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7933 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7801PU2FDDPY2019SO LOW 10M (C)3017331.7 
7802KD2JQGW22017SO LOW 10M (R)303230.4 
7803PY3CELPY2016SO LOW 10M303330.7 
7804KF5RQZW52012SO LOW 10M286430.2 
7805PU2TRXPY2019SO LOW 10M (C)2711451.0  
7806SP5BUJSP2010SO LOW 10M27312 
7807JP1IXVJA11997SO LOW 10M261067 
7808SP2UKMSP2015SO LOW 10M253230.4 
78099W2AHU9M22013SO LOW 10M25323 
7810IK6IHUI2023SO LOW 10M242220.1 
7811JH9RSCJA92023SO LOW 10M242220.1 
7812KD7GHZW72023SO LOW 10M242220.1 
7813N3YQGW32023SO LOW 10M (C)242220.1 
7814PU2WJMPY2021SO LOW 10M248441.5 
7815W5TJSW52021SO LOW 10M242220.1 
7816LW9ENFLU2018SO LOW 10M (R)244221.0 
7817RW4MUA-42016SO LOW 10M (C)242220.7 
7818F8BXIF2015SO LOW 10M24222 
7819KF7WWPW72015SO LOW 10M242220.4 
7820SP9PKESP2014SO LOW 10M24222SQ9PPU
7821SQ9PPUSP2014SO LOW 10M24222 
7822AG0TW02012SO LOW 10M244440.3 
7823IW3SRCI2012SO LOW 10M242220.3 
7824JA1ANFJA12012SO LOW 10M244440.2 
7825WW4JDOW42012SO LOW 10M242220.1 
7826JA5ND/3JA32007SO LOW 10M24222 
7827SM5ARRSM2003SO LOW 10M24222 
7828EC5CQLEA2001SO LOW 10M24411 
7829AF4TQW42022SO LOW 10M214340.5 
7830CD6YUSCE2022SO LOW 10M215430.8 
7831JE8IASJA82022SO LOW 10M203220.1 
7832KC9BKSW92021SO LOW 10M202220.2 
7833N3RCW62018SO LOW 10M202220.1 
7834JH9FCPJA92016SO LOW 10M203220.6 
7835PU5OBSPY2013SO LOW 10M205221.5 
7836UA9XBJUA-92013SO LOW 10M205220.2 
7837YL2GUVYL2008SO LOW 10M2010460.3 
7838LU2VYLLU2023SO LOW 10M (R)189111.4 
7839TI3IESTI2021SO LOW 10M (C)182120.1 
7840N8TFDW82020SO LOW 10M183110.1 
7841UN7GNUN2016SO LOW 10M183330.2 
7842KE5TQAW52008SO LOW 10M185120.3 
7843RG3GUA-32023SO LOW 10M164441.6  
7844PY2MIAPY2021SO LOW 10M16222 
7845DL9MFYDL2020SO LOW 10M (C)166131.0 
7846JL2OGZ/2JA22019SO LOW 10M (C)162220.1 
7847PU2NKCPY2019SO LOW 10M1647121710.9 
7848K3MAF/4W42012SO LOW 10M164440.3 
7849UA4HIPUA-42012SO LOW 10M162220.2 
7850PU1WMSPY2008SO LOW 10M165220.1 
7851N6YOVW61991SO LOW 10M16522 
7852PU3EBJPY2022SO LOW 10M1517873.4  
7853W5CJMW52021SO LOW 10M158782.1 
7854JN3CSFJA32011SO LOW 10M15323 
7855WB2BWUW21998SO LOW 10M141477 
7856JA9XATJA92023SO LOW 10M124120.3 
7857N1GAYW62023SO LOW 10M122110.1 
7858LU4DPLLU2022SO LOW 10M12211  
7859KG6HMCW72021SO LOW 10M124220.2 
7860PU2KLDPY2021SO LOW 10M (C)123330.1 
7861PU2MEAPY2020SO LOW 10M1113651.8 
7862N5QWQW51991SO LOW 10M101532 
7863OH3BCXOH2019SO LOW 10M (C)93120.1OH1ZAA
7864PU2PNBPY2019SO LOW 10M914455.7 
7865PU1WTMPY2015SO LOW 10M93210.4 
7866CD3EMCCE2023SO LOW 10M (C)86443.0 
7867UR5WKMUR2023SO LOW 10M (R)82110.2 
7868DO2MZDL2022SO LOW 10M (R)82220.1 
7869AC5QLW82023SO LOW 10M64330.9 
7870BG8PCBY2023SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7871BG9DAWBY2023SO LOW 10M (C)61110.1 
7872IK7LJZI2023SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7873N0DLW02023SO LOW 10M (C)61110.1 
7874RA5BMUA-32023SO LOW 10M61110.1  
7875EI8IOBEI2022SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7876KF4NQNW42022SO LOW 10M (C)61110.1 
7877N7GWKW72022SO LOW 10M61110.3 
7878NE7ETW72022SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7879WP4LFSKP42022SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7880BG8PMBY2021SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7881JG2VSFJA22021SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7882JP1PEAJA12021SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7883XE1MXXE2020SO LOW 10M61110.1 
7884BH8NRLBY2019SO LOW 10M61110.2 
7885EA4HFFEA2019SO LOW 10M (R)61110.1 
7886IZ3QOII2019SO LOW 10M (C)61110.1 
7887WZ6ZZW62018SO LOW 10M6111 
7888KC1FTJW12016SO LOW 10M (R)6111  
7889N6RBWW62015SO LOW 10M6111 
7890OK2TDIOK2015SO LOW 10M6111 
7891VK2PVVK2015SO LOW 10M6111 
7892JA1WTOJA12014SO LOW 10M6111 
7893JO1JKHJA12014SO LOW 10M6111 
7894RW4MUA-42014SO LOW 10M6111 
7895EA5TDEA2013SO LOW 10M6111 
7896KF7WWPW72013SO LOW 10M (R)6111 
7897RA3SSUA-32013SO LOW 10M6111 
7898A45XOA42012SO LOW 10M61110.2 
7899JA3RAZJA32012SO LOW 10M61110.2 
7900JE2VYMJA22012SO LOW 10M61110.2 
7933 results found
  Page 79 of 80  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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