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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
6401AC3BQW32017SO LOW ALL (R)1,9042413215.2 
6402KB3GJTW32015SO LOW ALL (C)1,8702313211.3 
6403K3LABW32008SO LOW 20M1,8602310210.8 
6404N3YDW32009SO QRP 80M1,8602611191.2 
6405W3GNW31999SO HIGH 10M1,856471019 
6406WA3OSJW31972SO HIGH 10M1,848241018  
6407KA3KSPW32020SO LOW ALL1,8402520204.6 
6408W8FJ/3W31982SO HIGH 20M1,836241420 
6409N3MEW32001SO HIGH ALL1,836322430 
6410N3VFKW32020SO LOW ALL1,8363018165.8 
6411AB1PW32021SA HIGH 10M1,8274012173.1 
6412AI3GW32008SO LOW ALL1,8022710241.1 
6413W3CQHW31997SO HIGH ALL1,800461832 
6414KA3MZRW32017SO LOW 10M1,800327184.9 
6415AJ3DIW32017SO LOW ALL (C)1,7862816224.0 
6416N3GUKW31990SO HIGH 10M1,782261017 
6417N3EMCW32023SO LOW ALL1,776317172.8 
6418W3MSRW31960SO HIGH ALL1,768251519  
6419KB0FHP/3W32006SO LOW 80M1,76861102411.1 
6420N3NRNW32006SO LOW ALL1,7682513213.1 
6421W2CKR/3W31978SO HIGH ALL1,760211220 
6422N3JHW32003SO LOW ALL1,750271619 
6423W3ZAOW31957SO HIGH ALL1,740211318  
6424K3NEXW31971SO HIGH ALL1,737371324  
6425W3AKGW31962SO HIGH 20M1,736221318  
6426K3IMCW31972SO HIGH ALL1,72825531  
6427W3GGW31985SO HIGH 160M1,71631818 
6428AC3BQW32023SO LOW ALL1,7162918215.4 
6429W3ZQW31958SO HIGH 15M1,715251421  
6430N3KCRW32020SO LOW ALL (C)1,7153514214.1 
6431N3JNXW32007SO LOW ALL1,7152514211.0 
6432KC3CNTW32015SO LOW ALL (R)1,7002313212.2 
6433W3TNUW32011SO HIGH ALL1,6962412200.7 
6434W3ZEQW31961SO HIGH 10M1,682261217  
6435NU3OW32021SA LOW ALL (R)1,6742112193.0 
6436KC3BJPW32013SA LOW 10M (R)1,6532011181.5 
6437N3ZPW32013SO LOW ALL1,652249192.0  
6438AB1P/3W32004SO LOW 10M1,64735918 
6439KC3RWUW32022SO LOW ALL1,6452115201.0 
6440WD3QW31995SO LOW ALL1,638231016 
6441K2ACXW32020SO LOW ALL (C)1,6242513163.5 
6442N8HM/3W32012SO LOW ALL1,6242210180.8 
6443KZ3WW32016SO LOW ALL1,6204012182.2 
6444NC3UW32019SO HIGH ALL (C)1,6102613222.0 
6445N5EYT/3W31986SO HIGH 20M1,60035713 
6446W3DKTW32016SO LOW ALL1,6002813193.0 
6447W3EANW31968SO HIGH 20M1,59832512  
6448K3RSSW32019SO LOW ALL1,5982214204.8 
6449K3PHW32023SA HIGH ALL1,5962210184.1 
6450N3VEJW32023SA LOW ALL1,5963116224.0 
6451W3CPBW31994SO LOW 40M1,586251016 
6452KA3YLYW31993SO LOW 10M1,57526818 
6453K3ISHW32012SO HIGH 10M1,540229191.0 
6454W3RLOW32017SO LOW ALL1,5402211173.1 
6455WB3DELW32017SO LOW ALL1,5372111182.0  
6456K3FHW32012SA LOW ALL1,5302315190.8 
6457W3AZTW32022SO LOW ALL1,5302116183.0 
6458WN3IW32021SO HIGH 10M1,520316141.1 
6459W3FQAW31949SO HIGH 10M1,520     
6460N3JNXW32013SO LOW ALL1,5192212191.5 
6461AB1P/3W32003SO LOW ALL1,518351927 
6462K3LABW32006SO LOW 20M1,5123510177.1 
6463WF3WW32022SO HIGH ALL1,5052813223.0 
6464W3BYXW31965SO HIGH ALL1,488211014  
6465K3DCWW32017SA HIGH ALL1,482208181.0 
6466KB3QWCW32014SO LOW ALL1,4722917293.1 
6467N8HM/3W32011SO QRP ALL1,4622214200.6 
6468N3XLSW32008SO LOW ALL1,4572713181.0 
6469ND3RW32017SO LOW ALL1,456238183.1 
6470N3HWHW32018SO LOW 20M1,450225202.0 
6471N3WUEW31996SA HIGH 10M1,42646922 
6472N3RWW32021SO LOW 10M1,422347111.3 
6473W3FTGW31989SO HIGH ALL1,421201118 
6474KB3KYZW32006SO LOW ALL1,421289202.0 
6475N3RUMW32018SO LOW ALL (C)1,4082013194.4 
6476W3KFDW31958SO HIGH 10M1,40426513  
6477WA3LXLW31970SO HIGH ALL1,40424918  
6478N4OCW32017SA LOW 160M1,403498158.4 
6479W3QLWW31971SO HIGH 20M1,37818818  
6480W3AYTW32017SO LOW ALL1,368219150.7  
6481K2OFW32017SO HIGH 15M1,360237131.5  
6482K3GYSW31983SO HIGH 20M1,35023918 
6483W3AYDW31964SO HIGH 20M1,34423816  
6484K3PHW32021SA HIGH ALL1,3341911184.9 
6485N3RCW31979SO HIGH 10M1,32619917 
6486N3GLKW31988SO HIGH 10M1,32323714 
6487KB3BVW31979SO HIGH 10M1,320221012 
6488KC3EWJW32020SO LOW 20M1,320208164.1 
6489W3MDEW31956SO HIGH 10M1,31124514  
6490AC0KK/3W32016SO HIGH ALL1,3054315306.5 
6491K3SWZW32013SO LOW 10M1,292278110.6 
6492WB3GCGW31981SO HIGH 160M1,28050713 
6493N3WZRW32003SO LOW ALL1,27524817 
6494ND3RW32020SO LOW ALL1,2742111152.8 
6495K3BUW32005SO QRP 160M1,25440613 
6496W3ADCW32018SA LOW ALL1,2421910171.3 
6497WA3VPLW31984SO HIGH 80M1,2401558 
6498W3BWW32021SA HIGH ALL1,2321711170.4 
6499WW3MMW32010SO LOW ALL1,2321913150.2 
6500K3JRZW32016SA LOW ALL (R)1,2302012185.4 
6904 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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