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7933 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7101JA1FFBJA12019SO LOW 10M68623684.0 
7102JR2TRCJA22019SO LOW 10M68617683.1JR1TRC
7103PU1TWFPY2020SO LOW 10M (C)68447665.0 
7104K2HVEW22022SO LOW 10M (C)682216161.3 
7105UR4MUKUR2012SO LOW 10M682307151.7 
7106OH1WROH1999SO LOW 10M68213913 
7107SP3AYASP2014SO LOW 10M (C)68016890.5 
7108PS8NFPY1997SO LOW 10M6804498 
7109OE5FDMOE2021SO LOW 10M (C)67525690.9 
7110K1MAZW12012SO LOW 10M675175100.5 
7111JH1TUXJA11999SO LOW 10M675271215 
7112EI6GMBEI2023SO LOW 10M (C)672209121.2 
7113JA0IOFJA02007SO LOW 10M666257111.4 
7114K2HVEW22013SO LOW 10M665147123.5 
7115LU9DKULU2022SO LOW 10M66332985.8 
7116JO1JKHJA12015SO LOW 10M660139111.9 
7117JN2QYNJA21999SO LOW 10M6471697 
7118TA1AWGTA12023SO LOW 10M646285142.4 
7119JE6IBJJA61995SO LOW 10M6461798 
7120JH1GLJJA12016SO LOW 10M64515693.1 
7121XE1MSKXE2023SO LOW 10M (R)64015880.8 
7122US0VAUR2021SO LOW 10M (C)64018791.5 
7123PU2YBWPY2021SO LOW 10M (C)638219131.1 
7124HR4/N3SYHR2006SO LOW 10M63848562.0 
7125JA1AATJA11992SO LOW 10M6382065 
7126JA1SKEJA12009SO LOW 10M63018770.9 
7127JA1IWPJA12007SO LOW 10M630307111.0 
7128OE8KDK/1OE2005SO LOW 10M63022714 
7129UA3LBEUA-31997SO LOW 10M63041513 
7130PA3EKMPA2021SO LOW 10M62918891.4 
7131PY2CTAPY2014SO LOW 10M627159102.4 
7132PU2VTCPY2020SO LOW 10M62433754.9 
7133BD6IFBY2012SO LOW 10M624416101.5 
7134PU2NDYPY2011SO LOW 10M624226100.8 
7135TA7AOTA2011SO LOW 10M621198150.7 
7136OY1AOY2004SO LOW 10M62031614 
7137PY2DVDPY1999SO LOW 10M616541117 
71389W6DVY9M62020SO LOW 10M615215104.5 
7139WX2IW22013SO LOW 10M (C)612137112.1 
7140WB9BSH/4W42003SO LOW 10M61215810 
7141FB1OMNF1994SO LOW 10M61220611 
7142PY2EPCPY1999SO LOW 10M608651121 
7143K2KKHW72023SO LOW 10M6001513121.8 
7144IK7RWEI2022SO LOW 10M6001210102.0 
71459W2OPB9M22017SO LOW 10M60064462.0 
7146KN6OT/1W12004SO LOW 10M59816310 
7147SP9PTGSP1999SO LOW 10M598281013SQ9IAJ
71484L4GB4L2022SO LOW 10M594249184.3 
7149KW4LUW42016SO LOW 10M594168102.3 
7150KA3CXGW31991SO LOW 10M59415810 
7151JF2WXSJA22016SO LOW 10M5921761014.8 
7152KC8IMBW82007SO LOW 10M592165110.5 
71537N1BHOJA12003SO LOW 10M59215610 
7154PY2LEUPY2000SO LOW 10M5882059 
7155YB2YENYB2022SO LOW 10M (C)5801310104.3 
7156PU7ASPPY2019SO LOW 10M (C)580218125.6 
7157MU0FALGU2010SO LOW 10M580217131.8 
7158JA7MADJA71993SO LOW 10M58016812 
7159N2YCDW21994SO LOW 10M57815512 
7160JI1HFJJA12008SO LOW 10M576205110.7 
7161LY3NQNLY1998SO LOW 10M57631618 
7162BG7GREBY2021SO LOW 10M (Y)5752613129.0 
7163K6ZCLW62000SO LOW 10M5721567 
7164YO5BLAYO2012SO LOW 10M570139100.4  
7165JA1AATJA11995SO LOW 10M5701487 
7166N0DGC/7W72012SO LOW 10M561147100.9  
7167AB1JW12010SO LOW 10M56121470.7 
7168PY2OPPY2004SO LOW 10M56015812 
7169DF5WNDL1996SO LOW 10M56018812 
7170JA9XATJA91991SO LOW 10M5601588 
7171DL0XXDL2015SO LOW 10M558148100.4DJ2YE
7172BH4SCFBY2011SO LOW 10M558178100.9 
7173JH1PXYJA12000SO LOW 10M5551378 
7174PY2GDSPY2016SO LOW 10M5522710135.8 
7175KB0SDBW01995SO LOW 10M5522335 
7176KB0KQIW02022SO LOW 10M551149102.8 
7177CT1FUHCT2008SO LOW 10M551246130.7 
7178JE0LNSJA02001SO LOW 10M54616912 
7179OK6DOK2015SO LOW 10M544186102.2 
7180PU1SSHPY2020SO LOW 10M54023695.6 
7181KK4AIAW42011SO LOW 10M540128100.2 
7182JR1UMOJA12001SO LOW 10M54010810 
7183PR7QIPY1999SO LOW 10M540602034 
7184JG8TDZJA82020SO LOW 10M53917562.7 
7185N3TKGW32022SO LOW 10M532137120.7 
7186KD8RJTW82015SO LOW 10M (C)532119102.1 
7187IK2LQTI2022SO LOW 10M (C)52811880.7 
7188JG1GCOJA12003SO LOW 10M52817812 
7189PY3CALPY2002SO LOW 10M528361212 
7190N4NZW52023SO LOW 10M527134130.6 
7191AE5ASW52022SO LOW 10M52713891.8 
71927K1BIB/1JA12022SO LOW 10M (C)52519693.1 
7193JP1IXVJA12007SO LOW 10M52520690.8 
7194UA3DLDUA-32016SO LOW 10M (C)522285132.5  
7195MM0SVKGM2011SO LOW 10M52230331.0 
71967K2PBBJA11992SO LOW 10M52013812 
7197XE2HWBXE2010SO LOW 10M51652912 
7198EA5YJEA1997SO LOW 10M51322514 
7199DB9RZDL2021SO LOW 10M51015782.3 
7200IH9YMCIG92005SO LOW 10M51015510 
7933 results found
  Page 72 of 80  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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