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6493 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
6401JR3XNLJA32016SO LOW 15M242220.1 
6402WA9MCW92016SO LOW 15M243330.3 
6403JF1LKLJA12014SO LOW 15M242220.1 
6404EU4AGEU2013SO LOW 15M (C)244110.5 
6405JF1QQKJA12013SO LOW 15M24222 
6406JO1WIZJA12011SO LOW 15M24222 
6407UR5ZLKUR2007SO LOW 15M24222 
6408KD8AUQW82005SO LOW 15M24222 
6409N3NTW32000SO LOW 15M24222 
6410JO1BUMJA12004SO LOW 15M23432 
6411PY2PCZPY2018SO LOW 15M (C)21139122.9  
6412AI9IW92012SO LOW 15M209550.4 
6413KC2JRQW22010SO LOW 15M202220.1 
6414JK8FRLJA82002SO LOW 15M20532 
6415RN1CWUA-12023SO LOW 15M183330.5  
6416ES8SXES2022SO LOW 15M182120.8 
6417N7SMDW72022SO LOW 15M (C)185420.2 
6418AD6GEW62021SO LOW 15M183330.7 
6419EA2BXSEA2019SO LOW 15M185240.7 
6420IK3SSGI2019SO LOW 15M185240.2 
6421SP5LGNSP2017SO LOW 15M183110.1 
6422TA4ABHTA2016SO LOW 15M18212 
6423SP9ADVSP2003SO LOW 15M18212 
6424JJ0ACAJA02002SO LOW 15M18212 
6425JO2WIA/2JA21998SO LOW 15M18212 
6426JA3COAJA31993SO LOW 15M18212 
6427YB3BMEYB2023SO LOW 15M162220.1  
6428BD4ULOBY2022SO LOW 15M (R)162220.3 
6429AA4LRW42021SO LOW 15M162220.1 
6430DH9BAJDL2021SO LOW 15M162220.1 
6431JP1BVRJA12019SO LOW 15M162220.1 
6432VU3YDRVU2016SO LOW 15M (R)164440.6 
6433JH8CLC/7JA72014SO LOW 15M162220.2  
6434JR2VRNJA22012SO LOW 15M162220.3 
6435JF2FKJJA22009SO LOW 15M16322 
6436JP1QDHJA12009SO LOW 15M16222 
6437JM7EPGJA71998SO LOW 15M14421221 
6438VK2SLMVK2022SO LOW 15M122110.1 
6439JE6PVGJA62021SO LOW 15M (C)122110.2 
6440KR4EZW42021SO LOW 15M (C)123331.1 
6441KF7RSFW72019SO LOW 15M122110.1 
6442JI2GZCJA22014SO LOW 15M12211 
6443JA1YAIJA12010SO LOW 15M12211 
6444IK6ZKII2007SO LOW 15M12322 
6445K5PAXW52005SO LOW 15M12212 
6446OH6EACOH2015SO LOW 15M8222 
6447BD3RTBY2012SO LOW 15M82220.1  
6448JA4CBXJA42007SO LOW 15M8222 
6449JI1LAIJA12007SO LOW 15M8222 
6450JD1BIAJD/o2005SO LOW 15M8544 
6451OH2HMBOH2000SO LOW 15M8222 
6452JA0BXPJA02022SO LOW 15M61110.1 
6453BH5HYBBY2021SO LOW 15M (Y)61110.1 
6454JR7ASOJA72021SO LOW 15M61110.1 
6455JO1JKHJA12020SO LOW 15M61110.1 
6456KF5YUBW52020SO LOW 15M (C)61110.1 
6457EA1IZTEA2019SO LOW 15M61110.1  
6458NQ4KW42019SO LOW 15M (C)61110.1 
6459YC3EONYB2018SO LOW 15M6111 
6460YC3SGQYB2018SO LOW 15M6111YC3TTS
6461YC3TTSYB2018SO LOW 15M6111 
6462YC3XJHYB2018SO LOW 15M6111 
6463JE6PVGJA62017SO LOW 15M6111 
6464JM1RMI/6JA62016SO LOW 15M6111 
6465JM1MOMJA12014SO LOW 15M6111 
6466JH8CLC/7JA72013SO LOW 15M6111 
6467WB0IXVW02013SO LOW 15M6111 
6468KE4KE/0W02012SO LOW 15M61110.2 
6469RW3VMUA-32012SO LOW 15M61110.2  
6470PY2BRCPY2011SO LOW 15M6111 
6471BA1GNBY2009SO LOW 15M6111 
6472YO4BTBYO2009SO LOW 15M6111 
6473JG8HVDJA82004SO LOW 15M6111 
6474DL0VTDL1996SO LOW 15M6111 
6475JG6VBGJA61991SO LOW 15M6111 
6476KM4PIHW42023SO LOW 15M41110.1 
6477KA7HPJW72020SO LOW 15M41110.1  
6478AB9MSW92015SO LOW 15M4111 
6479K0COW02001SO LOW 15M4111 
64807N2JLJJA12023SO LOW 15M (C)21110.1 
6481CE5WOWCE2022SO LOW 15M21110.1 
6482JF1NNKJA12019SO LOW 15M21110.1 
6483JA9XCBJA92014SO LOW 15M (C)2111 
6484SE5XSM2014SO LOW 15M2111 
6485DN3ALDL2012SO LOW 15M21110.2 
6486DO4MTBDL2012SO LOW 15M21110.2 
6487JO1WIZJA12006SO LOW 15M21110.1 
6488JJ1YAFJA12021SO LOW 15M    0.1 
6489JK1DASJA12021SO LOW 15M (C) 4340.5 
6490WP4RBTKP42020SO LOW 15M (R) 1110.1 
6491KF7UGGW72013SO LOW 15M 111 
6492JA3BBGJA32011SO LOW 15M 1112.0 
6493JJ0LYY/ZL1WZZL2009SO LOW 15M 1110.2 
6493 results found
  Page 65 of 65  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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