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5983 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5601JJ1TQDJA12022SO LOW ALL1707461.7 
56027L4SCQJA12020SA LOW ALL1699671.4 
5603JK7SDX/1JA11999SO LOW 15M168843 
5604JH1APZJA12018SO QRP 80M1686660.8 
5605JH1HHPJA12016SO LOW 15M (C)1628451.9 
5606JK1WEYJA12016SO LOW ALL162168102.7 
5607JR1VMFJA11973SO HIGH 15M160655  
5608JA1AYOJA12008SO HIGH 20M1609550.3 
5609JE1SPYJA12022SO LOW 160M (C)16044555.4 
5610JG4IQC/1JA12019SO LOW 40M1606460.4 
5611JA1XUUJA12011SO QRP 10M160646 
5612JO1JKHJA12018SO LOW 15M1568672.2 
5613JN1GNLJA12020SO LOW ALL1566660.4 
56147N4HMBJA12013SO LOW 10M (C)1546561.2 
5615JE1GZBJA12011SO LOW 20M15410650.4 
5616JG1LMTJA12023SO LOW ALL15411771.2 
5617JA1GFDJA12020SO LOW ALL15417771.3 
5618JH1RDUJA12007SO LOW 40M1527440.1 
5619JH1GTUJA12021SO LOW ALL1529531.5 
5620JK1WSHJA12022SA HIGH ALL1507641.3 
5621JP1IHDJA11983SO HIGH 15M150555 
5622JP1TYXJA11983SO HIGH 15M150555 
5623JA1LBZJA11994SO LOW 15M150755 
5624JI1VDMJA12018SO LOW ALL15012782.5 
5625JQ1AWCJA12001SO QRP 10M150937 
5626JF1RVBJA11985SO HIGH 15M147743 
5627JA1ILAJA12019SA HIGH 40M1448440.6 
5628JM1XWPJA11982SO HIGH 15M1441266 
5629JH1HDTJA12020SO HIGH 160M1446540.5 
56307K4TKBJA12017SO LOW 15M1446440.8 
5631JR1USUJA12018SO LOW ALL1446660.9 
5632JJ1ONKJA12023SA LOW ALL1437561.9 
5633JE1SPYJA12020SO LOW 160M (C)14343657.6 
5634JK1BABJA12021SO HIGH ALL (R)1406460.8 
5635JE1WAZJA12019SO LOW 10M (C)14014463.6 
5636JH1HHPJA12019SO LOW 15M (C)1408461.9 
5637JO1WIZJA12019SO LOW 15M (C)1407461.2 
5638JA1JLPJA12003SO LOW 15M140571120 
56397K1EQGJA12006SO LOW 15M136967 
5640JA1WWOJA12020SO HIGH 20M1355450.1  
5641JE1CACJA12005SO LOW 15M135945 
5642JR1GWEJA11991SO LOW 15M1351145 
5643JF3GFH/1JA12016SA LOW ALL1327661.4 
5644JQ1EPD/1JA12016SA LOW ALL1327662.1 
5645JA1BAJJA11960SO HIGH 10M132666  
5646JH1ALKJA12019SO HIGH ALL13247202411.2 
5647JK1MLYJA12021SO LOW 15M (C)13211660.7 
5648JA1PSZJA11965SO HIGH 20M1301046  
5649JM1YEVJA11995SO LOW 15M130755 
5650JR1USUJA12022SO LOW ALL13011551.4 
56517L1AFSJA12015SO LOW ALL (C)1305551.1 
5652JG1GCOJA12023SO LOW 10M1286440.7 
5653JO7FGZ/1JA12015SO QRP 15M1286350.8 
5654JE1TDUJA11972SO HIGH 15M126643  
5655JQ1COBJA12018SO LOW ALL (C)1266431.3 
56567L1DSTJA12018SO QRP 15M (C)1266450.1 
5657JH1APZJA12021SO QRP 80M1266540.3 
5658JQ1NGTJA11995SA HIGH 15M120444 
5659JM1MTEJA12019SO LOW 10M1207356.2 
5660JG1GCOJA12019SO LOW 20M1208461.2 
5661JK1AJBJA12020SO LOW ALL1206551.4  
5662JR1USUJA12011SO QRP 10M1205440.2 
5663JE0CBS/1JA12021SO QRP 15M (C)1207571.0 
5664JA1XZFJA12017SA HIGH 15M1175450.5 
5665JF1UVJJA12020SA HIGH 40M1177450.6 
5666JG1GPYJA12015SO QRP 20M1177450.1 
5667JL3OXR/1JA12009SO QRP 10M1126350.2 
5668JR1THEJA12013SO HIGH ALL (C)1106562.2 
5669JR1LQKJA11996SO QRP 15M110555 
5670JA1LKYJA12015SA LOW 15M1087662.3 
56717N1BHOJA12004SO LOW 10M105732 
56727L3SQLJA12016SA HIGH 10M1049353.3JH3LCU
56737N4HMBJA12000SO LOW 15M104535 
5674JS1WWRJA12020SO LOW 20M (C)1045440.4 
5675JK1AKXJA11978SO QRP 15M104544 
5676JQ1NGTJA12001SA HIGH 15M1004013584 
5677JJ1RDXJA12009SO HIGH 10M1007550.1 
5678JH1VGQJA12003SO LOW 15M1001198 
5679JH1NXUJA12002SO LOW 15M100333 
5680JH1HHPJA12018SO LOW ALL (C)1006550.9 
5681JA1DDHJA11961SO HIGH 15M99954  
5682JR1TMIJA11998SO LOW 40M991121 
5683JP1NWZJA12023SA HIGH ALL964440.1 
5684JA1GVMJA12021SA HIGH ALL964440.3 
5685JP1QDHJA12008SA HIGH ALL964440.1 
5686JQ1EPD/1JA12018SA LOW ALL966530.7 
5687JA1QBGJA11964SO HIGH 15M96644  
5688JH1JNJJA12022SO HIGH 20M966440.3 
5689JR1BASJA12009SO HIGH 20M964440.1 
5690JA1UOAJA12016SO HIGH ALL966660.4 
5691JA1KFXJA11986SO QRP 80M96744 
5692JR1KDAJA12011SO LOW 15M917340.1 
56937N2XOHJA12023SO LOW 15M905551.3 
5694JJ1HHJJA12015SO LOW ALL905550.2  
5695JE1CWQJA12021SO HIGH ALL887440.4 
56967M3RMDJA11999SO LOW 15M86847 
5697JA1ELJA11972SO HIGH 10M84434  
5698JA1AATJA11956SO HIGH 40M84633  
5699JA1DEUJA12015SO HIGH ALL84434 
5700JP1PEAJA12022SO LOW 15M846330.8 
5983 results found
  Page 57 of 60  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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