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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7001KE8PW82013SO LOW 10M (C)861186151.3 
7002N1OCSW11993SO LOW 10M86124912 
7003PU5AOFPY2021SO LOW 10M (C)855318116.7 
7004IK2AITI2022SO LOW 10M851229143.9 
7005YO9IGQYO2011SO LOW 10M848276101.3 
7006DM1RFDL2023SO LOW 10M (R)840228121.3 
7007XE1TDXE2010SO LOW 10M84021680.8XE1GRR
7008KC4YVAW41998SO LOW 10M84018912 
70099W2TS9M22013SO LOW 10M836269133.4 
7010UT1YVUR1997SO LOW 10M83631616 
7011N1MIDW22022SO LOW 10M83223580.9 
7012PU2NBIPY2019SO LOW 10M8324512148.2 
70137N2UQCJA12018SO LOW 10M (C)83223885.4 
7014IK4VFBI2017SO LOW 10M832226101.7 
7015EA5DITEA2014SO LOW 10M8322010160.8 
7016PD1AKPA2022SO LOW 10M8281411120.7 
7017UT1EJUR2002SO LOW 10M82822617 
7018IZ4AKOI2014SO LOW 10M8191310110.9 
7019PY2SOMPY1999SO LOW 10M81721109 
7020SP9KZSP1993SO LOW 10M81728523 
7021CD7OFZCE2022SO LOW 10M81622883.3 
7022PU2YVAPY2021SO LOW 10M81234121710.0 
7023JA6AVTJA62008SO LOW 10M810246120.9 
7024JJGVXY/9JA91998SO LOW 10M81018711 
7025EA2DSGEA2023SO LOW 10M (C)805358156.2 
7026XQ1TUWCE2015SO LOW 10M (C)80041792.4 
7027DU4JTDU2014SO LOW 10M800289114.7 
7028EA6GPEA61998SO LOW 10M80040610 
7029KJ4KB/1W11991SO LOW 10M800151213 
7030SP4CGJSP2019SO LOW 10M (C)798226132.7 
7031N6BHXW62014SO LOW 10M7981810113.6 
7032KK4MNDW42013SO LOW 10M (R)798197121.5 
7033N4NRN/1W12012SO LOW 10M798179121.1 
7034DO9ABCDL2023SO LOW 10M792297173.0 
7035F6APIF2022SO LOW 10M792288142.6 
7036RW3VAUA-32016SO LOW 10M (C)792305191.7 
7037F1EOYF2012SO LOW 10M79217991.1 
7038KB4NPIW41996SO LOW 10M79217513 
7039AE1PW12010SO LOW 10M78423770.7 
7040YO8TRSYO2002SO LOW 10M78218815 
7041PY2MCSPY2023SO LOW 10M780336143.6 
7042DG1BQCDL2022SO LOW 10M780178123.2 
7043KA7TW72020SO LOW 10M78027783.8 
7044JG1NCLJA12014SO LOW 10M780159115.0 
7045OK2QXOK2009SO LOW 10M780315151.0 
7046PU2MCYPY2022SO LOW 10M (C)777219122.2 
7047LU1VAPLU2023SO LOW 10M (C)774436124.1 
7048LU7AOWLU2022SO LOW 10M (C)77434997.3 
7049KG4TTTW42016SO LOW 10M774205132.7 
7050PU5CLOPY2022SO LOW 10M76829885.2 
7051YO4FZXYO2021SO LOW 10M76818792.1 
7052F5OTZF2009SO LOW 10M768278160.8 
7053JM2LEIJA22019SO LOW 10M76521692.7 
7054PU2VBKPY2023SO LOW 10M (R)7603210102.6 
7055RM7MUA-62013SO LOW 10M760405151.8 
7056JG2CNS/3JA32011SO LOW 10M760168120.3 
7057N0IBTW02012SO LOW 10M7591610130.6 
7058ES8BHRES2020SO LOW 10M756404142.3 
7059K3MAF/4W42010SO LOW 10M75620591.1 
7060PU2OIGPY2021SO LOW 10M75236974.5 
7061YO9FJWYO1999SO LOW 10M7521788 
7062IU5RCTI2023SO LOW 10M (R)7502811144.0 
7063PU2PZEPY2018SO LOW 10M7481710123.1 
7064LU8DCFLU2016SO LOW 10M (R)7483610125.9  
7065OH7LFVOH1991SO LOW 10M7481989 
7066EA1IVPEA2016SO LOW 10M741177123.3 
7067W2VUW22021SO LOW 10M (C)738157110.6 
7068JO1JKHJA12013SO LOW 10M73815991.7 
7069N1WRKW12018SO LOW 10M736165111.7 
7070HP1RATHP2010SO LOW 10M73518781.0 
7071KI5ZNSW52023SO LOW 10M (Y)7262211112.8 
7072YO2CMIYO2019SO LOW 10M726238146.2 
7073PU2KULPY2018SO LOW 10M7264710128.1 
7074LU6EBFLU2014SO LOW 10M7263611115.9 
7075F4BRVF2017SO LOW 10M725189162.2 
7076YU7OPQYT2020SO LOW 10M722423169.2YT7DS
7077W1DYJW11999SO LOW 10M72216910 
70787K2PBBJA11998SO LOW 10M72216712 
7079JF9QYVJA92023SO LOW 10M720147131.4 
7080PU2GLUPY2020SO LOW 10M (C)72049875.6 
7081JD1BIAJD/o2015SO LOW 10M7201410101.6 
7082PU2VGUPY2015SO LOW 10M720177132.4 
7083SM0DZHSM1998SO LOW 10M72020612 
7084YB7SKMYB2022SO LOW 10M71420983.5 
7085KB8MXEW82021SO LOW 10M (C)714224102.1 
7086VP8ONVP82012SO LOW 10M71416980.4 
7087W5YDW51994SO LOW 10M7141868KC5AUG
7088NH7PEKH62006SO LOW 10M7061968 
7089F5RKGF2023SO LOW 10M70519691.4 
7090DL1SBFDL2021SO LOW 10M705205101.3 
7091JH2MYNJA22008SO LOW 10M705205100.6 
7092EA6EAEA62003SO LOW 10M7051769 
7093YD3AVBYB2023SO LOW 10M (R)70466143010.5 
7094IK5YJKI2007SO LOW 10M703364150.8 
7095KC0IDIW02002SO LOW 10M70314514 
7096M0LDWG2020SO LOW 10M702333152.3 
7097EB1GUEEA2007SO LOW 10M696357172.0 
7098JR1BFZ/2JA22021SO LOW 10M693199121.5 
7099PU7CRLPY2016SO LOW 10M6938181312.0 
7100JA6CDCJA62022SO LOW 10M6901410131.4 
7933 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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