8OVSP2020SO LOW 40M (C)7,0381358386.9 
63SQ7BTYSP2020SO LOW 40M (C)6,68814863810.8 
64EA2SSEA2020SO LOW 40M6,47710610412.8 
659W8ZZK9M62020SO LOW 40M6,4462589139.7 
669V1CD9V2020SO LOW 40M6,38412381317.5 
67DV8VMIDU2020SO LOW 40M (C)6,368106141813.3 
68YC7BNNYB2020SO LOW 40M6,32476151915.2 
69UT1AAUR2020SO LOW 40M6,30012773810.0 
70E71ZOE72020SO LOW 40M (C)6,256110103610.8 
71YD3CERYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)6,24094142514.4 
72YB5DLYB2020SO LOW 40M6,04277132510.4 
73ES8SXES2020SO LOW 40M (C)6,0201187366.4 
74YD5ACAYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)5,84593132213.1 
75YD9WFTYB2020SO LOW 40M5,80069162413.0 
76EA3EYOEA2020SO LOW 40M5,78112083913.5 
77PF6XPA2020SO LOW 40M5,7811436358.8 
78YD9XRYB2020SO LOW 40M5,7607918224.2 
79IZ3GJLI2020SO LOW 40M (C)5,5801258379.0 
80OZ6QOZ2020SO LOW 40M5,45313553612.9OZ1RE
81JF2WXSJA22020SO LOW 40M5,3714715264.8 
82RD3AJBUA-32020SO LOW 40M (C)5,33210473614.5 
83E73XE72020SO LOW 40M (C)5,2921096365.8 
84UX2HBUR2020SO LOW 40M5,243949407.3 
85YC7DDGYB2020SO LOW 40M5,208116121914.4 
86DU8CCGDU2020SO LOW 40M5,162149121715.2 
87IZ7NMDI2020SO LOW 40M5,1301147383.8  
88YD7SALYB2020SO LOW 40M5,0667214205.2 
89YC5YDDYB2020SO LOW 40M4,63657142411.9 
90OK5DOK2020SO LOW 40M4,242947355.1OK1DTP
91YC7CPZYB2020SO LOW 40M4,12883112112.3 
92SQ9CXCSP2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,952986329.9 
93TA8ADTTA2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,930496244.9 
94OK1DSTOK2020SO LOW 40M3,9001087326.0 
959W2SAN9M22020SO LOW 40M3,84010461010.0 
96YC4MWDYB2020SO LOW 40M3,80846132111.6 
97YF3CZWYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)3,62747121910.4 
98YC5DDEYB2020SO LOW 40M3,5675015269.1 
99AA4NPW42020SO LOW 40M3,5644212242.5 
100CM8CFCM2020SO LOW 40M3,5355114217.7 
332 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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