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7933 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
6901NR4CW42013SO LOW 10M1,034198141.0 
6902PD3MGAPA2015SO LOW 10M1,032209151.7  
6903E51IWCE5/s2011SO LOW 10M1,03047640.9 
6904KC4WQW42013SO LOW 10M1,026248100.7 
6905N2DEMW21995SO LOW 10M1,02620613 
6906UA6AKUA-62007SO LOW 10M1,02534718 
6907KI6LOPW62023SO LOW 10M1,0152113161.8 
6908EA7JIYEA2012SO LOW 10M1,0141611150.2 
6909YD3ASVYB2021SO LOW 10M1,012238157.3 
6910CX8AECX2016SO LOW 10M1,0123912116.2  
6911JA1VVHJA11996SO LOW 10M1,01221715 
6912W4JORW42017SO LOW 10M (R)1,007197121.6  
6913YB3FUAYB2023SO LOW 10M1,00325891.5 
6914DF2FADL2023SO LOW 10M (C)1,000307181.3 
6915KB4DPHW42017SO LOW 10M1,000229114.4 
6916OE5FPLOE2018SO LOW 10M999336212.8 
6917SP6EIYSP2007SO LOW 10M990459211.9 
6918JA1IVWJA11992SO LOW 10M98818811 
6919LZ1VLLZ2021SO LOW 10M987218131.0  
6920PU4ABAPY2019SO LOW 10M987198131.9 
6921YB1UUNYB2008SO LOW 10M987199120.3 
6922BI6OPRBY2023SO LOW 10M9862611183.9 
6923JK3UTHJA31991SO LOW 10M984311113 
6924KI7PBRW72023SO LOW 10M9801711173.7 
6925JE1ALAJA12005SO LOW 10M98025812 
6926EW1ABFEU2006SO LOW 10M976612144.0 
6927PU7ASPPY2021SO LOW 10M (C)9752412133.5 
6928DL3ZHDL2020SO LOW 10M (C)975346192.7 
6929W4BTKW42023SO LOW 10M972217112.9 
6930TA3ELTA2002SO LOW 10M972561224 
6931JD1BIAJD/o2014SO LOW 10M96921892.5 
6932EU4AGEU2012SO LOW 10M96923890.7 
6933EI5DIEI2020SO LOW 10M966404191.9 
6934SP9OJQSP2001SO LOW 10M966161011 
6935SM7BHMSM1996SO LOW 10M96634617 
6936W7YUW71999SO LOW 10M962251324 
6937BG6AFTBY2014SO LOW 10M96139112011.5 
6938OK2ABUOK2021SO LOW 10M954258101.7 
6939WE0AW02013SO LOW 10M954268102.8 
6940DW2ZQBDU2021SO LOW 10M (C)950221092.1 
6941JH5FTYJA52019SO LOW 10M950228112.3 
6942PY5MWPY2016SO LOW 10M950258112.4 
6943PU8PYKPY1999SO LOW 10M950151015 
6944JR0BULJA02010SO LOW 10M946249130.8 
6945PU2PODPY2022SO LOW 10M945229123.3 
6946SP9TTTSP2022SO LOW 10M945198133.0 
6947PU5LTIPY2021SO LOW 10M945298134.1  
6948DC1DBDL2012SO LOW 10M945337141.5 
6949N8IXTW81992SO LOW 10M94520714 
6950RD3AEFUA-32011SO LOW 10M943207161.2 
6951KA8VPLW81993SO LOW 10M938281125 
6952F4IXJF2021SO LOW 10M (R)9362910146.0 
6953W6/VK2IMMW62010SO LOW 10M93625670.9 
6954DB6YCDL2022SO LOW 10M (C)93520891.6 
6955PU2LODPY2021SO LOW 10M93527893.0 
6956PY2PKPY2004SO LOW 10M934221315 
6957KB8NNUW81992SO LOW 10M933511815 
6958W8EHW82021SO LOW 10M931196130.3 
6959PS8ETPY2002SO LOW 10M930181318 
6960KJ4KVCW42009SO LOW 10M92941911 
6961ZS1CDGZS2021SO LOW 10M92821791.9 
6962F6IHYF2012SO LOW 10M9251512130.4 
6963OH2EPIOH2023SO LOW 10M924287145.7 
6964DG1BQCDL2015SO LOW 10M924267147.3 
6965K9DR/7W72012SO LOW 10M924178130.5 
6966JE2VYMJA22023SO LOW 10M920167131.8 
6967R1ZMUA-12023SO LOW 10M920227162.2  
6968JF9OFCJA92011SO LOW 10M920169110.3 
6969OZ8UWOZ2017SO LOW 10M918237114.2 
6970DF1JCDL2016SO LOW 10M918307205.9 
6971PU2TIBPY2010SO LOW 10M918388101.7 
6972N3GBW42021SO LOW 10M912216132.2 
6973PU2RXEPY2020SO LOW 10M912498117.0 
6974SQ2OMBSP2011SO LOW 10M91226880.7 
6975JG8TDZJA82010SO LOW 10M9122810141.6 
6976PY5LMPY2004SO LOW 10M9123688 
6977EA5GVZEA2017SO LOW 10M903207141.3 
6978KD4QMYW42015SO LOW 10M903167140.6 
69799W2AXL9M22021SO LOW 10M9022710126.3 
6980PD8SLPA2013SO LOW 10M (R)900209163.9 
6981PU2KLMPY2008SO LOW 10M900379111.9 
6982IZ5FCYI2016SO LOW 10M897328155.3  
6983JA7AXPJA72011SO LOW 10M89317712 
6984WB0POHW42022SO LOW 10M882207140.7 
6985SP8LZCSP2007SO LOW 10M882267140.9 
6986KB7KLTW71994SO LOW 10M88218108 
6987SQ6IYSSP2016SO LOW 10M (C)880326164.3 
6988IK8IFWI2005SO LOW 10M88020713 
6989N9LYE/1W11994SO LOW 10M88018614 
6990YL3AMGYL2023SO LOW 10M874248153.0 
6991N4NTOW42013SO LOW 10M874167162.8 
6992JL3MCMJA32007SO LOW 10M874218116.3 
6993PU3LSPPY1997SO LOW 10M874161112 
6994F6CLMF2001SO LOW 10M87132715 
6995JA1AAVJA11999SO LOW 10M871151012 
6996WA3DMDW32017SO LOW 10M867185121.5  
6997JH7IMXJA72013SO LOW 10M (C)864206101.2 
6998SM4HEJSM1996SO LOW 10M86424513 
6999G4OBKG1994SO LOW 10M864141014 
7000KD0PNHW02015SO LOW 10M (C)861167143.0 
7933 results found
  Page 70 of 80  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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