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5777 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5301W0DDPW02017SO LOW 20M (R)16115431.1 
5302OF5COH2021SO LOW 20M1606551.1OH5CW
5303VK3ZVK2021SO LOW 20M (C)1606550.5 
5304KK6VZEW62017SO LOW 20M (R)1608550.8 
5305S53XXS52009SO LOW 20M1609550.2 
5306JA7AXPJA72000SO LOW 20M160655 
5307MM0KEOGM2023SO LOW 20M (R)156123100.6 
5308PA1JNPA2022SO LOW 20M156123103.4 
5309VK5MVRVK2021SO LOW 20M (C)1569570.5 
5310RK3DZHUA-32001SO LOW 20M15574625 
5311NK8DW82022SO LOW 20M (C)1546560.7 
5312SN9SSP2020SO LOW 20M15412591.2 
5313KG2DWSW22018SO LOW 20M1546561.5 
5314KK4CCMW42014SO LOW 20M (C)1546561.2 
5315JE1GZBJA12011SO LOW 20M15410650.4 
5316KF0IQW02009SO LOW 20M15421340.8 
5317BH8SBYBY2021SO LOW 20M1527440.9 
5318VA3TTZVE32021SO LOW 20M15212441.9 
5319PD3EDAPA2018SO LOW 20M1527441.2 
5320N8FYLW82021SO LOW 20M (C)1507551.0 
5321K4WRXW42018SO LOW 20M (R)1508462.3 
5322IZ2CSXI2008SO LOW 20M150175100.3 
5323AD7BNW72007SO LOW 20M15010640.3 
5324DL7LZDL2005SO LOW 20M148755 
5325K2MFWW22023SO LOW 20M1477250.3 
5326AA0ZW02020SO LOW 20M14412442.0 
5327AG6JAW62017SO LOW 20M1448330.7 
5328PD1WESPA2017SO LOW 20M (C)144152102.3 
5329TA4ALQTA2016SO LOW 20M (R)1446360.2 
53308Q7EJ8Q2010SO LOW 20M1446660.1 
5331EA7GZSEA1991SO LOW 20M144848 
53322E0LYBG2021SO LOW 20M1439471.1 
5333BG8BXMBY2020SO LOW 20M14321562.1 
5334EA3QCEA2017SO LOW 20M1439471.1  
5335DL1STVDL2013SO LOW 20M143113101.2 
5336N0XMDW82023SO LOW 20M (C)1406460.6 
5337KA2YRAW22020SO LOW 20M14012462.3 
5338VE8GERVE82019SO LOW 20M1407550.5 
5339F4FIAF2018SO LOW 20M1408370.6 
5340BH4LFGBY2017SO LOW 20M (C)14014553.3 
5341KF7BNOW72010SO LOW 20M14014550.2 
5342K6MUGW62021SO LOW 20M (C)13613891.3 
5343KE5HOBW52007SO LOW 20M1368440.2 
5344KD5FQFW02020SO LOW 20M13518543.3 
5345HL2ASZHL2019SO LOW 20M13513452.1 
5346PA/AE6WT/MMMM2013SO LOW 20M1359360.8 
5347KA9CBJW92005SO LOW 20M135954 
5348RA4LKWUA-42008SO LOW 20M1337560.1 
5349AB1PW32023SO LOW 20M1328570.6 
5350YO6HDCYO2019SO LOW 20M13211391.8 
5351K4OTOW42018SO LOW 20M (R)1327560.9 
5352KM5VZW52014SO LOW 20M1329662.6 
5353KE4VEKW42009SO LOW 20M132956 
5354EA3EBNEA2004SO LOW 20M1321139 
5355EA1BIDEA2001SO LOW 20M1321538 
5356IK2EBPI1996SO LOW 20M132856 
5357KD9EBSW92020SO LOW 20M13010552.1 
5358DD5KGDL2019SO LOW 20M13011460.8 
5359KF2UJW22019SO LOW 20M1305551.1 
5360K6STW72018SO LOW 20M13011550.4 
5361RN3AMFUA-32009SO LOW 20M128156101.2 
5362DL0XXDL2016SO LOW 20M12610360.5DJ2YE
5363YO5OYRYO2008SO LOW 20M1267330.1 
5364SN9SSP2021SO LOW 20M1217561.4 
5365YB1BRSYB2020SO LOW 20M1216560.8 
5366DG6SCPDL2016SO LOW 20M12111471.1 
5367K7MSOW72021SO LOW 20M1205550.5 
5368BG2KSIBY2020SO LOW 20M (R)12016443.4 
5369JG1GCOJA12019SO LOW 20M1208461.2 
5370UA3LGUA-32018SO LOW 20M1205350.1 
5371WA7ERW62018SO LOW 20M (C)1207550.7 
5372UG3GUA-32016SO LOW 20M12010480.2 
5373LA4PGALA2015SO LOW 20M120124111.0 
5374VK3VTHVK2014SO LOW 20M1207461.7 
5375VU2NEPVU2017SO LOW 20M (C)11910341.2  
5376KM6AKKW62017SO LOW 20M1177451.5 
5377PA60WIMPA2016SO LOW 20M11710490.5 
5378RA4LUA-42015SO LOW 20M (C)117103100.4 
5379YO5IAYO2020SO LOW 20M1147331.4 
5380SP6FIBSP2005SO LOW 20M113555 
5381JG3DHNJA32021SO LOW 20M1126440.3 
5382JG1FGL/6JA62020SO LOW 20M1108560.6  
5383IU1HHAI2019SO LOW 20M1107371.9 
5384DF4SRDL2018SO LOW 20M11010470.6 
5385W7OLAW72018SO LOW 20M11014651.1 
53869V1FH9V2023SO LOW 20M1088332.2 
5387MI0KXXGI2021SO LOW 20M1086330.7 
5388DV1VGXDU2018SO LOW 20M (R)1088241.6 
5389SP6FPYSP2007SO LOW 20M1086660.2 
5390RT9OUA92017SO LOW 20M1055340.1 
5391BD2RPPBY2012SO LOW 20M105258131.1 
5392JS1WWRJA12020SO LOW 20M (C)1045440.4 
5393VA3TTZVE32017SO LOW 20M (R)10410762.5 
5394DH1DHDL2022SO LOW 20M (C)10010460.7 
5395XE1CICXE2021SO LOW 20M (C)1007552.0 
5396DG6SCPDL2018SO LOW 20M1006550.6 
5397K9RIMW92007SO LOW 20M1004411242.9 
5398KE5LHCW52007SO LOW 20M100643 
5399SM7HSPSM1995SO LOW 20M100846 
5400S51TGS52023SO LOW 20M (Y)9910382.6 
5777 results found
  Page 54 of 58  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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