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5777 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5401W6RQW62018SO LOW 20M9913650.9  
5402OZ4QXOZ2015SO LOW 20M995450.5  
5403NC4MIW42018SO LOW 20M (C)985341.3 
5404BG5DOXBY2011SO LOW 20M98634 
5405JH2JNUJA22021SO LOW 20M964440.2 
5406KD5FQFW02021SO LOW 20M (C)9614333.7 
54079M2DRL9M22017SO LOW 20M966330.8 
5408LZ2EHOLZ2016SO LOW 20M9612262.1  
54094Z5MY4X2010SO LOW 20M964440.2 
5410VA7UNXVE72019SO LOW 20M958320.5 
5411BD4TZYBY2021SO LOW 20M915340.2 
5412OH6LDJOH2020SO LOW 20M919670.8 
5413VA7VAFVE72019SO LOW 20M917430.9 
54142E1ALCG2021SO LOW 20M9010270.6  
5415KM4PIHW42021SO LOW 20M906550.2 
5416KC1MBQW12020SO LOW 20M (R)906451.0 
5417LA2QJALA2020SO LOW 20M9010270.5 
5418YB1BXYB2020SO LOW 20M9013462.0 
5419UB3PDWUA-32019SO LOW 20M9012270.4XX9XX
5420BG6TTIBY2018SO LOW 20M9013362.8 
5421TA2TRTA2018SO LOW 20M905150.3 
5422VK5MKVK2017SO LOW 20M907540.8  
5423AB1QZW12015SO LOW 20M90108100.9  
5424JG3EHDJA32015SO LOW 20M (C)905241.1 
5425IK4ZHVI2014SO LOW 20M909372.3 
5426KD4EBLW42012SO LOW 20M9011690.5 
5427SM6DERSM2008SO LOW 20M905420.1 
54282E0HTMG2023SO LOW 20M8814291.1 
5429LY3LTLY2020SO LOW 20M887440.7 
5430VA3DKLVE32020SO LOW 20M (R)88644 
5431VA3TTZVE32019SO LOW 20M886440.7 
5432M0LSGG2018SO LOW 20M8811172.0 
5433KE7NUQW72015SO LOW 20M884440.4 
5434W2GFVW22018SO LOW 20M845340.9 
5435AB2IOW22017SO LOW 20M844340.3 
5436KD6NOFW62016SO LOW 20M (C)847330.8 
5437LU4MJMLU2020SO LOW 20M819450.8 
5438VA3PENVE32018SO LOW 20M815450.6 
5439AF7QIW72015SO LOW 20M (R)818540.7 
5440ON6CQON2012SO LOW 20M817360.3 
5441M0ZWTG2020SO LOW 20M8016282.9 
5442VK4NIXVK2016SO LOW 20M805440.3 
5443LX/LY3ZLX2007SO LOW 20M806460.2 
5444JG1FGLJA11999SO LOW 20M79654 
5445AI6TKW62016SO LOW 20M (R)786330.8 
5446OZ1BXMOZ2007SO LOW 20M7812490.6 
5447EI9IDBEI2022SO LOW 20M779471.3 
5448WY6RW62021SO LOW 20M776340.5 
5449JE6TUPJA62015SO LOW 20M755231.4 
5450KL7KBNKL2023SO LOW 20M726540.7 
5451OM1ATBOM2023SO LOW 20M (R)728271.4 
5452W7FCLW72021SO LOW 20M7211541.2  
5453KK7MAW72020SO LOW 20M724240.2  
5454R8MB/1UA-12019SO LOW 20M728360.6 
5455YB3BLJYB2019SO LOW 20M (C)725441.0 
5456DL1STVDL2018SO LOW 20M725351.2 
5457CS5LXCT2017SO LOW 20M729362.3CR7ARB
5458DG2IAIDL2016SO LOW 20M726450.2 
5459RQ7RUA-62016SO LOW 20M724330.2 
5460TA8PTA2014SO LOW 20M (C)724240.2 
5461LA5ZTALA2012SO LOW 20M726450.5 
5462EA3CJZEA2003SO LOW 20M72936 
5463KA9KQHW92020SO LOW 20M7012431.6 
5464SP3FSMSP2019SO LOW 20M7010340.5 
5465HL5ZEEHL2018SO LOW 20M704430.3 
5466JL2OGZ/2JA22018SO LOW 20M (C)704340.2 
5467KM6FOYW62018SO LOW 20M7015775.2  
5468VU2TOVU2018SO LOW 20M (C)709340.3 
5469VU3YJBVU2017SO LOW 20M (C)7010551.1 
5470RW9LLUA92016SO LOW 20M704340.2 
5471LA3RNALA2007SO LOW 20M70154100.8 
5472JH4FUFJA42020SO LOW 20M (C)665330.1 
5473KC2JYDW22017SO LOW 20M666560.5 
5474BI4NEGBY2023SO LOW 20M (Y)658672.7 
5475YO6MIPYO2019SO LOW 20M659582.1 
5476SP9PTGSP2002SO LOW 20M651449SP9IKN
5477K2JFW22020SO LOW 20M644440.2 
5478AC2VBW22019SO LOW 20M644441.9  
5479EX2MEX2018SO LOW 20M64444 
5480DL4EDCDL2017SO LOW 20M646352.3 
5481BD4JWUBY2010SO LOW 20M647440.2 
5482UA2FGYUA22008SO LOW 20M64622 
5483EA3IHFEA2021SO LOW 20M (R)6311273.9 
5484F4IXMF2021SO LOW 20M (R)637271.3 
5485IK2XSQI1997SO LOW 20M63827 
54864K7RF4J2023SO LOW 20M (C)605130.5 
5487JN1GNLJA12022SO LOW 20M604230.3 
5488R1CAVUA-12019SO LOW 20M (R)607460.6 
5489W0PANW72019SO LOW 20M604330.2 
5490N7BESW72012SO LOW 20M604230.2 
5491BH1IZQBY2022SO LOW 20M5610440.7 
5492BH4EQCBY2021SO LOW 20M5612441.9 
5493VK4DRKVK2021SO LOW 20M564341.2 
5494DB6OSDL2020SO LOW 20M567350.7 
5495ON5BGOON2020SO LOW 20M (R)56124101.6 
5496VU2SPMVU2020SO LOW 20M (C)565350.8 
54979M2RUL9M22015SO LOW 20M565442.0 
5498K2TZYW22013SO LOW 20M565440.4  
5499K6JRAW62008SO LOW 20M56642 
5500RU3TCUA-32006SO LOW 20M565350.1 
5777 results found
  Page 55 of 58  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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