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389 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
301S51DXS52005SA HIGH ALL56,42025539116 
302EA4DECEA2005SA HIGH ALL55,81516959124 
303KC9ECIW92005SA HIGH ALL55,3411714499 
304N0IMW02005SA HIGH ALL54,3491674396 
305K5RKSW52005SA HIGH ALL52,9102024189 
306WD4LBRW42005SA HIGH ALL52,05214551103 
307K1BGW12005SA HIGH ALL51,35214830101 
308VE7IOVE72005SA HIGH ALL49,6172524566 
309RN9XAUA92005SA HIGH ALL48,2621633385 
310NF1AW12005SA HIGH ALL46,0041423886 
311RZ6HFUA-62005SA HIGH ALL43,8511784893 
312VE3EYVE32005SA HIGH ALL43,3181443190 
313K0BXW02005SA HIGH ALL42,3721254686 
314KD9ACW92005SA HIGH ALL41,6741394292 
315N1OZFW12005SA HIGH ALL39,3901163595 
316W6BBLW62005SA HIGH ALL38,9131393881 
317JG7AMDJA72005SA HIGH ALL38,7341354463 
318NE3HW32005SA HIGH ALL37,6741144197 
319N1ICEW12005SA HIGH ALL36,8421383079 
320K4NAUW42005SA HIGH ALL36,2951473683 
321K6VWE/8W82005SA HIGH ALL36,2521272779 
322W9QLW92005SA HIGH ALL35,4091423279 
323KS0TW02005SA HIGH ALL34,6801344080 
324KB9KEGW92005SA HIGH ALL33,8871363172 
325KI3GW32005SA HIGH ALL30,8401213486 
326KD8BIZW82005SA HIGH ALL30,7651262877 
327WA1ZYXW12005SA HIGH ALL30,5251361263 
328DK2ZZDL2005SA HIGH ALL30,2501243982 
329NZ6LW62005SA HIGH ALL30,1741484463 
330DL8WXDL2005SA HIGH ALL29,7481124566 
331DK6RSDL2005SA HIGH ALL29,1551423881 
332N6OUW62005SA HIGH ALL28,2721193360 
333JA0CRIJA02005SA HIGH ALL28,2241154468 
334N6ANW62005SA HIGH ALL27,864974266 
335RW9MDUA92005SA HIGH ALL27,140934573 
336RA3COUA-32005SA HIGH ALL25,9841144171 
337WA2MBP/4W42005SA HIGH ALL25,7561102767 
338N4XMXW42005SA HIGH ALL24,9901003666 
339PE1FTVPA2005SA HIGH ALL24,8641792982 
340N7MBLW72005SA HIGH ALL24,624983870 
341K0ADW02005SA HIGH ALL24,276983270 
342DL1DBRDL2005SA HIGH ALL24,1921632979 
343AK7ATW72005SA HIGH ALL23,0681083247 
344JR1BASJA12005SA HIGH ALL22,504864453 
345NC9IW92005SA HIGH ALL22,351983766 
346JI1ALPJA12005SA HIGH ALL21,7361173541 
347GI0VTSGI2005SA HIGH ALL21,4891242760 
348WT9UW92005SA HIGH ALL21,1381112256 
349VE1RARVE12005SA HIGH ALL19,8041101961 
350W4MELW42005SA HIGH ALL19,068942262 
351WA7RRW72005SA HIGH ALL18,788913146 
352W4DRW42005SA HIGH ALL17,7111101968 
353UA4HQSUA-42005SA HIGH ALL17,6581401962 
354K4WNWW42005SA HIGH ALL16,008763161 
355ND6SW62005SA HIGH ALL14,784843652 
356JG2REJJA22005SA HIGH ALL14,720842448 
357N5IETW52005SA HIGH ALL14,7201324372 
358N4ZR/8W82005SA HIGH ALL14,688751755 
359IK0YUTI2005SA HIGH ALL14,1621052350 
360W7WHYW72005SA HIGH ALL13,392882834 
361W5GAW52005SA HIGH ALL13,299783558 
362NU6TW62005SA HIGH ALL11,991752938 
363DK4VYDL2005SA HIGH ALL11,703992756 
364AA1VW12005SA HIGH ALL11,644632755 
365W1MATW12005SA HIGH ALL11,388632850 
366N7NJOW72005SA HIGH ALL11,154932640 
367NE1BW12005SA HIGH ALL10,824712046 
368G0PHYG2005SA HIGH ALL10,696693245 
369W4ATLW42005SA HIGH ALL10,540652141 
370KG2VW22005SA HIGH ALL10,293642152 
371K9OSHW92005SA HIGH ALL10,152622646 
372K6OWLW62005SA HIGH ALL9,112532146 
373DG7RODL2005SA HIGH ALL7,684462840 
374KM9MW92005SA HIGH ALL7,475572342 
375DL2DYLDL2005SA HIGH ALL6,741622340 
376EA3BHKEA2005SA HIGH ALL5,508512232 
377SM6WETSM2005SA HIGH ALL5,382572346 
378W8UMW82005SA HIGH ALL4,902461839KG6URI
379N5EPAW52005SA HIGH ALL4,371331829 
380SP8QEDSP2005SA HIGH ALL3,567351823 
381VE5MXVE52005SA HIGH ALL3,060331926 
382W5TAFW52005SA HIGH ALL2,583301724 
383W4DKBW42005SA HIGH ALL2,356251523 
384N9GGOW92005SA HIGH ALL2,318331424 
385WB0WAO/8W82005SA HIGH ALL2,160331426 
386NC6PW62005SA HIGH ALL1,776521819 
387KL7FHKL2005SA HIGH ALL1,701341314 
388KC0RETW02005SA HIGH ALL1,15220915 
389RZ3FRUA-32005SA HIGH ALL552191013 
389 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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