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5777 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5501JG1GCOJA11994SO LOW 20M56434 
5502VU2GGMVU2018SO LOW 20M557561.2 
5503KG5LTL/6W62016SO LOW 20M555320.3 
5504PD3VPA2021SO LOW 20M546360.4 
5505ZS1ADCZS2020SO LOW 20M (C)543330.1 
5506JR1KAQJA12019SO LOW 20M545330.2 
5507KL7DGKL2019SO LOW 20M5410331.5 
5508KB0PHKW02018SO LOW 20M544330.1 
5509TA4ALQTA2018SO LOW 20M54333 
5510TA4APRTA2016SO LOW 20M (R)543330.1 
5511KJ6BVAW62014SO LOW 20M543330.2 
5512K0MISW02013SO LOW 20M544330.1 
5513KD5QZGW52019SO LOW 20M506551.3  
5514DL1STVDL2017SO LOW 20M (C)508461.6 
5515K6VUGW62017SO LOW 20M5012552.0 
5516PA4RVSPA2013SO LOW 20M505551.9 
5517K0KEVW02015SO LOW 20M494430.8 
5518KD0WUFW02015SO LOW 20M (R)494340.2 
55197K1EQGJA12008SO LOW 20M49534 
5520F4HKHF2018SO LOW 20M484240.2 
5521KI6UDZW62018SO LOW 20M485330.2 
5522K6KQVW62017SO LOW 20M48333 
5523VA7CVWVE72023SO LOW 20M453230.6 
5524TA4AKBTA2016SO LOW 20M453230.2 
5525TA5EATA2015SO LOW 20M453230.1 
5526TA5IRTA2015SO LOW 20M453230.1 
5527N9HDE/0W02011SO LOW 20M453230.1 
5528EI9ITBEI2022SO LOW 20M448381.3 
5529IZ2XCKI2023SO LOW 20M (C)423330.3 
5530SA0STOSM2023SO LOW 20M427240.3 
5531JG3DHNJA32022SO LOW 20M423330.1 
5532BH8MSABY2020SO LOW 20M428340.7 
5533K7JWNW72020SO LOW 20M (C)4214433.2 
5534VU2UIVU2020SO LOW 20M (C)424341.0 
5535ZL4YYZL2020SO LOW 20M (C)423330.3 
5536KF5NRSW52019SO LOW 20M423330.3 
5537PD1JAZPA2019SO LOW 20M427150.8 
5538KK6VZEW62018SO LOW 20M (C)4211332.0 
5539W7TCTW72018SO LOW 20M4211430.4 
5540AG6VHW62017SO LOW 20M (C)4210432.5  
5541KA6WBQW22017SO LOW 20M (C)423330.3 
5542OZ1SWLOZ2017SO LOW 20M426340.3OZ1G
5543WB4GLJW42017SO LOW 20M425340.8 
5544W8PENW82016SO LOW 20M42333 
5545AF5OIW52015SO LOW 20M (R)42434 
5546AB1QZW12014SO LOW 20M424340.2 
5547RN3DDRUA-32012SO LOW 20M423330.5 
5548PY1EJPY2009SO LOW 20M4210340.4 
5549BG2RJEBY2007SO LOW 20M425330.1 
5550KC2JCJW22007SO LOW 20M42333 
5551PP5APPY1995SO LOW 20M42333 
5552VU2FGDVU2023SO LOW 20M (C)404230.1 
5553KJ5CFW52022SO LOW 20M405220.3 
5554SQ9BSP2022SO LOW 20M (Y)408370.7 
5555KJ7KJAW72021SO LOW 20M (R)406442.2 
5556KD2HFNW22020SO LOW 20M403230.3  
5557OK2BVOK2019SO LOW 20M40266142.3 
5558YU5TYT2018SO LOW 20M (C)408280.4 
5559OE1XRKOE2015SO LOW 20M405350.3OE1RXW
5560AG6RXW62014SO LOW 20M4011532.0 
5561EA3HPMEA2013SO LOW 20M (R)40177132.5 
5562YU5TYT2022SO LOW 20M39113100.7 
5563BH2VPVBY2022SO LOW 20M3610331.2 
5564W5LMOW52022SO LOW 20M (R)367330.4 
5565KW4GFW42021SO LOW 20M363220.5 
55667K1JFMJA12020SO LOW 20M364330.3 
5567KI7NW72020SO LOW 20M364220.6 
5568KC1JTSW12019SO LOW 20M363330.3 
5569VU2TOVU2019SO LOW 20M (C)366330.7 
5570KV4UVW42015SO LOW 20M (R)363220.3  
5571KC6ZZTW62007SO LOW 20M364220.1 
5572WD9DCWW92005SO LOW 20M36412 
5573YO2MOHYO2023SO LOW 20M353231.3 
55744I1MVIDU2022SO LOW 20M (C)359341.6 
5575DF2ETDL2021SO LOW 20M357141.4 
5576YO5MCM/PYO2021SO LOW 20M355250.3  
5577F4HKHF2019SO LOW 20M355340.9 
5578ON6NCON2019SO LOW 20M357250.7 
5579JA7GFJJA72018SO LOW 20M (C)353230.1 
5580DL6MJDL2015SO LOW 20M (R)355340.5 
5581ZS6SVJZS2015SO LOW 20M353230.4 
5582F4HSXF2020SO LOW 20M326350.4 
5583K2YRW22020SO LOW 20M323220.1 
5584PA7BMPA2023SO LOW 20M305240.4 
5585TA1ATPTA12023SO LOW 20M (R)303330.5 
5586TA1DAMTA12023SO LOW 20M (R)303330.4 
5587AD6ADW62021SO LOW 20M304230.3 
5588JG1GCOJA12021SO LOW 20M304120.1 
5589KF7OJAW72021SO LOW 20M305331.7 
5590VU3LMSVU2021SO LOW 20M (C)303330.6 
5591JJ1ONKJA12020SO LOW 20M303330.3 
5592N1YEEW22019SO LOW 20M303330.1  
5593JQ2OULJA22018SO LOW 20M304230.2 
5594K9EMFW92018SO LOW 20M303330.7 
5595N1DCHW12018SO LOW 20M (R)304330.8 
5596SO5MKSP2018SO LOW 20M (R)305240.2 
5597OE8CLROE2011SO LOW 20M303330.2 
5598BG5UQBY2009SO LOW 20M30433 
5599VE4WJMVE42023SO LOW 20M285430.9 
5600VU3OUUVU2023SO LOW 20M284340.6 
5777 results found
  Page 56 of 58  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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