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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
601EX8MATEX2011SO LOW 160M71439681.5 
602S58MUS52011SO LOW 160M714353186.5 
603SP6GNJSP2009SO LOW 160M713333201.1 
604UT5CBUR2017SO LOW 160M700344213.2 
605OK2VPOK2004SO LOW 160M69032419 
606NO0YW01995SO LOW 160M68420910 
607IV3GOWI2010SO LOW 160M650294211.0 
608NA4WW42011SO LOW 160M648307111.0K4WI
609LC9TLA2019SO LOW 160M640353172.4LA9VKA
610RK6AIQUA-62002SO LOW 160M63036615 
611RA6XBUA-62017SO LOW 160M621386171.7 
612UT5CBUR2011SO LOW 160M616324180.8 
613DL2RZGDL2003SO LOW 160M6162931948.0 
614RW3DYUA-32002SO LOW 160M61624616 
615HG5YHA2007SO LOW 160M609303180.4 
616YL2PPYL2006SO LOW 160M609303181.8 
617W8COW82012SO LOW 160M605114563.3 
618LX1NOLX2020SO LOW 160M (C)600304161.5 
619SQ9NINSP2013SO LOW 160M600294203.1 
620IZ7CDEI2016SO LOW 160M588343184.9 
621G3VYIG2007SO LOW 160M588313180.9 
622PA3DTRPA2017SO LOW 160M580455242.9 
623GM4UBJGM2009SO LOW 160M576372161.1 
624RV3AUA-32017SO LOW 160M (C)575325202.2 
625IW5ELRI2009SO LOW 160M572293191.2 
626VA2DXEVE21999SO LOW 160M5706932 
627YO9DBPYO2017SO LOW 160M550274182.0 
628UA6BMYUA-62005SO LOW 160M54029515 
629LA7SILA1997SO LOW 160M52825319 
630DJ2YEDL1993SO LOW 160M52825319 
631SP9DEMSP2006SO LOW 160M506254191.7 
632VE2LRZVE22022SO LOW 160M49665224.3 
633SP2NBVSP2018SO LOW 160M480254163.0 
634SP4GHLSP2003SO LOW 160M46536526 
635DL2VIWDL2021SO LOW 160M462253180.9 
636SQ6ELVSP2019SO LOW 160M456244157.6 
637RA3RAQUA-31995SO LOW 160M456114634 
638SQ9PPTSP2019SO LOW 160M450344143.1 
639EX8MATEX2010SO LOW 160M44428570.9 
640YO2CMIYO2018SO LOW 160M440214160.7 
641R3RAEUA-32016SO LOW 160M437215143.0 
642SQ1GUSP2006SO LOW 160M432223211.2 
643NT6KW62005SO LOW 160M4321979 
644SP3CMXSP2020SO LOW 160M (C)420382134.0 
645SQ6ACFSP2011SO LOW 160M414303151.3 
646RW9UDSUA92010SO LOW 160M40614770.4 
647IZ5OQXI2014SO LOW 160M396224142.7  
648KR9BW91991SO LOW 160M39017510 
649N2WN/4W42009SO LOW 160M38535562.0 
650W1WBBW12009SO LOW 160M38520561.9 
651DL6JHDL2017SO LOW 160M378273152.6 
652DL1HSIDL2013SO LOW 160M361274151.1  
653OM3CAQOM2020SO LOW 160M360204141.1 
654YO8RZJYO2023SO LOW 160M (C)357214134.1 
655SQ9PPTSP2021SO LOW 160M (C)357283140.9 
656DL0FRDL2019SO LOW 160M352233130.6DJ5IW
657K3TWW32009SO LOW 160M34022550.4 
658DL1HSIDL2022SO LOW 160M330262130.5 
659S59GSS52012SO LOW 160M325273100.8 
660RZ9YNUA92017SO LOW 160M320106100.7 
661SQ9PPTSP2022SO LOW 160M (C)315263121.9 
662US0QGUR2002SO LOW 160M31518312 
663VE3EDYVE32002SO LOW 160M3104532 
664UR5ZLKUR2006SO LOW 160M306194133.0 
665WD8DSB/9W92011SO LOW 160M30441441.2 
666W8COW82018SO LOW 160M29023462.6 
667SP5PSP2020SO LOW 160M288323152.3 
668W8COW82014SO LOW 160M28821572.1 
669R7IAUA-62017SO LOW 160M280146141.2 
670SP8GKSP2019SO LOW 160M (R)272274123.5 
671G3VYIG2013SO LOW 160M266233160.9 
672YO9DBPYO2014SO LOW 160M256193134.6 
673GW0NVNGW2018SO LOW 160M255135102.4 
674SP3WYISP1994SO LOW 160M25516215 
675DM2BPGDL2022SO LOW 160M247274154.1 
676HI8LAMHI2014SO LOW 160M2429381.0 
677YO9DBPYO2018SO LOW 160M240173122.0 
678II1RI2023SO LOW 160M (C)238253142.7IW1CBG
679RA3REZUA-32005SO LOW 160M23813410 
680YO6FUGYO2016SO LOW 160M225283124.6  
681UA3LHLUA-32008SO LOW 160M225193127.0 
682DK8NIDL2008SO LOW 160M224172120.7 
683IT9DSZIT92018SO LOW 160M221153142.1 
684VE3BRVE32018SO LOW 160M19615342.4 
685SM4HEJSM2005SO LOW 160M19617311 
686SP1RWSP2003SO LOW 160M19517310 
687OK5ADOK2009SO LOW 160M192154120.8 
688N3HEEW42021SO LOW 160M19014462.0 
689HB9IJCHB2023SO LOW 160M182142110.3 
690R7NPUA-62011SO LOW 160M1801451012.3 
691RX3QDFUA-32003SO LOW 160M1711737 
692PV8ABCPY2019SO LOW 160M1708461.5 
693MM0DGRGM2005SO LOW 160M16915211 
694GW0NVNGW2020SO LOW 160M168142121.7 
695IZ5IOSI2020SO LOW 160M168123111.6 
696G0NVNG2017SO LOW 160M (C)168143111.2 
697UR5ZAOUR1996SO LOW 160M1681159 
698NP4RAKP42016SO LOW 160M16511380.5 
699JE1SPYJA12022SO LOW 160M (C)16044555.4 
700DL5HFDL2016SO LOW 160M156162111.6 
767 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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