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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
6301JA3RAZJA32021SO LOW 15M725440.2 
6302JE6ETZJA62021SO LOW 15M (C)726220.5 
6303CS7AOLCT2018SO LOW 15M (R)725440.7 
6304JA6JKEJA62013SO LOW 15M (C)725440.7 
6305JE3EVIJA32010SO LOW 15M724330.1 
6306JI1LAIJA12008SO LOW 15M72433 
6307JI2LFXJA22004SO LOW 15M72553 
6308JI3EWAJA31993SO LOW 15M72433 
6309JO1KTDJA12023SO LOW 15M (C)706340.4 
6310OH2EFOH2023SO LOW 15M708340.3OH5SW
6311VU3XIOVU2020SO LOW 15M (C)704340.3 
6312DO9SLDL2018SO LOW 15M704340.8 
6313JM8GJBJA82014SO LOW 15M (R)704340.1 
6314JG1GCOJA12006SO LOW 15M70444 
6315JJ2SHWJA22000SO LOW 15M70655 
6316JH4ARK/1JA11999SO LOW 15M66532 
6317IK5VQII2022SO LOW 15M644440.1  
6318JJ1PZYJA12019SO LOW 15M646351.2  
6319JG1OWVJA12006SO LOW 15M644440.2 
63207N1BHO/1JA11996SO LOW 15M64444 
6321WB5BHSW52022SO LOW 15M635250.1 
6322JK1CYFJA12013SO LOW 15M635430.4 
6323BH1GXHBY2010SO LOW 15M635540.1 
6324BD7BWBY2022SO LOW 15M605550.1 
6325LU1ELYLU2020SO LOW 15M605221.2 
6326UI4FUA-42020SO LOW 15M604330.4  
6327R6YPUA-62018SO LOW 15M (R)6012150.7 
6328JG2CNSJA22021SO LOW 15M565351.6 
6329PS8MTPY2020SO LOW 15M564442.1 
6330JA6HMOJA62019SO LOW 15M564340.4 
6331SQ9DEOSP2018SO LOW 15M565350.8 
6332JE1HTVJA12016SO LOW 15M567350.2 
6333TA1HZTA12011SO LOW 15M565350.1 
6334ZR6GRTZS2020SO LOW 15M (C)543330.1 
6335YB2OBIYB2018SO LOW 15M54158103.5 
6336ES8ASES2017SO LOW 15M (C)549241.1 
6337JH4FUFJA42016SO LOW 15M (C)545330.2 
6338TA4IRUTA2016SO LOW 15M54333 
6339JL7FBV/1JA12011SO LOW 15M54333 
6340DO7FLSDL2023SO LOW 15M (R)509461.9 
6341JR3KWKJA32014SO LOW 15M50423 
6342F1SMVF2018SO LOW 15M495340.4 
6343JF2MKOJA22020SO LOW 15M486331.0 
6344JG1MIJJA12017SO LOW 15M485350.3 
6345YC2DWLYB2017SO LOW 15M488661.1 
6346JK1MLYJA12013SO LOW 15M484220.1 
6347KF7VGBW72012SO LOW 15M484330.5 
6348JI7GYUJA72008SO LOW 15M484220.1 
6349EC7DYVEA1992SO LOW 15M48635 
6350YO9HGYO2023SO LOW 15M (C)455450.6 
6351JA3RAZJA32022SO LOW 15M453230.2 
6352JE6VAG/6JA62018SO LOW 15M453230.4 
6353JF1LKLJA12017SO LOW 15M45323 
6354JF1LKLJA12012SO LOW 15M453230.5 
6355E74AE72011SO LOW 15M454230.1 
6356PT8CWAPY2007SO LOW 15M453230.1 
6357JE8BCJJA82005SO LOW 15M45423 
6358JR2EUEJA22021SO LOW 15M423330.3 
6359JH1HHPJA12020SO LOW 15M (C)423330.1 
6360KG0GBW02020SO LOW 15M423330.6 
6361YC8HOCYB2019SO LOW 15M423330.6 
6362JF3JSZJA32017SO LOW 15M423330.5 
6363BA5FBBY2010SO LOW 15M423330.1 
6364JK3AHSJA32008SO LOW 15M423330.1 
63657K3BKYJA12006SO LOW 15M424341.1 
6366JO3CQFJA32005SO LOW 15M42333 
63677K1EASJA12022SO LOW 15M (C)4014553.2 
6368JD1BIAJD/o2020SO LOW 15M404220.8 
6369YT0IYT2014SO LOW 15M363130.3 
6370JG3EHDJA32011SO LOW 15M36322 
6371PR7AYEPY2010SO LOW 15M365330.2 
6372JR1BSVJA11996SO LOW 15M36322 
6373W6/XE1RGLW61996SO LOW 15M36745 
6374JF2FKJJA22013SO LOW 15M353230.2 
6375JJ1WWLJA12004SO LOW 15M35623 
6376DU6XAHDU2023SO LOW 15M324220.6 
6377XU7AKJXU2023SO LOW 15M (C)326221.2 
6378KJ6TIEW62013SO LOW 15M (C)324440.3 
6379BD9CJHBY2022SO LOW 15M303330.2 
6380YU4IKAYT2018SO LOW 15M (R)303330.2 
6381KH6/K6JATKH62013SO LOW 15M3011331.1 
6382PY1TRPY2010SO LOW 15M307230.6 
6383DO6ZZDL2020SO LOW 15M (R)284341.0 
6384JR3KWKJA32019SO LOW 15M283220.5 
6385NH7PEKH62018SO LOW 15M283220.6 
6386JA4ENYJA42016SO LOW 15M283220.5 
6387AJ4MEW42009SO LOW 15M285340.1 
6388JA1LBNJA12005SO LOW 15M28322 
6389YU4MLDYT2015SO LOW 15M (R)278450.6 
6390JK1PIHJA12007SO LOW 15M255230.1 
6391DO9ABCDL2022SO LOW 15M (C)243330.1 
6392JA0OWRJA02022SO LOW 15M (C)243330.2 
6393JR2GYAJA22022SO LOW 15M (C)247441.9  
6394N4IRKW42022SO LOW 15M243131.2 
6395EA1HQBEA2019SO LOW 15M (C)242220.4 
6396KF6AHXW62019SO LOW 15M242220.5 
63977N2JZTJA12018SO LOW 15M242220.2 
6398YC3RWTYB2018SO LOW 15M24222 
6399JR6HYO/1JA12017SO LOW 15M2410480.7 
6400EA5IMOEA2016SO LOW 15M (R)24222 
6493 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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