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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1LU1DABLU1967SO HIGH 10M501,8281,3753490  
2YV1LAYV1967SO HIGH 10M450,0071,5603073  
3OA8VOA1967SO HIGH 10M416,9281,1013693  
4W2BXAW21967SO HIGH 10M309,84475135107  
5VK9GNP2/g1967SO HIGH 10M291,1941,0353463  
6G2BOZG1967SO HIGH 10M280,6759603277  
7VK6XXVK1967SO HIGH 10M278,8448283480  
8SM6AEKSM1967SO HIGH 10M273,5448123589  
9OZ4FAOZ1967SO HIGH 10M260,7608643472  
10SM2BHXSM1967SO HIGH 10M236,8448193573  
11W8OCTW81967SO HIGH 10M229,2336123495  
12WA2UJMW21967SO HIGH 10M213,0705613496  
13K1IMPW11967SO HIGH 10M205,6255643392  
14K4VYNW41967SO HIGH 10M199,5505243595  
15W3TLNW31967SO HIGH 10M190,9205473585  
16CR6DXD21967SO HIGH 10M190,8726592970  
17JA3EGEJA31967SO HIGH 10M190,0087453255  
18JA1MHVJA11967SO HIGH 10M187,2567133257  
19CX2CNCX1967SO HIGH 10M186,0956932863  
20W9DUBW91967SO HIGH 10M177,4805153382  
21DL4HJDL1967SO HIGH 10M177,0026443262  
22YV1FVYV1967SO HIGH 10M174,4928002351  
23WA5BFBW51967SO HIGH 10M166,6684543495  
24OH2BZOH1967SO HIGH 10M164,8005923169  
25W8UMW81967SO HIGH 10M164,4884873284  
26K6ERVW61967SO HIGH 10M158,0024493385  
27SM0AJUSM1967SO HIGH 10M156,2944763480  
28DJ8IFDL1967SO HIGH 10M153,2446393259  
29ZD7DIZD71967SO HIGH 10M151,3355502867  
30SM7BKHSM1967SO HIGH 10M147,8404593674  
31UF6ACR4L1967SO HIGH 10M147,0335893063  
32JA5BJCJA51967SO HIGH 10M143,2255743352  
337X0AH7X1967SO HIGH 10M141,0244413182  
34EP2GIEP1967SO HIGH 10M140,1924643074  
35HG2KRDHA1967SO HIGH 10M139,7285923052  
36OH2BADOH1967SO HIGH 10M138,9475163370  
37ZS5UWZS1967SO HIGH 10M138,7565073063  
38K8WIJW81967SO HIGH 10M133,8404143280  
39W9LKIW91967SO HIGH 10M130,9804043279  
40DL4FSDL1967SO HIGH 10M127,6885303157  
41ON4XGON1967SO HIGH 10M124,9564913059  
42KH6BZFKH61967SO HIGH 10M122,4727622232  
43JA6QTJA61967SO HIGH 10M122,4605332751  
44K4HXFW41967SO HIGH 10M120,0423653381  
45JA3DGCJA31967SO HIGH 10M116,1305012950  
46W7AZGW71967SO HIGH 10M115,0203703276  
47K1LWIW11967SO HIGH 10M114,3303523081  
48K9ECEW91967SO HIGH 10M114,2903613179  
49W5IOUW51967SO HIGH 10M114,1213383386  
50HL9TSHL1967SO HIGH 10M111,8605882743  
513C3DIBVE31967SO HIGH 10M108,5764242868  
52UA1KBBUA-11967SO HIGH 10M108,1585003349  
53G3KMAG1967SO HIGH 10M107,6954482956  
54W9HHAW91967SO HIGH 10M105,6213512980  
55W6YAWW61967SO HIGH 10M102,1203273180  
564X4HF4X1967SO HIGH 10M101,2354032659  
57W9GILW91967SO HIGH 10M100,9164103384  
58W0LBBW01967SO HIGH 10M100,8373353176  
59W4EEUW41967SO HIGH 10M100,2172903287  
605Z4KL5Z1967SO HIGH 10M98,2561893062  
61UV9PPUA91967SO HIGH 10M97,1525802053  
62WA8RSLW81967SO HIGH 10M95,1883123274  
63W3ZPOW31967SO HIGH 10M94,7103283278  
64JA8CKCJA81967SO HIGH 10M93,5134402944  
65JH1AJTJA11967SO HIGH 10M92,7324282548  
66WA0GCPW01967SO HIGH 10M90,7923203061  
67K9QFRW91967SO HIGH 10M90,0423752762  
68KA2DJJA21967SO HIGH 10M87,5614402643  
69K4QWXW41967SO HIGH 10M86,2002973268  
70K1NWGW11967SO HIGH 10M86,1123212963  
71W4HUEW41967SO HIGH 10M85,8842903270  
72ZL1HWZL1967SO HIGH 10M84,9554482540  
73W5TKBW51967SO HIGH 10M84,1322713177  
74W5IINW51967SO HIGH 10M83,9522973069  
75W0BDDW01967SO HIGH 10M83,5943033068  
76OZ3YOZ1967SO HIGH 10M82,4162923665  
77W4BAIW41967SO HIGH 10M80,2002773070  
78PA0XKBPA1967SO HIGH 10M80,1093532952  
79K7PXIW71967SO HIGH 10M77,4502733064  
80JA1JUQJA11967SO HIGH 10M76,5445061933  
81SM4ARQSM1967SO HIGH 10M75,4602353377  
82W9QEEW91967SO HIGH 10M75,3483022651  
83W2DKMW21967SO HIGH 10M74,7222822964  
84WB2VAEW21967SO HIGH 10M73,2842713063  
85OZ7BGOZ1967SO HIGH 10M72,9123002955  
864X4CJ4X1967SO HIGH 10M72,7562992858  
87DJ4PUDL1967SO HIGH 10M71,1023333043  
88SM5RKSM1967SO HIGH 10M70,3204922028  
89JA6YCUJA61967SO HIGH 10M69,9523792539  
90WA6GLDW61967SO HIGH 10M69,4652123182  
91HB9IXHB1967SO HIGH 10M69,1804022337  
92ZC4CNZC41967SO HIGH 10M68,0603282854  
93K0GVGW01967SO HIGH 10M66,9282503064  
94K1KNQW11967SO HIGH 10M65,7042662660  
95G3ESFG1967SO HIGH 10M63,1443162943  
96WA8PJZW81967SO HIGH 10M62,3182442858  
97WA0OTEW01967SO HIGH 10M61,9462333064  
98KR6TABKR61967SO HIGH 10M61,4463372948  
99UA6NFUA-61967SO HIGH 10M60,9073782750  
100DL6HWDL1967SO HIGH 10M60,8643302341  
228 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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