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230 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
15A1TW5A1963SO HIGH ALL662,54689168189N2AA 
2ZD7BWZD71963SO HIGH ALL598,6471,03466137  
35N2JKO5N1963SO HIGH ALL543,41576369182  
4CX3BHCX1963SO HIGH ALL446,55882966125  
54X4AS4X1963SO HIGH ALL402,39160358175  
6K2HLBW21963SO HIGH ALL324,35245879177  
7I1BAFI1963SO HIGH ALL310,12861566147  
8ZE1JEZ21963SO HIGH ALL295,09555762129  
9WA2SFPW21963SO HIGH ALL289,83544275170  
10JA1BRKJA11963SO HIGH ALL273,58152267120  
11PA0HBOPA1963SO HIGH ALL269,64060259151  
12HB9ZYHB1963SO HIGH ALL258,42049165154  
13KP4AOOKP41963SO HIGH ALL256,3849245177  
14YV5BIGYV1963SO HIGH ALL240,3525725187  
15VQ2WZ9J1963SO HIGH ALL226,22738659160  
16HK4EBHK1963SO HIGH ALL220,9815735087  
17UB5UNUR1963SO HIGH ALL209,30451859145  
18SM3BIZSM1963SO HIGH ALL207,70251850148  
19VK3ATNVK1963SO HIGH ALL204,8004686298  
20W4BVVW41963SO HIGH ALL202,30637084167  
21JA1FSLJA11963SO HIGH ALL200,3045005589  
22F7BKF1963SO HIGH ALL196,47452248145  
23DL5CFDL1963SO HIGH ALL182,57840961132  
24W3ZKHW31963SO HIGH ALL181,74632467140  
25HC5EJHC1963SO HIGH ALL169,7285853561  
266O1WFT51963SO HIGH ALL164,04939745104  
27W5FAS/KH6KH61963SO HIGH ALL152,9854235487  
28G8FCG1963SO HIGH ALL150,7814594586  
29KH6FAHKH61963SO HIGH ALL146,5745094062  
30XE1ZEXE1963SO HIGH ALL146,2786364267  
31PA0WQPA1963SO HIGH ALL145,34039851121  
32LA5HELA1963SO HIGH ALL140,61629555134  
33SL6BHSM1963SO HIGH ALL131,40839155117  
34DL3DWDL1963SO HIGH ALL130,13927961120  
35DJ2QZDL1963SO HIGH ALL127,03834066120  
36PJ5MCPJ71963SO HIGH ALL125,9527373448  
37G5ZTG1963SO HIGH ALL121,34242346123  
38DL9OHDL1963SO HIGH ALL116,1843025551  
39WA6SBOW61963SO HIGH ALL111,31523267114  
40K5MDXW51963SO HIGH ALL106,75222466126  
41HB9MOHB1963SO HIGH ALL104,16028751117  
42W1JFGW11963SO HIGH ALL101,5982963187  
43DL7HUDL1963SO HIGH ALL100,25725753128  
44OK3CDROKOM1963SO HIGH ALL95,41832949113  
45VP7CCC61963SO HIGH ALL93,6155503049  
46G6RJG1963SO HIGH ALL93,1703154466  
47VP3HAG8R1963SO HIGH ALL90,7504222847  
48SP5XMSP1963SO HIGH ALL90,01333848119  
49VK6RUVK1963SO HIGH ALL87,4442514185  
50F7CPF1963SO HIGH ALL82,7972734796  
51EA7IDEA1963SO HIGH ALL80,85524854103  
52W6RCDW61963SO HIGH ALL79,9131956097  
53VQ2EZ9J1963SO HIGH ALL77,2202314486  
54WA2IEKW21963SO HIGH ALL76,88019251104  
55CT1KFCT1963SO HIGH ALL74,6553233798  
56HI3MMNHI1963SO HIGH ALL72,6804352851  
57EA4GREA1963SO HIGH ALL70,7943233579  
58K8JWCW81963SO HIGH ALL69,4121874292  
59DL7ENDL1963SO HIGH ALL69,38421149119  
60DJ1QPDL1963SO HIGH ALL68,01619147109  
61W6LCXW61963SO HIGH ALL67,6781825087  
62W3OCUW31963SO HIGH ALL66,6721804896  
63OH5TMOH1963SO HIGH ALL66,1102843278  
64F2SIF1963SO HIGH ALL60,4802683075  
65K6SENW61963SO HIGH ALL60,0161984873  
66GM3BCLGM1963SO HIGH ALL59,9832654192  
67W3ZAOW31963SO HIGH ALL58,4371603891  
68G3NFVG1963SO HIGH ALL56,0252493996  
69OZ4RTOZ1963SO HIGH ALL54,8252223990  
70ZB1BX9H1963SO HIGH ALL53,46027232103  
71DL7DFDL1963SO HIGH ALL52,59719739110  
72W8BQHW81963SO HIGH ALL51,8311683879  
73DJ6QTDL1963SO HIGH ALL50,31522235110  
74W4OPMW41963SO HIGH ALL48,9061543876  
75W4NJFW41963SO HIGH ALL48,8881434284  
76W4ZYSW41963SO HIGH ALL48,5551513483  
77W7ACDW71963SO HIGH ALL48,3871514973  
785B4JF5B1963SO HIGH ALL46,4101882065  
79F3PKF1963SO HIGH ALL45,1532092958  
80DJ5VQDL1963SO HIGH ALL43,9241824099  
81K3TPLW31963SO HIGH ALL43,8001253783  
82DL8BSDL1963SO HIGH ALL42,7141913578  
83UA0EHUA01963SO HIGH ALL40,8242313447  
84ZK1ARE5/s1963SO HIGH ALL39,3381823851  
85VE3PVVE31963SO HIGH ALL38,3161743162  
86PY7GVPY1963SO HIGH ALL38,3151433087  
87YU3OVYU1963SO HIGH ALL37,4182143076  
88HB9JHB1963SO HIGH ALL37,0621902645  
89WA6GFYW61963SO HIGH ALL37,0261403564  
90W4EEUW41963SO HIGH ALL36,8221303072  
91W6GRXW61963SO HIGH ALL35,8281263967  
92HA9OZHA1963SO HIGH ALL34,9982043777  
93K3BNSW31963SO HIGH ALL34,8001273070  
94W8RXYW81963SO HIGH ALL34,4041303262  
95VK4TYVK1963SO HIGH ALL34,3101553163  
96CO8RACM1963SO HIGH ALL32,2241903046  
97W4LSGW41963SO HIGH ALL31,8241243965  
98PY1NBFPY1963SO HIGH ALL30,7831683459  
994S7IW4S1963SO HIGH ALL30,7801432862  
100KP4BJDKP41963SO HIGH ALL28,5672521934  
230 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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