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989 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
701JA0CLBJA02013SO LOW ALL5,9865819225.2 
702JA0RCKJA02009SO LOW ALL5,9743724341.6 
703JA0OVGJA01992SO LOW ALL5,940372535 
704JE0VFVJA02000SO LOW ALL5,936562429 
705JH0IKQJA01993SO LOW 15M5,9161392137 
706JH0ILLJA02016SO LOW 40M (C)5,8965619255.1 
707JA0GEYJA02008SO HIGH 20M5,734531730 
708JL1ILP/0JA01984SO HIGH ALL5,733901110 
709JA0FVUJA01996SO LOW ALL5,733512029 
710JR0GXAJA02020SO LOW ALL5,5595025265.2 
711JA0CLBJA02012SO LOW 15M5,5446514193.1 
712JA0CLBJA02019SO HIGH ALL5,4904822232.9 
713JA0GEYJA01998SO LOW 10M5,412521625 
714JA0AVSJA02009SO LOW ALL5,4055019282.1 
715JA0QWOJA02002SO HIGH ALL5,400482223 
716JA0UMVJA01989SO HIGH 40M5,373691215 
717JH0MJYJA02023SO HIGH ALL5,3324412313.0 
718JA0FVUJA02012SA HIGH 80M5,32056162425.1 
719JH0HONJA01998SO LOW 20M5,226481029 
720JA0RCKJA01997SO HIGH 20M5,148441628 
721JA0FMBJA01974SO HIGH ALL5,120561723  
722JA0RCKJA02003SO LOW ALL5,050351733 
723JA0GEYJA02009SO HIGH 20M5,031511326 
724JA0TVAJA01978SO HIGH ALL4,960591516 
725JA0CJKJA01994SO LOW 15M4,940541424 
726JA0FVUJA02014SA HIGH 10M4,9285414183.1 
727JA0EVIJA02015SO HIGH ALL4,9143923316.0 
728JH0EQNJA01977SO HIGH 10M4,830591218 
729JH0CCKJA02006SO LOW ALL4,8164224326.6 
730JG0FQNJA01992SO LOW 15M4,773551720 
731JR0GFMJA01996SO LOW 10M4,712621325 
732JA0RCKJA02015SO LOW ALL4,7003420301.5 
733JI0BRBJA01997SO LOW ALL4,600411921 
734JA0JWQJA02015SA HIGH 10M4,5604211297.9 
735JA0CJKJA01991SO LOW 15M4,556621519 
736JA0RCKJA02013SO LOW ALL4,5083614321.5  
737JA0AVSJA02016SO HIGH ALL4,5004523272.4 
738JA0UHJA02007SO HIGH 10M4,4226613202.4 
739JH0OTMJA01986SO HIGH 10M4,420461519 
740JA0RCKJA02021SO LOW ALL4,3993321322.6 
741JA0BZYJA02022SO LOW ALL4,3003819243.6 
742JI0WVQJA02023SA LOW ALL4,2783722242.8 
743JE0IURJA01988SO HIGH ALL4,277371928 
744JE0VFVJA01999SO LOW ALL4,266392028 
745JA0GEYJA02007SO LOW 20M4,264521823 
746JA0AAQJA02005SO LOW ALL4,233452130 
747JA0RCKJA02001SO LOW 15M4,230341332 
748JA0TVAJA01979SO HIGH 10M4,214341726 
749JA0WPLJA01976SO HIGH 15M4,186581115 
750JA0LNSJA02017SO HIGH ALL4,1413515264.6  
751JG0IPWJA02000SO LOW ALL4,092372024 
752JA0GZJA01979SO HIGH 20M4,070441918 
753JA0VHKJA01978SO HIGH 20M3,996471621 
754JA0IOFJA02013SO HIGH 10M3,9255712132.8 
755JA0FMBJA01971SO HIGH 15M3,920411624  
756JA0ACJA01965SO HIGH ALL3,900342131  
757JA0SCJA01970SO HIGH 15M3,894421518  
758JA0RCKJA02010SO LOW ALL3,8403315331.4 
759JA5QJX/0JA02018SA LOW 40M3,8085813198.5JA5QJX
760JG0GGIJA02017SO LOW ALL3,7834416236.1 
761JA0NFPJA02020SO LOW ALL3,7803721214.2 
762JH0BLIJA01985SO HIGH 15M3,776421121 
763JH0ALBJA01983SO HIGH 10M3,663381621 
764JA0BZYJA02021SO HIGH ALL3,5703718244.1 
765JH0JOYJA01983SO HIGH 10M3,528401620 
766JH0FGMJA01978SO HIGH 15M3,5287099 
767JR0WZRJA02013SO HIGH ALL3,5202818262.3 
768JA0AVSJA02006SO LOW ALL3,5203720202.9 
769JH0SGGJA01994SO LOW 15M3,496321424 
770JA0CYOJA01969SO HIGH 15M3,456501014  
771JA0RCKJA02020SO LOW ALL3,4563018302.2 
772JR0BNFJA02018SO LOW ALL3,43137212610.0 
773JA0AVSJA02020SO HIGH ALL3,4244314182.4 
774JH0NBNJA02007SO LOW 10M3,4226211182.4 
775JA0GEYJA02003SO LOW 10M3,388571522 
776JJ0VXNJA02023SO LOW ALL (R)3,3823916226.0 
777JA0CLBJA02023SO HIGH ALL3,3663716182.9 
778JJ0ACAJA02019SO LOW ALL (C)3,3624216252.2 
779JA0BPYJA02001SO LOW ALL3,290332324 
780JA0PZJJA01973SO HIGH 15M3,250471213  
781JA0RCKJA02006SO LOW 15M3,2433116311.5 
782JR0PJRJA02004SO HIGH 40M3,220321828 
783JA0GCIJA02017SA HIGH 10M3,1984514277.8 
784JJ0PJDJA02023SO LOW 10M3,1963414204.5 
785JR0AENJA01983SO HIGH ALL3,168381617 
786JA0ENGJA01968SO HIGH 10M3,162371420  
787JH0INPJA02011SO HIGH ALL3,097579100.9 
788JA0IXWJA02017SO HIGH ALL3,0363214191.7  
789JA0GCYJA02016SA HIGH 15M3,0024214243.4 
790JA0ACJA01963SO HIGH 20M3,002331523  
791JH0DNXJA01992SO LOW 40M3,000451317 
792JR0DZHJA02016SO LOW ALL (C)2,9523217192.6 
793JH0CCKJA02007SO LOW ALL2,9483919251.9 
794JA0AVSJA02017SO HIGH ALL2,9163717193.7 
795JA0AWJA01992SO LOW 20M2,870301619 
796JA0NCGJA01973SO HIGH 15M2,816451111  
797JR0CGJJA01988SO HIGH 15M2,772341716 
798JA0HYUJA01990SO HIGH 15M2,730301520 
799JA0GZJA01978SO HIGH 20M2,666341516 
800JA0UMVJA01983SO HIGH 15M2,618301420 
989 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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