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233 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1KG6SLKH01972SO HIGH 10M933,5772,4673394  
2CR6CND21972SO HIGH 10M650,1601,7373195  
3CX8BECX1972SO HIGH 10M567,6331,8642380  
4ZS6YKZS1972SO HIGH 10M479,7601,3503090  
5CX3RPCX1972SO HIGH 10M436,6801,2302793  
6LU3FANLU1972SO HIGH 10M381,5581,1292985  
7CR7FRC91972SO HIGH 10M362,4969493395  
8K4YYLW41972SO HIGH 10M355,32086931109  
9CR7WLC91972SO HIGH 10M308,1761,0092776  
10G5BAUG1972SO HIGH 10M272,16570134111  
11YU3TVPYU1972SO HIGH 10M271,4398143089  
12DL6ENDL1972SO HIGH 10M263,2527403490  
13ZF1EPZF1972SO HIGH 10M262,8241,3172569  
14CR6IID21972SO HIGH 10M235,5187852775  
15CR6FWD21972SO HIGH 10M233,9439122858  
16UB5EDUUR1972SO HIGH 10M231,84080034104  
17ZS3CJV51972SO HIGH 10M213,3827543270  
18JH1ARJJA11972SO HIGH 10M207,7566203680  
19CR6JOD21972SO HIGH 10M207,6487412967  
20W5SBXW51972SO HIGH 10M205,5005842897  
21K6SVLW61972SO HIGH 10M193,0886302983  
22I3DABI1972SO HIGH 10M189,8786133376  
23KH6CKJKH61972SO HIGH 10M187,3418362849  
24VE1TGVE11972SO HIGH 10M181,7205872593  
25JA2IYJJA21972SO HIGH 10M181,5006323367  
26UA6LOUA-61972SO HIGH 10M174,0207453182  
27JA2CWXJA21972SO HIGH 10M173,8176672762  
28WA5JMKW51972SO HIGH 10M170,8564872898WB5AAR 
29DA1LADL1972SO HIGH 10M163,4615683073  
30RA3ACQUA-31972SO HIGH 10M162,4807713189  
31W4OZFW41972SO HIGH 10M161,8165222687  
32DL9VSDL1972SO HIGH 10M160,7964803389  
33UK51BMUR1972SO HIGH 10M156,0005603392  
34JA9AGJA91972SO HIGH 10M154,9985073475  
35G2BOZG1972SO HIGH 10M154,9404753290  
36I1NUI1972SO HIGH 10M153,6365873063  
37ZM2ACPZL1972SO HIGH 10M146,0207102446  
38W8WPCW81972SO HIGH 10M144,1444292593  
39I8YRKI1972SO HIGH 10M139,2505003293  
40WB4SJGW41972SO HIGH 10M138,6904172689  
41WA6QGWW61972SO HIGH 10M138,0004982773WA6PMK 
42WA8QIYW81972SO HIGH 10M135,0354392687  
43K4RLOW41972SO HIGH 10M131,06934929104  
44SM5CSSSM1972SO HIGH 10M130,4763743398  
45SV1GASV1972SO HIGH 10M128,1007632971  
46UA9CBOUA91972SO HIGH 10M123,7155212584  
47WB6HDGW61972SO HIGH 10M123,6403942981  
48UK6LDZUA-61972SO HIGH 10M121,0686313078  
49W5PAQW51972SO HIGH 10M120,6003562892  
50K8ULUW81972SO HIGH 10M120,3243932586  
51VE3HUMVE31972SO HIGH 10M115,8584392581VE3KZ 
52YV1OJYV1972SO HIGH 10M113,1486042142  
53PY1ZAEPY1972SO HIGH 10M109,3043642975  
54WA0TKJW01972SO HIGH 10M108,9723802682  
55K6RUW61972SO HIGH 10M106,2004182664  
56YO9CNYO1972SO HIGH 10M105,1545012771  
57GW4BLEGW1972SO HIGH 10M102,8854562471  
58UA0ABPUA01972SO HIGH 10M95,3267092156  
59UD6DER4J1972SO HIGH 10M91,3723772977  
60WA3BZA/5W51972SO HIGH 10M87,9122902682  
61W3KDDW31972SO HIGH 10M87,5003022674  
62DJ1ZUADL1972SO HIGH 10M86,5843932554  
63K1LWIW11972SO HIGH 10M83,5272912675  
64VE3BBHVE31972SO HIGH 10M81,4802802679  
65DL6HWDL1972SO HIGH 10M80,2892982574  
66JA3HZTJA31972SO HIGH 10M77,5682893269  
67RA9OCQUA91972SO HIGH 10M76,6094901964  
68YU1ODOYU1972SO HIGH 10M75,0953023283  
69DJ1ZNDL1972SO HIGH 10M74,4382862863  
70RA3MAHUA-31972SO HIGH 10M70,5513762754  
71RB5QAOUR1972SO HIGH 10M69,3845232559  
72PY3APHPY1972SO HIGH 10M69,0932952556  
73JA2GRMJA21972SO HIGH 10M67,7452973055  
74UJ8JJJEY1972SO HIGH 10M65,6604041651  
75UI8LAFUK1972SO HIGH 10M64,8123942046  
76W4TZXW41972SO HIGH 10M63,8962312573  
77PA0LOUPA1972SO HIGH 10M62,8362402765  
78SM6CWKSM1972SO HIGH 10M62,65218031107  
79WA0ETCW01972SO HIGH 10M60,5622062780  
80JE1CXOJA11972SO HIGH 10M60,3502743253  
81MP4TEEA61972SO HIGH 10M60,3362901854  
82LZ1CWLZ1972SO HIGH 10M56,0003242357  
83W7UBAW71972SO HIGH 10M51,6882572348  
84W2DJIW21972SO HIGH 10M51,2942182558  
85W6ISQW61972SO HIGH 10M51,0302222754  
86WB2MANW21972SO HIGH 10M50,3102062561  
87W4NJFW41972SO HIGH 10M50,0581722677  
88UA4QMUA-41972SO HIGH 10M48,5443231850  
89WB4PXWW41972SO HIGH 10M48,5052012465  
90WA9FZQW91972SO HIGH 10M48,2671932469  
91UA9FAJUA91972SO HIGH 10M47,6522771858  
92G3RZIG1972SO HIGH 10M47,4402272456  
93K7IDXW71972SO HIGH 10M47,4002222455  
94W8N8OW81972SO HIGH 10M47,2291892566  
95OK1AHVOKOM1972SO HIGH 10M46,6451823065  
96JA1NVBJA11972SO HIGH 10M46,2882543157  
97DJ2AADL1972SO HIGH 10M46,2331663168  
98G3XKVG1972SO HIGH 10M45,5202322456  
99W3SDVW31972SO HIGH 10M45,4961842464  
100W9MTDW91972SO HIGH 10M45,1981752469  
233 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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