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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5601SP4KZSP2020SO LOW 20M (R)286250.6 
5602K9QCAW92016SO LOW 20M285430.7  
5603BG2IOFBY2008SO LOW 20M2814110.1 
5604KB5SFLW52018SO LOW 20M278540.9  
5605TF8HPTF2014SO LOW 20M277360.5 
5606KG7KSBW82019SO LOW 20M253230.5 
5607BD4UPOBY2023SO LOW 20M242220.2 
5608CT1ENICT2022SO LOW 20M242220.5  
5609AC0MW02021SO LOW 20M244221.0 
5610IZ2GMTI2021SO LOW 20M242220.1  
5611JE8UHYJA82020SO LOW 20M (C)244220.4 
5612PY4KSPY2020SO LOW 20M244331.4 
5613AI6MWW62019SO LOW 20M243220.7 
5614F4HZTF2019SO LOW 20M246240.8  
5615OH4EBDOH2019SO LOW 20M242220.2 
5616AI6JBW62018SO LOW 20M24222 
5617KG7SWDW72018SO LOW 20M246441.7  
5618KX4LLW42018SO LOW 20M (R)2411662.3 
5619BX6ADBV2016SO LOW 20M24222 
5620TA4ACMTA2016SO LOW 20M242220.1 
5621UA4QKUA-42016SO LOW 20M244240.5 
5622DJ1YFKDL2015SO LOW 20M244240.1 
5623ZS2VRZS2014SO LOW 20M (R)242220.6 
5624SP7SZCSP2011SO LOW 20M24222 
5625N7VTDW72010SO LOW 20M24322 
5626VA3FNVE32010SO LOW 20M244330.1 
5627IK2RTKI2008SO LOW 20M24222 
5628DG6SCPDL2023SO LOW 20M215250.9 
5629WB1KE/7W72016SO LOW 20M (R)2111431.5 
5630IZ4AGCI2021SO LOW 20M204231.0 
5631KF6EFGW92021SO LOW 20M202220.3 
5632VE9JKKVE92021SO LOW 20M202220.1 
5633W7DBAW72019SO LOW 20M202220.1 
5634KW4TOW42018SO LOW 20M202220.2  
5635F3WTF2016SO LOW 20M204140.3 
5636BD3RQBY2010SO LOW 20M20322 
5637N9HDE/0W02009SO LOW 20M202220.1 
5638NQ4KW42004SO LOW 20M20222 
5639VK5UEVK2022SO LOW 20M (C)184330.4 
5640VE7WAJVE72019SO LOW 20M183210.1 
5641YB3KKYB2018SO LOW 20M183330.5 
5642TA4ABRTA2016SO LOW 20M182120.2 
5643ZS2VRZS2016SO LOW 20M (C)183330.2 
5644VK6ASVK2015SO LOW 20M183330.2 
5645BH4TIHBY2022SO LOW 20M (C)1614223.8 
5646BI1LGPBY2022SO LOW 20M166441.8 
5647A65GTA62021SO LOW 20M (C)162220.34G1QAZ
5648BI3SUNBY2020SO LOW 20M162220.4 
5649VU2NSLVU2018SO LOW 20M16222 
5650JM7WWHJA72017SO LOW 20M (C)162220.2 
5651PA3ANNPA2013SO LOW 20M (C)162220.1 
5652EX/ZR6AJZEX2012SO LOW 20M162220.3 
5653KI4EBDW42009SO LOW 20M16222 
5654BG3GTQBY2008SO LOW 20M16422 
5655VA3NOEVE32004SO LOW 20M16222 
5656BH1IZQBY2020SO LOW 20M (R)155230.9 
5657KC4CRW72020SO LOW 20M154320.8 
5658R9OO/9UA92018SO LOW 20M15332 
5659TA4APRTA2018SO LOW 20M153230.1 
5660PT8CWAPY2006SO LOW 20M153230.1 
5661K6MUGW62019SO LOW 20M (C)147431.1 
5662BH8MSABY2022SO LOW 20M123220.1 
5663K2JFW22022SO LOW 20M (C)12211 
5664WA2WZTW22022SO LOW 20M122220.1 
5665AJ0WW02020SO LOW 20M122220.1 
5666KN6EOKW62020SO LOW 20M122220.5 
5667VK6LINVK2019SO LOW 20M122120.4 
5668W1RFYW12018SO LOW 20M129421.1 
5669IU0JFZI2017SO LOW 20M122111.7  
5670VU2JFAVU2017SO LOW 20M (C)123220.4 
5671WA7CCW72017SO LOW 20M12222 
5672TA4AJYTA2016SO LOW 20M123220.2 
5673BG6AHDBY2009SO LOW 20M12211 
5674RU3VDUA-32009SO LOW 20M12211 
5675W5IOHW52020SO LOW 20M (R)103320.4 
5676YU3MLDYT2018SO LOW 20M (C)104230.1 
5677YO7LYMYO2005SO LOW 20M10535 
5678XX9HKXX92004SO LOW 20M10444 
5679KK1JW72023SO LOW 20M96451.3 
5680OH5ZAOH2020SO LOW 20M (C)93120.2OH1ZAA
5681JS6SRYJA62019SO LOW 20M (C)95450.4 
5682NT4VW72023SO LOW 20M (C)82220.7 
5683VU3LMSVU2023SO LOW 20M (C)83220.1 
5684WB2BWUW22022SO LOW 20M (C)82220.8 
5685SP2HMYSP2019SO LOW 20M86220.5 
5686VK6WRVK2019SO LOW 20M82220.7 
5687IV3HJBI2018SO LOW 20M (R)82221.0 
5688K7XTNW72018SO LOW 20M (R)82220.5 
5689KF4LISW42018SO LOW 20M82220.3 
5690BD6QZBY2010SO LOW 20M8222 
5691KC0FUEW02009SO LOW 20M85220.1 
5692BH7GUHBY2023SO LOW 20M61110.1 
5693K7DRGW72023SO LOW 20M61110.1 
5694K9WPVW92023SO LOW 20M61110.1 
5695KJ3QW42023SO LOW 20M61110.1 
5696AE0OJW02022SO LOW 20M61110.1 
5697JG1CMTJA12022SO LOW 20M (Y)61110.1 
5698YL2UHYL2022SO LOW 20M61110.1 
5699KB3SQVW32021SO LOW 20M (C)61110.1 
5700KD9OAZW92021SO LOW 20M (R)64330.7 
5777 results found
  Page 57 of 58  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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