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5777 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5201DG6SCPDL2021SO LOW 20M238144132.1 
5202VU3LMSVU2020SO LOW 20M (C)2389680.8 
5203VK3XVVK2016SO LOW 20M2389682.9 
5204M6FCYG2015SO LOW 20M (R)238174102.1 
5205SQ5EK/6SP2005SO LOW 20M238989 
5206HL5YIHL2006SO LOW 20M2351369 
5207IW5EHLI2023SO LOW 20M234136121.4  
5208M3EMOG2021SO LOW 20M (C)234143101.3 
5209SM2UHFSM2017SO LOW 20M234173102.6 
5210OZ6MUOZ2015SO LOW 20M234277194.5 
5211VK2GPUVK2022SO LOW 20M2317650.7 
5212SP9EMVSP1994SO LOW 20M23115311 
5213JI1DGWJA12022SO LOW 20M22811570.6 
5214BG8BXMBY2019SO LOW 20M22818571.7 
5215R1NAEUA-12020SO LOW 20M225154115.3 
5216TA2NUHTA2020SO LOW 20M (R)2259361.7 
5217KN4KEYW42018SO LOW 20M224156102.0 
5218PD1JAZPA2018SO LOW 20M22410592.9 
5219VE3NFWVE32018SO LOW 20M2249680.8  
52209M2CLN9M22014SO LOW 20M2219670.7 
5221BD4KABY2014SO LOW 20M22110670.8 
5222CT1ERWCT2013SO LOW 20M22111491.4 
5223JL7LUIJA72022SO LOW 20M22012471.7 
5224JE1GZBJA12019SO LOW 20M22010460.3 
5225AA1SUW12018SO LOW 20M22010370.4  
5226KF5TXUW52021SO LOW 20M2168661.0 
5227DL1SXBDL2018SO LOW 20M21610660.7 
5228K7PCBW72017SO LOW 20M (C)21612540.9 
5229KK6VZEW62016SO LOW 20M21617544.0 
5230IW2NRII2012SO LOW 20M216234140.4 
5231KW4GFW42020SO LOW 20M (C)21011682.8 
5232TA5IWTA2015SO LOW 20M2107370.2 
5233KI4RXEW42010SO LOW 20M2109770.4 
5234KF4PXWW42000SO LOW 20M21011410 
5235EA1DFPEA1994SO LOW 20M210846 
5236KL7FAPKL1994SO LOW 20M209756 
5237BG8PMBY2020SO LOW 20M20810440.5 
5238NG7WW72016SO LOW 20M (C)2089440.4 
5239WA2VQV/3W32009SO LOW 20M20810880.5 
5240VA3TTZVE32020SO LOW 20M20712452.0 
5241G0BVDG2020SO LOW 20M20419311.3 
5242W4KLSW42018SO LOW 20M2049571.6 
5243JR5YBH/5JA52008SO LOW 20M20411570.6AE6JZ
5244KF4DVFW42004SO LOW 20M20418710 
5245JA1AAVJA11993SO LOW 20M204757 
5246JH1WHAJA12023SO LOW 20M1988470.6 
5247JE1GZBJA12018SO LOW 20M19814560.6 
5248VA7DGTVE72018SO LOW 20M (C)19810652.1 
5249A52PPA52011SO LOW 20M19812560.5 
5250UB4FFBUA-42022SO LOW 20M195133101.1  
5251IZ1GCNI2021SO LOW 20M (C)1959691.5 
5252K1DJBW12018SO LOW 20M1958670.1  
5253K5RLNW52014SO LOW 20M (R)19511873.1 
5254SM6YATSM2009SO LOW 20M195153101.0 
5255G1HYDG2021SO LOW 20M1928440.7 
5256W2FCP/5W52009SO LOW 20M1929660.3 
5257RV9PPUA92002SO LOW 20M1921388 
5258JA9XATJA91994SO LOW 20M192766 
5259K1LOKW72018SO LOW 20M19011551.8 
5260VA2BSVE22017SO LOW 20M1908550.7  
5261JA7KEDJA72017SO LOW 20M18915450.8  
5262AE8SW82013SO LOW 20M (C)1898451.4 
5263ON3AMZON2020SO LOW 20M18711381.6 
5264BH2SYPBY2019SO LOW 20M (C)18720561.5 
5265KD0WUQW02019SO LOW 20M1878561.1 
5266N6PSW62017SO LOW 20M18717654.6  
5267TA5EATA2014SO LOW 20M1877470.7 
5268KI1TTYW62023SO LOW 20M1828770.7 
5269N7FNAW72020SO LOW 20M18216763.0 
5270LA2QUALA2018SO LOW 20M (C)18214492.0 
5271W8SJBW82018SO LOW 20M (C)1828581.2 
5272IW5ECPI2006SO LOW 20M18210583.0 
52732E0GKQG2021SO LOW 20M18013481.1 
52742I0WLZGI2021SO LOW 20M (R)18015221.1 
5275JG1GCOJA12020SO LOW 20M1808462.5 
5276W1CRBW12018SO LOW 20M180126124.0 
5277VU3MOAVU2015SO LOW 20M18010550.9 
5278RU4CSUA-42008SO LOW 20M1806550.2 
5279JR4CTFJA42007SO LOW 20M18020360.6 
5280KG5ZNJW52023SO LOW 20M1767471.0  
5281PD1ANBPA2023SO LOW 20M17622291.1 
5282VK2EG/PVK2022SO LOW 20M1766560.6 
5283KL7EXKL2020SO LOW 20M17614442.0AL6Y
5284JG1GCOJA12016SO LOW 20M1768561.3 
5285KB3GJTW32013SO LOW 20M1766560.4 
5286UA4PAQUA-42006SO LOW 20M171195140.6 
5287JE1GZBJA12023SO LOW 20M1707550.2 
5288AB6WCW62018SO LOW 20M (C)17010551.1 
5289VE7XHVE72017SO LOW 20M1706551.6 
5290WA3YRI/2W22015SO LOW 20M1706460.2 
52914L1FP4L2006SO LOW 20M1707460.2 
5292IK1ZNMI2022SO LOW 20M1699491.6 
5293KM4ZXDW42022SO LOW 20M16916671.0 
52942E0KCLG2013SO LOW 20M169133101.7 
5295IW0HNLI2009SO LOW 20M16911490.4 
5296W8SJSW82023SO LOW 20M1657650.4  
5297SV4RTG/MSV2020SO LOW 20M1657471.0 
5298AN5TNEA2009SO LOW 20M165847 
5299EC5AQFEA2006SO LOW 20M16510693.0 
5300OH4EBDOH2016SO LOW 20M1626450.8 
5777 results found
  Page 53 of 58  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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